Crazy Hannah Episode 54


By Lady C 👄(Lilianna)
Harry's pov ✌️
I looked behind her but didn't see anyone.. I don't understand, I thought Nina was the one who called me, then why am I seeing Hannah here?
"Uhm.. can..can I please come in?" She stuttered.. 
Without saying anything, I walked back into the living room, leaving the door wide open for her.
She walked in and slowly closed the door.. I stood beside the stairs with my hands crossed on my chest.. 
"Why are you here? I thought you asked me to stay on my own?" I asked sternly.
"..I..I.. I didn't.. mean to, I..was..I was.. can you please put on a short?" She asked looking down at her fingers..
Huh? Is she serious,?
"Are you serious? Look if you don't have something to say, then I suggest you use the door" I said and turned to climb up the stairs
"I do have something to say, it's just.. I can't concentrate, seeing you like that" she rushed.
I bit my lips to hide the smile on my face.. as much as I want to pin her down and kiss her lips till it's swollen, I can't.. at least for now.. I want her to suffer a bit, I Know it's a bit childish..but I don't care.. so without looking back at her.. I muster all the coldness I could in my voice 
"That's your business, close the door on your way out" I said coldly and rushed up the stairs.. I could hear her feets rushing behind me..
"... Ju Sung, I'm sorry.. please listen to me" she pleaded, I could tell she's already in the brink of crying.. I rushed into the lobby and hastily walked into my room.. I locked the door and stood in the front of it..
".. Ju Sung, Ju Sung.. " she said and tried the knub.. she sniffled, and started banging the door..
"Harry please, I'm sorry.. please open the door.. I beg you, I'm so sorry.. just please let me in.. please Harry!!" She said still banging the door, I rubbed the back of my neck and bit my lips, I want to open the door and hug her to myself, I want to tell her that I'm a bit angry at her for yelling at me, I want to tell her that I've forgiven her already.. I reached for the lock and my phone started ringing.. I moved to my bed and picked up the phone.. caller ID Mr. Cha, I sighed and placed it on my ear
"Hello" I said
"Hello Harry.. Nina is here, she has been waiting for you for the past 20 minutes, should I tell her that you're at the penthouse?" He asked
"No.. please don't, Hannah is here.. and I don't want that crazy girl to come here, she'll only worsen the situation.." I said
"So what should I do?" He Asked
"I don't know.. get rid of her, where's she by the way?" I asked
"She's with the twins, they are watching a movie in the living room" he said
"Okay, do whatever you can to make her stay with them.. that way she won't be able to come here" I said
"Okay.." he said and I hang up.. 
"..Harry!!" She shouted hoarsely and banged the door.. I hope she doesn't break it down, I haven't seen her use her powers, but I'm very sure breaking that door would be very easy for her.. she broke down and I could feel her slip down the door, probably resting her head on it... I could hear her calling my name as she cried, I ran my fingers into my still wet hair, and tugged on it.. I can't bear this anymore, I'll die if I stay in here.. I rushed into my closet and hurriedly put on a black short, I moved out of the closet and headed for the room door... She's suffered enough..
Hannah's pov 💪
The keys started rattling and I hastily stood up from the ground, the door opened and Harry walked out and I wiped my eyes so I could see him properly, his hands were fisted to his sides, and his jaw was clenched hard, it looks like he's trying to hold himself.. but for what? I don't know.. I ignored the fact that he was only clad in a black short and nothing more.. he moved past me and I hurriedly hugged him from behind, his body stiffened and I placed my face on his bare back .
"I'm sorry Harry...I didn't mean to yell at you, i promise I will never do it again... Please Harry, I'm so sorry, I.. can't bare to see you angry with me.. please, " I said as tears kept rolling down my cheeks.. he held my wrists and pulled my hands away from his waist, for a moment I thought he was going to push me away, but he didn't ..instead he turned and hugged me to himself.. I hugged him back and he started brushing my hair down..
"I'm not angry at you Hannah.. well, I was..but not anymore" he said, he pulled back a bit and cupped my cheeks..
