Crazy Hannah Episode 52


By Lady C πŸ‘„(Lilianna)

Nina's pov ✌️
Okay this is becoming unbearable.. what the heck are those two doing in there?.. I saw Hannah walk into Harry's office about an hour ago, and since then none of them have Walked out.. I tip toed to the door and placed my ear on it.. nothing.. gosh! Why does everything have to be soundproofed!!.. what should I do now?.. πŸ’‘the keyhole.. yes!!..
I looked around to make sure no one's watching.. I dropped to my knees and peered into the keyhole.. still nothing!!.. urhhh!!.. I feel like hitting something..
I stood up and walked to my office, i stood by the door and glared at Harry's door..
" I'll just wait for five more minutes" I mumbled to my self and started pacing around the hall, biting my fingers out of frustration..
A door next to my office opened and a lady maybe about my age walked out, I must admit..she looks really pretty, her black hair stopped on her lower back and her face was framed with her pretty bang.. she was so engrossed in the file on her hands that she didn't notice me.. she's wearing a white coat.. so I guess she's also a doctor, for her office to be on this floor..then it means she's one of the best here..
"Hi .." she said snapping me out of my thoughts..
"Hi.. " I said forcing a smile
"You must be Dr Nina right?" She asked extending her hand
"Yes.. Dr Nina KhΓΉ.. and you are?" I asked shaking her hand
"Lina SΓΉn Wu, it's really nice to finally meet you" she said withdrawing her hands
"Same here" I said with a little smile, darting my eyes to Harry's door
"I'd love to chat a little with you but I have to check on a patient now.. maybe some other time?" She asked
"Uhm.. okay" I said and she smiled then walked out..
Finally!!!.. just then Harry's door opened and Hannah walked out arranging her dress..
I frowned and she started walking down the hall, towards the elevator..I guess, she got to where I was standing and walked past me.. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.. she flinched and snapped her hand from mine..
"What's the meaning of this?" She asked
"What were you doing in there?" I asked ignoring her question
"What are you talking about?" She asked furrowing her brows
"Oh.. don't play dumb with me, you Know exactly what I'm talking about.. what were you doing in Harry's office?" I asked glaring at her..
Her brows raised and she started laughing
"Oh I see.." she drawed
"What do you think couples do behind closed doors? huh?" She asked with a mocking smile
"I'll save you the stress of answering.. here" she said moving her hair from her shoulders to reveal her neck.. I gasped at the sight and she chuckled..
"Oh that's just some of them, here's more" she said removing her first two buttons and showed me her bare skin.. I covered my mouth and glared at the hickeys.. 
"This is just little, compared to what we really do.. I'd love to chitchat but I've got more important things to do.. so I guess I'll...see you around" she said and made to leave.. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back..
"I pity you, because you're with Harry now, doesn't mean we are at the same level.. for your information, Harry doesn't love you.. he's just using you, and once he gets fed up with you.. he'll throw you straight back in the thrash, where you belong.. so I'll advice you call off whatever thing that is going on between you both, before you humiliate yourself.. if you think you have a future with Harry, then you're really can never have one with him.. why? Because you're just a fling, a fling and nothing more" I said staring her down.. she stared blankly at me for seconds and suddenly started laughing.. she laughed so hard, that she began clutching her stomach with her eyes closed.. okay now I feel a little bit stupid.. why the heck is she laughing? I just insulted her, she should be crying and not laughing..
"Oh.. you're so funny" she said amidst laugh..
"Seriously?.. girl you should totally Join comedy" she said still laughing.. I frowned and crossed my hands
"I don't even know what to tell you.. honestly, what should I tell you exactly..? That the same Harry you said wouldn't want a future with me.. is the same man that asked me to have a baby for him, just about 10 minutes ago?.." she asked tilting her head to the side..
"That's . That's a lie" I stuttered
"Oh is it?" She asked
"Anyways.. seeing is believing, don't worry.. when my baby bump comes out you'll be the first to see it here, for now let's just forget about it, like I said I've got something important to do, so I'll leave now" she said with a smile and walked past me .
"Oh and.." she said and turned to look at me, but her smile was replaced with a scowl..
"The next time you touch me.. I'll make sure, you stay in coma for years.. ask Sofia, I don't give empty threats, you touched me twice and I only let it slide because she's your sister, there would be no mercy next time.. so if I were you I wouldn't dare me... It's not my fault that you're so obsessed with someone who doesn't want you.. " she said I raised my hand to slap her for muttering such rubbish
"How dare.." I trailed off and winced as she caught my hand and twisted it, causing me to fall on the floor.. I groaned and pulled my hand to my chest.. she squatted beside me and rolled her eyes..
"I told you not to dare me, don't test me Nina.. this is just a warning.. you wouldn't be so lucky next time" she said.. she grabbed my arm and yanked me up.. I groaned as my vision became blurry.
She stood up with me and leaned me on the wall..
"Now be a good girl and stay away from me, or there are gonna be come backs.. okay?" She asked smiling.. I nodded slightly and her smile brightened
