Crazy Hannah Episode 53


By Lady C
Hannah's pov ✍️

"..mmmhh.. this is good, so.. good" Olivia moaned with her mouth full..
We are all sitting in their massive kitchen, when I say massive.. I really mean it.. although Harry's is a bit bigger than theirs.. we are sitted on the high kitchen stools with a plate of chocolate cake in front of us ..well, all of us except Livia.. she's got the whole cake in her front and is currently digging in with her bare hands.. (which she washed first). Harry is sitting on my left and Ollie is sitting on my right, while Livia is sitted beside Harry..
"..for the first time in history, you're correct.. this is so yummy, you're lucky your manager isn't here, he would have yanked the cake out of your hand and preach his oh so boring sermon about watching your weight" Oliver said stuffing his mouth with more of the chocolate cake.. I chuckled and Harry smiled
"Tell me about it.. where did you get this by the way, it's really nice" Livia asked 
"Uhm.. at the mall" I said simply and she nodded
"I guess I'll be visiting one soon.. "she said licking her fingers
"Yeww Livia..that's gross, it's enough that I have to watch you dig into the cake with your bare hands, you don't have to suck each one of your fingers like a freak.. it's disgusting, and please clean that mouth of yours, your whole face is practically covered in chocolate.. is this what you are covered with whenever you go for a shoot?" Harry said, I and Ollie Started laughing, Harry chuckled and picked his fork to continue with his cake.. 
Livia rolled her eyes and mumbled something like.. " never gets old" she said and I gasped at what she did next.. she spooned her hand full of cake and smashed it on Harry's forehead.. he gasped with his mouth open, she smiled and Drew a mustache with the chocolate..
"Awwn.. you look so cute, wait just a little touch" she said and dotted dimples on his cheeks.. my mouth is literally on the floor..
"There you go.. you look awesome King Kong " she said with a huge grin. I cracked and Ollie started laughing, 
Harry glared at me and I bit the inside of my cheeks to stop laughing, but it doesn't work.. he moved his hands to his head and wiped the cake out of his face, Making it worse, I and Ollie laugh harder, while Livia let out a small laugh..
Harry faked a smile and picked his disposable plate.. he smiles and tried to smash the plate in my face.. I duck and the plate connects with Ollie's face.. I looked on with my mouth open.. the plate falls off his face and the three of us burst out laughing.. his whole face was soiled in cake..he wiped his eyes so he could see and took his lips in his mouth.. i am now the only one with no stain on my face, he fixed his gaze on me and picked his plate.. uh-huh.. I hope it's not what I'm thinking..I tried to duck
But the plate connects with my face at the last second. The plate falls off and they all started laughing.. thank goodness it's not on my nose and eyes..I glared at Harry and he laughed 
"Awwn, you look so cute" he coos..
I scooped all the cake on my plate in my hands and rubbed it gently all over his face.. except his eyes. I leaned closer to him and took his lips, I sucked on both lips and pulled back..
"And you taste delicious" I said smacking my lips.. he stared at me with his mouth open and Livia chuckled..
"Hmm.. sassy.. I like that" Ollie said and I laughed. He still looks ridiculous..
"Come on Hannah let's go wash those off" Livia said standing from her seat..
"Okay.. I'll just do something first" I said, I picked my bag and brought out the face towel.. I turned to face Harry and get in between his legs,I start wiping off the cake from his face and he wrapped his hands on my waist, it does the trick, but leaves a few stain on his face.. 
"All done, you just need to wash your face" I said placing the towel on the table.
"Thanks" he said, he cupped my cheek and wiped some of the cake from my face, he gave me a brief kiss..
"Don't be long" he said and I nodded.. he let's go of me and I walked out with Livia.. she led me up the beautiful spiral case and into a large bedroom.. the decorations are feminine so I assumed this is her room, well untill I saw all her pictures in the wall.. every potrait had a whole different pose and style.. 
I followed her into her bathroom and wash my face.. she gave me a towel and I cleaned my face..
She walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed, 
"Come sit" she say tapping the space next to her.
I sat beside her and took my lips into my mouth..
"Uhm.. I'm really sorry for the other day, I ..I was just so.... sad? I guess.. I never really expected to meet Harry with a woman, but I did, he introduced you as his girlfriend and I kinda felt bad..and that's why I said those things, I am really sorry" she said looking down at her fingers.
"It's okay, I'm not angry with you.. I completely understand, you and Harry have been through a lot together and honestly I can't help but envy you for that, he loves you so much and believe me when I say you have a special place in his heart.. for loving Harry, for being there for him when his mother died, for everything.. I want to say thank you on his behalf.. you're the kind of friend everyone would love to have.. if something was to happen to me today and I have to leave this world, you are definitely the one I would want Harry to end up with.. " I said and she smiled
"Don't even think of leaving.. I'll kill you if you ever leave him, I see how happy he is with you, i haven't seen Harry like this since his mother died, or when he was with ni.. other ladies, and I believe that you're the one" she said squeezing my hands softly, when did she even take my hands..
"The one?" I asked a bit confused
"Yeah, I can't think of a better lady for Harry to spend the rest of his life with" she said and my cheeks starts heating up
"..I.. I..we.. we haven't talked about marriage yet.. so .." I mumbled looking down at my dress.. and it was true, I can't even imagine us getting married.. 
"Don't worry, you are gonna call me to help pick your wedding dress " she said and I blushed.. there was a knock on the door, but I continued looking at my dress, suddenly finding it interesting..
"Come in" she said darting her eyes to the door, the door opened slowly and Harry walked in.. he looked at the both of us with an awkward smile on his face
"Okay..what are you both planning?" He asked with raised brows
"Nothing.." Livia said with a smile
"Ooka..y" he drawed
"Anyways.. baby are you done?" He asked and I nodded
"Okay, so can we go now?" He asked looking at his watch
"Yes" I said and stood up..
We all walked back to the living room, where Ollie was waiting.. his face was already clean and spotless.
"Okay.. we'll see you guys at the party?" Harry asked..
"Party?" I asked surprised
"Yeah.. the twins party, you didn't forget..did you?" He asked looking at me
"Uhh.. kinda" I said looking at Livia
"Thank goodness the twins aren't here" Ollie said and I smiled
"Why don't we grab some drinks with the guys on Friday night?" Livia asked
"Uhmm.. no we can't, we've got plans" Harry said glancing at me
"What about on Saturday?" Ollie asked..
"That can't work either.. we are actually going on a vacation" Harry said and Livia grinned
"Okay.. no problem, we can do it some other time" she said 
"Yeah, so we'll see you guys at the party" Harry said
"Yeah" Ollie said
We exchanged byes and we both drove out of the estate..
"So where should we go now?" Harry asked facing the traffic
"..I don't know, anywhere?" I muttered
"Should we go to my suite? The twins are still there with Mr Cha though.. or do you want to go to my main house or penthouse?" He asked
" many houses do you have?" I asked looking at him
"Uhmm.. eight.. " he mumbled
"In Korea?" I asked looking at him
"Yeah" he said
"Wow" I said
He chuckled and glanced at me, he faced the traffic and took my hands..
"About what I said earlier in my office.. what do you think?" He asked in a serious tone
"About what exactly?" I asked looking at him
"..about us having a baby" he said and I laughed
"I'm serious Hannah.." he stated, I looked at him for seconds and he looks really serious about this.. I face the windshield and slowly lick my lips..
"..I .. I don't know Ju Sung" I said
"You don't want to have a child with me?" He asked, hurt and sadness clear in his voice..
"That's not what I meant.." I blurted and ran my fingers through my hair, I looked out the window and stare at the buildings and sigh... I felt his gaze on my back, but I didn't turn to look at him..
