Crazy Hannah Episode 56


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
Episode 56🥂🥃🍻
Hannah's pov ✍️
"Come on let's go" he said removing his seatbelt
"Wait.." I said as he reached for the door
"What?" He asked looking at me..
"..well, ..I need to just put this on" I said bringing out the heels from my bag.. he cracked and started laughing.. it was so contagious and I couldn't help but laugh with him
"This whole time, you had heels in your handbag?" He asked and continued laughing..
"..don't judge me, there's no way I could have lasted that long in the jet, if I had wore these.." I said slipping my legs into the second heel, after which I shoved the flip flops into my bag.
"Yeah, so why are you wearing them now, we are already here at the hotel" he said looking out the windshield
".. I don't care, let's go" I said and he nodded with a little laugh, I wore my sunglasses and moved it up to my head..
We both moved out of the car and Harry took our bags from the booth.. I carried my hand bag in my arm and placed my jacket above it.. 
We both walked into the hotel and I gasped, this is more than I ever Imagined, I've seen some part of the hotel in commercials and magazines, and I had really wished to come here, but now that I'm here.. I can't help but feel like I'm dreaming.. A lot of people were moving around, and they were all obviously from different countries..I noticed a couple walking in with a girl of maybe six or seven years between them.. she was smiling and looking around..
"Babe are you coming?" Harry asked snapping me out of my thoughts.. I turned to my side but didn't see him.. I looked forward and saw him standing a few feets from me.. 
"..yes," I said and rushed towards him
"I'm sorry I got carried away.. this place is awesome" I breathed out
He smiled and looked around
"Yeah, I felt the same way when I came here the first time.. that was some few years ago.. almost everything has Changed, and I'm really impressed" he said and I nodded in agreement, we walked over to the receptionist.. and I waited for Harry to get our room card, since he already booked online..
Harry slid the card on the metal door and it opened with a clink.. i looked at Harry as he took the bags again,
"After you mademoiselle" he said in a French accent and a little bow.. I chuckled and walked in..
"Wow.." I mumbled.. the door closed and i looked around.. the lights in the room was all switched off, leaving us in nothing to see but the chandelier, Harry moved his hands to the wall and flicked the lights on..
"A living room?" I asked looking at the couches.. 
"Yes, this is our suite" he said and rolled the bags towards a glass door.
While I took in all the details of the living room, the couches were all covered in black leather, and faced a large screen TV.. with a glass table in the middle.. there was other little decorations, in different parts of the room.. the interior design was really fantastic.. I smiled and headed towards the door Harry took, my legs are already hurting and I haven't even wore the heels for more than 30minutes, I groaned and walked into the room..
I gasped and covered my mouth
"Oh!!" I squealed..
This was our bedroom, and it was extremely large.. in the middle of the room is our king-sized four poster bed.. covered in all white sheets and duvet, about ten steps to my right side, is a huge jacuzzi, with lights underneath causing the blue water to sparkle and look so ethereal.. and to my left is a floor length glass wall, with water and different fishes swimming on the other side.. it feels like I'm directly under water.. this is magnificent!
I shuddered when I felt Harry's hands on my waist, I leaned back and he placed his head on my shoulder..
He kissed my cheek and bit my earlobe,
"Do you like it?" He asked..
"We could move into another hotel, if you don't.." he started when I didn't respond
", I love it.. it's really beautiful" I said cutting him off.
"Are you sure?" He asked and I turned to face him carefully, so his hands were still on my waist.
"Yes.. it's more than I expected, I really love this surprise.. thank you Harry" I said
"Awwn.. I'm gonna cry" he said
"You are free to.. don't worry I won't judge" I teased, he chuckled and pulled me closer
"You Know, I was thinking" he said looking into my eyes..
"Yeah?" I drawed wrapping my hands on his neck
"Why don't we have a little fun tonight?" He asked placing a lingering kiss on my cheek and moved his hands lower to my ass and squeezed softly
"Now?" I asked 
"Uhm, not really, I wanna take you out first.. we can go down when we get back.." he said and pecked my lips
"Really? Where are we going?" I asked 
"Uhm.. today is Friday, you haven't been to a club before right?" He asked biting my chin
"No.." I breathed out
"Do you wanna come with me?" He asked
"Of course yes" I blurted and he chuckled sweetly..