"We can have the baby now.. I'm ready, just please forgive me" I said hoarsely
"Sshh, it's okay baby, forget about making babies.. we can have them when we get married, okay?" He said
"But.. you said.." I stuttered
"Forget about what I said, I was a jerk.. I shouldn't have asked you to have a baby for me, when we haven't even dated for a month.. now please stop crying and kiss me" he said wiping my tears with his thumb.. I smiled and pecked his lips..
"..that wasn't a kiss Hannah" he said with pouted lips, I smiled and kissed him.. 
We kissed for a few minutes, and finally pulled back, he hugged me and kissed my hair, 
" I'm sorry for making you cry my love.. " he mumbled.. I smiled against his chest and my stomach started growling..
"Keep quiet" I mumbled
"Are you talking to your stomach?" He asked looking at me with amusement in his eyes
"Maybe" I said
He chuckled and shook his head, then pulled back and held my hand..
"Come on.. let's go feed your stomach" he said
"What would you like to eat?" He asked
"I don't know.. anything" I said with a shrug.. he nodded and kissed my knuckles..
"I love you Hannah.." he said
"I love you Harry" I said and he smiled.. 
The night swept by with me and Harry cuddling through out the night.. 
He drove me home the next morning so I could Change into my nurse's uniform..
"Should I come in with you?" He asked , when he pulled up at the gate.. I can see that he really wants to go in with me..
"Uhmm...sure" I said and he smiled.. we both stepped out of the car, and he beeped it.. 
He took my hand when we got to the gate, we both walked into the house and I gasped when I noticed boxes laying everywhere..
"..oh my gosh!!" We both looked up to see mom rushing down the stairs, with her hands wide open for a hug,. I left Harry's hand and moved to hug her, but instead of embracing me, she ducked under my arm and hugged Harry.. I laughed nervously, feeling a bit embarrassed..
".. aigoo, you look so handsome today, how are you" she asked with a huge smile on her face
"I'm fine Mom" he said..
"Hannah has been taking good care of me" he said and winked at me.. I flushed and blinked my eyes..
"Awwn.. that's my girl, so when are you guys giving me a grandchild?" Mom asked in a somewhat serious tone. I choked on my breath and started coughing
"..are you okay?" Mom asked and I nodded
"So, back to what we were saying" mom said turning back to Harry..
".. Isabella, are they also taking the couches?" Aunty Maya asked walking towards mom.. 
"No.." mom replied simply..
"Uhm.. Harry dear meet my very good friend Maya, Maya meet my son in law, Harry" mom introduced..
Son in law?.. seriously?..
"Wow.. he looks more handsome than you described.. hi dearie, it nice to finally meet you.. I've heard so much about you" she said giving him a brief hug
"Same here.. ma'am" Harry said with a little smile
"Oh please, call me Maya or aunty.. which ever one you like" she said
"So mom.. what's all this?" I asked looking around the house. As men I haven't seen before, started taking all the boxes outside..
"We are moving.. " she stated
"What?!" I yelled
"Sorry I didn't tell you on time.. I came home last night and didn't see you, your father bought a house in one of the estates.. he wants us to move in today" she said 
"But what about my stuffs?" I asked
"Don't worry, I and Sona helped you pack everything . Of course, there are still few clothes in your closet in case you might be needing any of them, and your uniform as well" she said
"Oh okay" I mumbled
"They are already taking our things there, so I'll have to go supervise everything and make sure everything is in order there, before I'll go get Nicky from the hospital. You did say, he can be discharged today right?" Mom asked looking at Harry
"Yes.. but I'll just do one final check, before he leaves" Harry said 
"Okay no problem" she said
"So Harry, back to our discussion" mom said.
"Uhh.. that's not today, come on Harry.. I need you to help me pack something" I said and rushed up the stairs.. pulling him along..
".. you can just make a baby in your room, don't worry.. I'll tell them not to disturb you" mom yelled from the living room, I could hear aunt Maya laughing.. I frowned and Harry chuckled....