"Good girl" she said and patted my hair..
"Uhh.. what's going on?" We both turned to see Evans staring at us.
"Oh hi Evans.. I and Nina here, were just having a little discussion.. but we are done now. So... Bye" she said and ran out
"But Hannah.." he called, she rushed into the elevator and waved, the door closed and he sighed slumping his shoulders.
"Uhmm.. I guess I'll see you later" he mumbled and turned to walk out
"Evans.." I called
"What?" He asked coldly
"No.. nothing" I stuttered, he rolled his eyes and walked into his office..
I sighed and bit my lips.. when would he stop being mad at me?..
We both schooled in Cambridge, he was a really good friend of mine then.. we were so close and he was the only I told about Zina then.. along the line, we both started something.. it was the best relationship I ever had, he was caring, understanding and it was like he was made just for me.. then a day before graduation.. I broke up with him.. because I thought Harry would come back to Korea.. and hopefully marry me.. but it never happened.. I sighed and walked into my office..
Harry's pov ✌️
"Where are we going?" I asked glaring at Hannah
"Secret..." She drawed focusing on the road..
I sighed and rolled my eyes..
Just few hours before closing Hannah rushed into my office and practically dragged me out.. with the notion that we were going to the mall.. but first she asked me to take her home so we could change, after changing...we drove to the mall, and she started buying balloons with these words on them..; sorry, forgive me, I love you,bffπŸ’—.. she bought flowers, chocolates and a cake with "I'm sorry" on it..
I asked her why she bought them, but she didn't give any reasonable explanation.. and then after moving all the stuffs in the car, she asked me to give her the car keys.. I had said no.. but after that heartmelting kiss and puppy eyes, I couldn't resist.. and now she's driving us to God knows where..
"We are here" she said happily.. I looked out the windshield and saw a white mansion.. when did we even get here?
"What are we doing here?" I asked
"You'll see.. come out and help me with the stuffs" she said and moved out of the car.. I sighed and followed suite..
She made me carry the balloons and flowers.. while she carried the cake.. instead of going in, she moved to the back, we got to the pool area and she brought out her phone, whilst holding the cake with one hand..
"Hannah..what are we doing here? Where are we? Who are you calling?" I asked..
"Sshh" she said and I frowned..
"Don't shhh me" I whisper yelled.. she glared at me and rolled her eyes..
"Hello.. yes, you can come out now" she said into the phone.. and tucked it back in her pocket .
She went on her knees, now holding the cake with both hands.. what the heck is she doing?
"What are you doing?" I asked 
"Ju Sung, shut up and get on your knees" she whisper- yelled
"Uhh.. nuhuh, there's no way I'm going on my knees.. I have never and will never do that" I mumbled and she scoffed
"Seriously?" She asked looking up at me 
"Yep" I popped.
Just then I started hearing footsteps approaching from the other end, I furrowed my brows and Oliver walked out covering Olivia's eyes with his palms.. I swallowed and looked down at Hannah.. so this was all her plan..
"Where the heck are you taking me to Ollie?" Livia asked pouting her lips
"Just a few more steps.. and we'll be there" he said smiling at me..
"Ollie.. if you're going to kill me, just tell me so I'll know and take my best picture for the funeral" she said
"As tempting as that sounds I'm gonna pass" Ollie said and cleared his throat..
"Are you ready?" He mouthed at me..
I blinked and nodded nervously
He smiled and looked at Livia..
"Ta dah" he said removing his hands from her eyes . Her lashes fluttered open and her gaze met mine.. I bit my lower lip and looked at Hannah..
She smiled softly and asked me to kneel with her eyes.. I swallowed and slowly kneel down.. Livia gasped and covered her mouth with her hands, as tears rolled down her cheeks
"Please forgive us..we are so sorry" Hannah mumbled
"I.. I'm sorry for everything I said Livia, I was .. I was a jerk, and I'm sorry, but I really want my bestest friend back.. I promise I'll..." I stopped as she rushed towards me and hugged me tight.. I dropped the balloons and flowers and hugged her back..
"I missed you so much Livia" I admitted and she chuckled
"I missed you too.. and I'm sorry for everything I said too, I was just sad" she said pulling back.. I smiled and wiped her tears with my thumb.. I picked the balloons and flowers 
"So my pink Panda, do you forgive me?" I asked stretching them to her.. she smiled out tears and nodded..
"Yes king Kong, I forgive you" she said..
"Great now can I stand up my legs are hurting" Hannah said grimacing
Livia chuckled and nodded, we both stood up and she faced Hannah
"You can baby, I'm sorry for what I said the other day.. please forgive me" Olivia said.. Hannah smiled and nodded
"I forgive you.." she said and stood up
"Is that for me?" Livia asked looking at the cake
"Yes" Hannah said..
"Awwn.. that's so thoughtful of you" Ollie said and took the cake..
"I'll see you guys later, I've got some digging to do" Ollie said pointing to the cake in his hands.
"Hey.. it's for me, get back here" Livia yelled running after Ollie..
Hannah chuckled and turned to look at me..
"So I guess you guys are back .." I took her lips in mine, cutting her off.. she was caught off guard and was about to fall.. I steadied her and wrapped my hands on her waist.. I pulled back and smiled 
"Thank you" I said and took her lips again..
To be continued...
Anna πŸ‘„πŸ’•

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