"Okay, we still have about two hours to get ready, so we'll just bathe, eat and get ready together" he stated
"Together" I asked looking at his face
"Yep" he popped
"No way" I mumbled and pulled away
"Oh come on Hannah please, it's not like I haven't seen or touched every part of you" he said with a smirk..
"I don't care," I mumbled and rolled our bags to the door on my right, silently hoping that it's the closet..
"Ugh!! Fine, I'll order dinner" he mumbled as I closed the door..
After bathing, I had Walked out of the bathroom with the hotel robe, and Harry went in to take his bath, well after eating me up with his eyes..
Our food arrived and we started eating after Harry came out of the bathroom.. 
We ate while talking about random stuffs, and after clearing the plates.. Harry handed me a shopping bag.. which I didn't notice earlier.
I walked into the closet after Harry took his clothes to the room, I deeped my hand into the bag and brought out a black silky dress.. it looked really small and the crossed back and tiny hands made me reconsider wearing it.. I dropped it on the dresser and deeped my hands back into the bag, I brought out the red heels and smiled, Harry's does have good taste..thank goodness I brought a red clutch..
I took out my make up back and set to work, I added a little foundation to my face, shadows, mascara and a little Ruby lipstick.. 
I curled my hair in tight waves and run my fingers through it, part of it rest on my right shoulder and the rest falls back revealing my neck and left shoulder,.. after which I wore my dress which stopped a little after my mid thighs, i slipped into my heels, and put on my gold earrings, bracelet and necklace.. I turned to look at the full length mirror and gasped.
I look a bit wild and almost like a call girl, but in a good way.. the dress in clinging to my body, showcasing all my curves, and not revealing to much of it, the diamond chains are visible through the small transparent net on my waist and the makeup is really light.. i pick my clutch, and stare at myself again, I just hope Harry likes it..
I could practically hear my heart beating in My ear as I opened the door and stepped..
Harry's pov ✌️
I'm clad in a black long sleeve shirt, black pants, and converse.. 
I sat on the bed and started checking messages online..
Olivia dropped another picture on her wall.. she looks really cute, I smiled when I saw Oliver's comment..
Oliver:- You look like Cinderella's stepsister, Anastasia.. I told JK not to use you as his model, but he wouldn't listen.. now see the consequences of his disobedience..😏
Olivia:- you're sick.. why don't you concentrate on your new stupid video and leave me alone 🙄
Collins:- 700k likes in 20 minutes😮, Ollie can you beat that?😕
Allister:- awwn look how pretty our baby is😍, Livia dear.. don't listen to Ollie he's obviously just jealous, you look amazing 😘
Oliver:- yeah right @livia it's a music video featuring top models, you are obviously angry that I didn't pick you, but don't worry, I'll make sure to drop your name at the orphanage on my way home, they would love to have you in the Christmas carol😜, @collins, I don't go for likes, but since you brought it up, I'd gladly inform you that my profile picture which I uploaded just ten minutes ago is already 950k, you can go check it out, I'm obviously the most cutest guy in the whole of Asia😑, @alister.. huff, how can I be jealous of livia💁🏻‍♂️, and please stop calling her baby, or I'll take off your balls 😾..
Harry:- @Ollie cutest guy? Puuhleeas.., why are you guys even talking about likes?.. I'll upload my profile picture and we'll see who gets the highest likes.. @livia, pink Panda.. you look really beautiful, JK is lucky he choosed you😍
Olivia:- awwn, thanks king Kong 😘😘
Collins:- pretty boy is here, I was starting to wonder if you weren't going to say anything
Alister:- Harry's obviously gonna win Ollie.. he's the ladies magnet after all😂
Oliver:- @harry, challenge accepted hun😘..
... I smiled and the closet door opened..
"It took you long eno.." I stopped as I looked up to see Hannah staring at me, she smiled nervously and looked down at her shoes
"Uhm.. is it that bad?" She asked looking back at me
" no it's not.. you look.. amazing" I stuttered, I can feel my trousers already getting tight. She looks so hot.. I love the way the dress clingee to her body, I love the way she looks shy, and It takes everything in me to not reach across the room and rip that dress from her body..
"Uhm.. can we go now?" She asked
"Uhh.. Yes, let's go" I said and stood up with my phone.. she moved to the bed and picked her phone, then shoved it into her purse or whatever it is women call it..
I walked towards the door and stopped halfway..