*Some hours later*
Mom decided to wait until I closed from work, she asked Sona and Jeremy to meet us at the hospital, so we could all go home together .
"I'll go get a taxi" I said when we all walked out, Nicky wasn't fit to Walk yet so, we had to put him in a wheelchair.. Harry insisted on seeing us off, so he was the one who wheeled Nicky out of the hospital..
"Whoever said we would be taking a taxi?" Mom asked looking at me
"Then are we going to trek?" I asked
"What? No way.. levels have changed Hannah" she said and just then three black shiny cars, with tinted glass pulled up in front of us.. the doors to the third car opened and men dressed in suits walked out, and opened the doors of the other two cars.. I looked at the others and their mouths were practically on the floor, well all of us except mom seemed to be surprised..
"Our ride awaits" she said and walked to the first car..
"I and Nicky , will go in this one.. the three of you will follow in that car" she said.. and one of the guards Walked towards Nicky and Harry gave him the handle. I watched as Nicky moved into the car and mom followed
"Ahhhh.. this is awe..some"Sona yelled saying the awesome like a robot..
"Just shut up and get in" Jeremy scolded and moved into the car, Sona followed and I turned to look at Harry.. he smiled and I gave him a brief kiss.. 
"I'll come pick you up tommorow" he said.
"Why?" I asked confused
"Our vacation?.. don't tell me you have forgotten, tommorow Is Friday.. woman" he said...and I mouthed an 'o'
"You forgot didn't you?" He asked narrowing his eyes at me..
"..forgot?.. of course not" I lied waving my hands with a nervous laugh
"You did" he gasped
"Uhmm.. bye" I said and rushed into the car . 
The door closed and the driver started driving
"I really hope we get to have big rooms in this new house" Sona mumbled
"And a pool" Jeremy added..and Sona nodded in agreement
We drove into an estate, and i couldn't helpbut gape with the others at the beautiful houses..all of them seemed to be the exact same size.. we watched as the car drove into a large compound with a fountain in the middle.. there were three large buildings.. and a mansion?..
Everything was all white..
The car stopped in front of the mansion. And we all moved out, 
"Wow" I mumbled.. and followed the others in..
"Welcome home babies!!" Mom yelled as the large doors opened 
"Oh my gosh!!!" Sona squealed
"Whoa!!!" Nicky said..
The living room was really Large, everything was in white.. the couches, tables, walls..tiles .. everything.. even the big spiral staircase.. there was a very big plasma on the wall, which was facing the couches.. the chandelier was gold and it casted a very brilliant gold on the walls and furnitures.. the whole place was decorated in white frames, flowers and everything beautiful..
"Finally.. you guys are here" aunty Maya said walking into the living room from a glass door I haven't seen before..
"I need to check out my room" Sona said and bolted up the stairs, Jeremy followed .. I rushed up behind them. And moved down the hall.. and saw another living room . This one was big as well, but the other was bigger.. the designs was really different and this living room was more cozier.. there was a ceiling to floor window, which was framed by large obviously expensive gold curtains..
I moved on and finally saw a door with my name on it.. wow..
I turned the handle and walked in..
I gasped and covered my mouth.. my room is like paradise.. only the chandelier was on, and it made everything look so beautiful.. there was a king sized bed in the middle of the room.. two couches were at the left facing a flatscreened TV.. a ceiling to floor window.. where I could see the whole city from.. a huge balcony, with a molded bench and a small pool, and an aquarium.. there were two glass doors in the room.. I walked into the first and it was a walk in closet, with a lot of space.. my clothes were neatly arranged, my shoes were on the rack.. my hats and the rest were all neatly arranged.. thanks to whoever did this..
I opened the other door and walked in.. a large bathroom.. with a shower stand , which had a transparent glass door, a bath tub and a jacuzzi?!!
"Ahhh.." I yelled excitedly..
Different towels were stacked in a rack, and my lotions and creams were all on the dressing table.. so sweet.. this is the best day ever!!!..
To be continued
Anna 👄 💕

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