Crazy Hannah Episode 55


By Lady C 👄(Lilianna)
.. next morning..
Hannah's pov 💪
I already told mom about my vacation with Harry yesterday, and she almost blew up like a Time bomb.. and of course she asked me to not come back to Korea without her grandchild in my stomach.. sometimes I do wonder why she's head over heels to be a Granny, it's not as if she's the one who's gonna carry the baby, is she? Eyeroll 😒..
Harry didn't tell me where we are going, he said it's a surprise..although I was the one who wanted to surprise him, but I don't mind.. as long as it's just the two of us, I don't care if he takes us to an abandoned forest..
I applied a little coral peach lipstick on my lips and brushed my hair one last time.. satisfied with my look, I walked out of my bathroom and moved into my bedroom.. 
I already packed my things last night, so I didn't have to bother about that, I slipped into my carton colored jacket which was the Same with my skirt, I looked down at the nude heels, and my black room flip flop.. shrugging I slip into the flip flop and throw the heels in my bag.. I look at the full length mirror and smile .. just one last touch, I pick my sunglasses and put it on.. perfect 👍🏻.
My phone buzzed and I picked it from the table, a huge grin appears on my face when I see Harry's name..
💌 I'm almost at your house, are you ready?💌
💌yeah, I'm about going downstairs💌
💌 Okay.. I'll see you in five, I love you 💌
💌I love you more💌 I send with a smile.. 
💌I love you much more💌
💌I love you most💌
💌I love you mostest💌 I can't help but laugh
💌That's not a word💌 
💌Wahever, I don't care if it's a word.. it's how much I love you💌
💌 You're crazy..😍😍💌
💌Only for you 😜💌
💌Get outta my phone Mr Lee 💌
💌 Thank goodness I'm his son😘💌 I smiled and dropped the phone..
I go through my stuffs and when I'm convinced that I have everything I want.. I Walk out of the room rolling my pink bag behind, and hold my white bag, which have the heels in it..
The lobby was awfully quiet, and I can't help but wonder if Sona and Jeremy are still at home.. I walked down the spiral case and saw about six to seven ladies all dressed in maids uniform, all busy with one thing or the other.. I got to the end of the stairs and they all stopped and bowed to me..
"No.. no.. please don't, that's not really necessary.. you can just say good morning I'm okay with that" I said feeling a bit uneasy.
"Good morning young Mistress" they all chorused
"Huh?" I mumbled..
"Please don't call me that.. I'm not a Mistress, and I'm sure most of you are older than me.. so please call me Hannah, that's my real name.. please" I said looking at them, they all looked at each other and finally nodded..
I smiled and looked around
"Where's everyone?" I asked
"They are at the dinning hall young mist.. sorry Hannah" one of the maids said.. I smiled and nodded
"Thank you, " I said and walked towards the dinning area with my bag.. 
"Miss Hannah.. we'll take your bags" a maid said walking towards me with another..
"No.. don't worry, it's not that heavy, I can handle it" I said and they smiled.. 
I walked into the dinning hall and everyone turned to look at me including the three maids standing at the corner of the room..
"Good morning" I mumbled
"Morning Hannah.. how was your night?" Mom asked after wiping her mouth..
"Was okay" I said ignoring Sona's grimace on her face when she saw the flip flop and Jeremy's confused Expression..
"I can see you are ready for take off?" Mom asked with a smile and I nodded
"Obviously" I mumbled under my breath.. I moved over to Nicky's seat and kissed his cheek ..he smiled with his mouth full.. 
"Where are you going?" He asked after he swallowed his food
"On a vacation" I said simply
"Vacation?" My siblings chorused
"Yeah.."I said, taking a spoon of Nicky's rice in my mouth.
"With who?" Jeremy asked
"With Harry of course, " I said taking a piece of Sona's meat.. she tried hitting my hand with her spoon but misses
"Where are you guys going to?" She asked
"I don't know.. he said it's a surprise, so.." I said, mom took a sip of her water and continued eating
"Mmmh.. okay, " Nicky mumbled
"Don't worry I'll be back on Sunday evening" I said and he nodded
"Not like we are gonna miss you anyway" Jeremy muttered and I smacked his head.. the maids chuckled and Sona smiled.