"Wait.. uhm, why don't we take a picture?" I stuttered and she smiled
"Just one.. but that's, if you're cool.. okay with.. with it" I stuttered again, she chuckled and nodded.. 
"Okay" she said.. and moved towards me.. I snaked my hands behind her waist and pulled her closer to me. 
I took a shot, and requested for one more, she placed her free arm on my shoulder and moved her fingers into her hair.. I took the picture and smiled, she pecked my cheek and I took another.. I pecked her cheek and she brought out her tongue at the last minute.. so cute. I really love this one.. I quickly uploaded it online and shoved my phone into my pockets,... I held her waist and we both walked out
"You look so beautiful... And sexy" I said whispering the last part, she smiled and moved into the car..
"You're not bad yourself" she said and I smiled..
We got to the club and moved out of the car, her eyes went wide when she saw the long queue..
"Are we going to wait long?" She asked and I rolled my eyes
"You really don't know much about me do you?" I asked and took her hand
"Uhm.. I guess?" She mumbled 
"I never wait babe" I said and approached the bouncer who was going through a clipboard on his hands, I told him my name and he quickly removed the red restraint to let us in.
"Wow .. " Hannah said as we walked in.. the music was loud so she had to yell over the music. 
The multicolored lights was shining around the club, the dance floor was already jam-packed, with people dancing and grinding themselves together .
I led her up the stairs to the third floor and moved to one of the areas which was less crowded and had curtains as walls..
"This is a VIP section" I said when I saw her looking around curiously.. she nodded and sat down beside me on the couch, a lady walked over to our table with a smile on her face..
"What can I get you sir?" She asked
"Uhm.. a glass of red wine please," I said since I would be driving back
"How about you miss?" She asked looking at Hannah ..
"Uhm.. coffee?" Hannah said and I burst into laughter... The lady smiled and Hannah's confused Expression made me laugh harder..
"What's wrong?" She asked feeling uncomfortable
"Sorry .. nothing, uhm well, you can't get coffee here can have champagne, wine.. or would you like sex on the beach?" I asked and her eyes widened
"No.. I can't have sex on the beach! People would see us" she whispered to me.. I bit my cheeks to stop me from laughing
"No.. that's not what I meant, it's a drink.. you know what nevermind" I said and turned to the lady who was still staring at us with a smile
"She'll have sex on the beach" I said and she nodded then walked away.. I looked at Hannah who was busy looking around.. I pulled out my phone and went online..
Collins:- oh my gosh! Ju Sung got 1million in 8 minutes!!, 😮😮
Alister:- speechless 😶
Ollie:- wow!.. is that Hannah? She looks so hot!!,😯
Olivia:- awwn, I love you both😍😘😘
Nina:- hmm.. 🤐
Evans:- is that Hannah?
Lina:- rock it girl!! You look hot!!
I smiled and dropped my phone when she brought the drinks, I took a sip and watched Hannah as she tasted it.. she licked her lips and nodded her head, then gulped down all the contents.. I smiled as she turned to look at me,
"Do you like it?" I asked already knowing the answer
"Yeah, it's sweet but a little bittery," she said 
"Should I get you another one?" I asked
"Yes please" she said 
After her fourth round she started acting a bit weird, 
"Come on baby, let's go dance!! The stage is on fire!!" She squealed and dragged my hands without waiting for a response..
I followed her to the stage and she started swaying her hips to the music, she took my hands and wrapped it on her waist..
" Ju Sung, don't be shy" she said, moving her body to the beat, i laughed and started dancing with her..
"Wow.. you're good" she said and turned her back to me, and started grinding against me.. if she continues like this, I'm afraid we'll go down right here.. we danced for hours and the music changed to a slow one.. she leaned back to me and placed her head on my chest..
"Are you tired?" I asked
"Uhm.. not really" she said and turned to look at me.. without warning she kissed my lips and when I moaned when I reciprocated, her hands moved to my belt and I quickly pulled back .
"I want you Ju Sung.. now" she said looking intensely into my eyes
"Huh?" I breathed out
"I said I want you Ju Sung!! I need you, I want to feel you, I want you to make love to me... Please" she begged..
"I thought you'd never ask" I said and pulled her into a kiss, we pulled back minutes later and I grabbed her purse and we both walked out .. I was going to take her even if she didn't ask.. this is gonna be a long night.. I thought as I beeped my car

This episode is abridged 😉
To be continued

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