"I'd love to have a child with you, but..." I stopped and bit my lip
"But?" He asked
"..I.. I don't think I'm ready yet, I mean we met about two weeks ago, and we started dating some few days back.. I .. I don't think it's a good idea for us to have a baby now, as much I want to.. I just can't, having a child comes with so many responsibilities, and I'm honestly not ready for that yet.. I hope you understand" I said
"I..I Know, but we can.." 
"I said no!!" I yelled and he sighed. 
"You know what... Just drop me at my house" I said before I can stop myself
He nodded and took his lips into his mouth.. he was clenching the steering wheel so tight, that his knuckles were already turning white..
I noticed his clenched jaw and my features softened.. I just yelled at him?.. oh my God, I yelled at Harry?..
"Ju.. Ju Sung" I stuttered, no response
"Baby.. I.. I'm sorry, I didn't..I didn't mean to.."
The car screeched to a stop and I looked out the window and saw my house gate..
I looked at Harry, his was staring at the windshield.
"Ju Sung... I'm sorry" I said and tried to touch him
"Don't" he said in a low but cold voice..
"My love I'm.."
"I said don't" he said and turned to look at me.. I frowned and started flaring up . What the heck is wrong with him? I thought I said sorry, why is he making a huge deal out of this.. he was the one who provoked me first, wasn't he .. I frowned and grabbed my bags.. 
"Fine! Stay on your own then!!" I yelled and moved out of the car, I slammed the door, and walked angrily into the compound without looking back at him.. I heard his car driving away and I stomped into the house.. slamming the door as hard as I could..
"Jesus! Hannah what's up with the attitude?" Jeremy asked looking at me..
He was sitting with his friends on the couch, I glared at him and he shut his mouth.. 
I rushed up the stairs and entered my room, I locked the door and threw my bag on the bed.. I threw my shoe away to God knows where and walked into my bathroom.. I took of my clothes and faced the mirror.. I glared at the chain and was tempted to cut it off my waist.. but I couldn't, I turned on the tap in the tub and added my vanilla and Rose lotions, and bubbles.. I slipped in and feel my muscles relax.. I sighed and picked my shampoo.. I washed my hair and closed my eyes, with my head resting on the tub.. 
I shouldn't have yelled at him, but he was just so persistent on the baby issue.. 
Why can't he see that I'm not fit to be a mother?, I don't have what it takes.. I couldn't even take care of Nicky my own brother.. then how can I take care of my own child?.. I really wish I could have a child with Harry, but I just can't.. and even if I change my mind now, he's still angry with me.. I sighed and sat up.. this is gonna be hard for me..
Harry's pov ✌️
I drove into my penthouse and slipped out of the car.. I slammed the door and beeped the car before walking in.. 
I walked into my room and peeled my clothes off of me..
I walked into the bathroom and entered the shower.. I switched on all the handles and water starts splashing from every direction.. after about an hour, I walked out and cleaned my body with the towel.. 
I stepped into my bedroom with the towel on my lower waist and my phone started ringing..
I checked the caller ID and frowned..
What does she want?
I dropped the phone on the table and it starts ringing again
I frowned and answered it
"What?" I snapped
"Good evening to you too baby" she said and I sighed
"What exactly is your problem Nina?" I asked
"You" she states
"What?" I asked
"Can I come to your house, I want to spend the night with you" she said . What? Is this girl crazy or what?
"I'm gonna hang up now" I said and moved the phone from my ear.
"I'm already at your doorstep you better open.. I'm gonna press the doorbell now" she said
"You're bluffing"
Ding ding..
"Did you hear that I just pressed it, come open up or I'll pass through the window" she said and hang up.. oh shit! Shit! Shit . What the heck is wrong with this woman!!!
Ding dong, the bell sounded again.. I threw my phone on the bed and rushed out of the room .. I rushed down the stairs and angrily walked to the door..
"What the heck is wrong with.." I stopped as I opened the door.. I blinked my eyes and looked at her again..
Her mouth was slightly opened as she gawked at me..
"Hannah?" I asked 
To be continued
Anna 👄✌️

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