"So where's dad?" I asked Mom and took a gulp from Jeremy's juice.. he glared at me but didn't say anything.. good.
"He went for a meeting, it was in another state, so he had to leave quite early" she replied..
"Mmh.. with Ethan?" I asked
"Yes" she said 
"Okay.." my phone started ringing and Harry's name show on the screen.
"Okay, that's my cue out.. Harry's here, I've got to go now, bye mom.. bye baby" I said kissing her cheek and then Nicky's..
"Bye Chipmunks" I said and roughened Sona's and Jeremy's hair
Jeremy grunts in response, Sona rolled her eyes.. while mom and Nicky said bye..
"Your shoe is awesome by the way" Sona yelled when I opened the door, sarcasm clear in her voice..
"Tell me about it" I yell back and closed the door behind me..
I smile when I saw Harry standing beside his car with two other cars behind his and another in front..
I guess his guards followed.
He was clad in all white, and his hair was now brown..
He smiled when he saw me and opened his arms for a hug. My smile widened and I rushed into his arms..
"Wow.. you look.. beautiful, and those flip flops are killing it" he said with a smile
I chuckled and nodded
"Yeah baby, I Know" I said and he shook his head..
"Let's go" he said and took my hand..
"So where are we going?" I asked when the jet takes off
"You'll see" he said with a grin and took a sip from the champagne in his hand.
"Oh.. come on.. I'm supposed to be the one to surprise you, but you somehow managed to take it from me. Now that we are on our way to the "surprise" can't you just please tell me ?" I asked practically begging for him to just tell me
"Chill babe, you'll see when we get there" he said and pulled me closer to himself.. 
"Please tell me, " I said with a puppy face and batted my lashes.. he threw his head back and started laughing
"Tempting.. but no" he said and took another sip from the glass.. I frowned and crossed my hands on my chest.. 
"Fine.." I huffed, he chuckled and moved my hair from my face.. I already kept my sunglasses in my bag, I pulled away from him, and slipped out of the jacket, leaving me in my white singlet.. Harry's eyes darkened as I adjusted the singlet.. 
"What are you doing?" He asked looking at my chest..
"Nothing.. I just want to get comfortable, it's a long flight so I'll just take a nap" I said with a small smile.
"Oh.. okay" he mumbled.. I placed my head on the chair and closed my eyes.. it suddenly felt like I was falling back, I opened my eyes and was surprised to see Harry laying next to me.. wait how did he do that?
He smiled and snaked his hand around my waist, he pulled me to himself and I placed my head on his chest, he moved his other hand to my face and trailed his fingers into my hair, he tucked it behind my ears and kissed my nose, I scrunched my nose and closed my eyes.. he chuckled and kissed my nose again, I ignored him and just when I was starting to fall asleep.. I felt his other hand on my bre*** under the bralette, I opened my eyes and looked at his face.. he smiled and closed his eyes.. he squeezed softly and I bit down a moan..
"Harry take your hands off" I said weakly.. he ignored and smiled with his eyes Still closed, I groaned and held his hand.
"Don't even try it.. " he mumbled with his eyes still closed 
"Huh?" I muttered
"If you do, I'll make sure you scream my name on this jet, either works for me.. the choice is yours, but I do hope you go with the later" he said his voice a bit huskier.. did he just say he'd have *ex with me on this jet?.. gosh! I swallowed at the thought, as much i want him, I choose the former.. I can't do anything with Harry here.. so with a sigh, I placed my head back on his chest and closed my eyes. He pinched my Ni**le and my stomach started stirring, I pressed my thighs together to compress the heat I'm already feeling..
"Good girl" he mumbled and pecked my hair.. this is gonna be a looonnng Vacation..
The jet finally landed and we both moved out, a man was standing beside a sparkling white car, Harry held my hand as we walked towards the man.. he gave Harry a key, and walked away after saying a few inaudible things to Harry..
I watched as Harry beeped the car and the engines roared and the doors raised high up.. I gasped and covered my mouth.. I haven't seen something like this before...
Harry smiled and we both moved in.. the doors closed and I looked at Harry..
"That was amazing" I said.
"I know.. right?," He asked with a smile and started driving.. 
"Wait.. our bags?!" I said with horror
"Don't worry it's already in the Booth" he said
"Oh.. okay" I mumbled, I wonder when it got there..
I still don't know where we are, all the buildings I've seen are so beautiful.. he drove into an hotel that was incredibly, high..i looked around and suddenly felt like I've seen this place before.. I gasped and looked at Harry.
"Dubai?!!" I half yelled
He smiled and pecked my lips..
"You're so smart" he cooed and nodded
"Welcome to Dubai baby!" He said and I squealed..
To be continued...

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