Crazy Hannah Episode 51


By Lady C (Lilianna)πŸ‘„

. day**
Sona's pov ✌️
I walked into the living room with my bag hanging on my left shoulder.. I paused when I saw mom and Ethan sitting on two office chairs with a desk and another empty chair opposite them..
"Mom.. Ethan? What are you guys doing?" I asked with my brows raised
"Oh Sona dear.. we are just having a little interview with some persons" mom replied with a smile.. did I forget to add that she was dressed like a professional business woman, they were both clad in suits ..well, that's a first 
"Interview?.. for what?" I asked darting my eyes between them
"Whoa.. what's happening here?" Jeremy asked walking in, looking as confused as i
"We are holding an interview because we need new workers for my new hotel/restaurant and mall" mom stated crossing her hands on the desk
"What?" I and Jeremy asked at once
"Well.. my bosses, which are your parents and i... Had a brief meeting last night, since there's enough capital now.. we thought it'd be nice to sell off the old restaurant and donate the money to the charity home..and start a new restaurant, which would be more exclusive and classier.. the hotel of course would be different from the restaurant.. and will be a.. I was thinking 'Six star' hotel, and of course they would all be headed by no other person both your amiable mom.. Mrs Isabella ShΓΉ, the mall on the other hand was your sisters idea.. she wants to buy a mall and also go into a new business with your dad, they are thinking of either investing on real estate, production of wine and so on.. but to start they need more share holders, but first your dad wants to finish his contract, and as we speak he's already having a meeting with the president.. anyways just so you'd know I'm his new assistant now..well, I've always been so.." Ethan ended with a little laugh.. okay, he's not acting all gayish like he used to.. that's a second.. what the heck happened overnight?
"Okay.. so that means you're his PA?" I asked 
"Yup" he popped
"So aren't you supposed to be with him now?.. I mean you just said he's having a meeting with the president right? As his PA.. aren't you supposed to like follow him everywhere he goes.. telling him about his schedule and so on?" I asked looking at him
"Yeah that's true, aren't you supposed to be doing that?" Mom asked looking at him
"Yeah, but he said I should stay with you for today because of the interview, that I can start my new job properly tommorow" he said
"Oh okay" I mumbled
"Oh and You're changing your school from next week" mom stated
"What?" We both asked again
"You heard me, as from next week you'll start attending Lee high, we are already working on your transfer" she said
"What? But why?" I asked
"Because that's what your dad said, you have the rest of the week to say goodbye to your friends and pack up your properties, now move along so you don't get late to school" mom said shooing us away..
"But.." I couldn't finish my statement, I could feel tears welling in my eyes..
"Oh and please tell the people outside to start coming one after the other" she yelled behind us..
I opened the door and rushed out, I didn't even bother to look at the crowd gathered in our compound.. I dashed out of the gate and heard Jeremy passing the message to them..
"Sona.." he yelled rushing after me
"Sona wait up" he said, I ignored him and continued walking away
I felt his grip on my wrist as he pulled me back and hugged me,
I wrapped my hands around him and cried my eyes out whilst he continued muttering sweet nothings into my ears.. I and Jeremy might always be on each other's tail every second, but we were always there for each other whenever need be..
After a while he placed his hands on my shoulders and pulled me back slowly until I was at arms length..
"It's okay, I know you're going to miss your friends and all.. and because everything is happening so fast, it's kinda hard for you.. but it's not that bad if you looked at it the other way, I mean Lee high has always been your dream school right?, You've always talked about how you love their uniforms and the school as a whole.. besides we are only switching school not our lives, you can still visit Miya and Kiera.. I'm sure they'll both be happy for you," he said
"What about Ryan?" I asked looking at his eyes..
He features softened and he sighed
"I'm sure he'll understand" he said patting my hair..
If you're wondering Ryan confessed his feelings some days after our acting.. he asked me out and I accepted.. we have been dating for about a week now.. and we've gotten extremely close especially when we are in school..
"Don't worry, I'll tell him.. besides you can always spend time after school" Jeremy mumbled and took my hand
"Let's get a cab ..I don't want to be late" he stated.

Hannah's pov πŸ‘Š
"You want to buy a mall with 15million?" Harry asked looking at me like I was joking
"Yeah.." I said nodding my head .
"Is it just a small local market or?" He asked, I frowned and hit him playfully but carefully.. I don't want him getting hurt again..
"A mall, a normal mall with every thing in it" I said with pouted lips and he chuckled
"I don't think it would be enough" he stated
"Besides.. I told you to get yourself something with the money, not start an empire with it" he said rolling his eyes
"But I don't know what to buy" I whined dropping my phone on his desk..
"How about a car?" He asked
"Huh, I haven't thought of that yet" I said 
"How about a cruise ticket? Go on vacation or something" he said
"On my own?" I asked
"I don't know.. you can go with Nicky.. your mom, Sona, Sofia or Jeremy" he said with a shrug.
"No.. mom would be really busy, Nicky still needs his therapy, Jeremy... Uhm, no he'd probably end up with all the girls fighting over him, Sona?.. mmh, Sona would get super excited and end up using her powers.. and go beyond my control.. Sofia, well she needs alone time with her family.. her mom didn't even let her come to work today" I said and he smiled
"Okay.. I'll go on a vacation, but with you" I said looking at him
"Me?" He asked surprised
"Uhh durhh.. you're my boyfriend, we are going together.. " I stated crossing my legs on his desk
"Think about it, just the two of us together for three days, relaxing on the beach and going on dates, wouldn't it be fun?" I asked and he nodded with a grin
"Yeah it would, so when are we going?" He asked
"On Friday.. I'll get our plane tickets, oh and we aren't going on a cruise ship.. I don't want Titanic to happen again.. " I stated and he started laughing heartily
" are so funny.. " he said amidst laughter
"I know right" I mumbled
"Anyway forget about the plane tickets, I'll just ask Mr Cha to get my private jet ready, so where..."
"Private jet?" I asked cutting him off
"Uhh... Yeah?" He replied with raised brows
"You've got a private jet?" I asked louder this time
"Chill woman.. and yeah I do.. but please do not yell or shout and please stop looking at me like you've seen a ghost.. I know I'm breathtaking but you don't have to show it, you know" he said taunting me
I rolled my eyes and huffed
"Whatever" I mumbled with a frown, he chuckled then stood up from his seat and walked over to my seat..
"Awwn.. did I make you angry?" He asked sitting on the desk.. I moved my legs from the desk and looked away from him with my hands crossed on my chest
"She looks so cute with her pouted lips.. gosh! I've forgotten the taste of it.. is it vanilla, strawberry, uhmm mint?" He asked looking at my lips while ticking his index finger on his chin .
I glared at him then stood up to Leave.

Wrong move

I felt his hand on my arm as he pulled me back and crashed his lips on mine.. the action was so sudden and for a second my eyes were wide open because of the shock I felt..
But I soon started melting as I felt him nibbling on my lower lips.. I moaned and he slipped his tongue in, I closed my eyes and slowly held the front of his shirt pulling him close, we kissed slowly and passionately.. his right hand was on the back of my head pulling me closer with his fingers tugging on my hair.. his left hand was around my waist holding me up since my legs were suddenly wobbly..
I moved back slowly and shuddered when my ass came in contact with the desk.. he placed his two hands on my hips and placed me gently on the desk, so we were almost the same height.. he moved in between my legs making my nurse uniform raise up to my mid thighs, I wrapped my legs around him, practically straddling his torso.. I pulled back slowly for breath, while he continued kissing my cheeks down to my neck.. gently biting, licking and sucking.. he placed one last kiss on the hollow of my neck and pulled back a bit, then cupped my cheeks with his palms and took my lips again.. but roughly this time.. I tugged on his hair and moaned softly.. he freed my cheeks and slowly placed his hands on my thighs, I pulled him closer, if that's even still possible.. he carresed my thighs but didn't move my dress up, I moved my hands to his buttons and undid the first few ones, then slipped my hand into his soft skin.. he trailed kisses down my neck line and slowly removed my bottons, not all but enough to reveal my chest and bralette.. he kissed, licked, bite and sucked on my skin.. avoiding my bre*** completely.. he'd kiss the skin between them and go back to my neck.. I whined in complain and he chuckled, he took my lips again and cupped my bre**** through the bralette.. he squeezed lightly, and removed his hands.. I whined again and he smiled against my lips.. he bottoned the shirt and gave me a peck, then another, and another.. and a brief kiss then pulled back.. a bit for our lips to continue brushing with his nose on mine and his head on mine.. our eyes locked, he held my hand and pressed one lingering kiss on my palm..
"You have no idea how much I want you right now" he mumbled..
Right back at you baby.. right back at you.., 
I smiled and pecked his lips..
"But we can't do that now.. maybe later tonight, if I'm chanced" I teased..
He smiled and hugged me
"I love you so much baby" he mumbled
"I love you too pumpkin" I said hugging him back..
"We should go check on our patients" he said without pulling back
"Yeah we should" I said resting my head on his chest..
"Let's make a baby Hannah" he mumbled softly
"What?.. you're crazy " I said with a little laugh, playfully slapping his arm.. 
"Ow!" He groaned weakly
"Sorry" I mumbled placing a kiss on his chest.
To be continued...
Anna πŸ‘„πŸ’•

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