Crazy Hannah Episode 57


By Lady C πŸ‘„ (Lilianna)
Episode 57πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š


Hannah's pov πŸ‘Š

The small Ray of sunlight pierced through the small part of the glass slide that was left uncovered by the curtains.. I grimaced and turned over on the soft bed, and snuggled closer to the warmth I had come to love.. I opened my eyes and was met with Harry's face.. he looked so peaceful and serene Even in his sleep, his hair was disheveled, but he still looked oh-so breathtaking, his lips were parted slightly... I couldn't help the grin on my face as images of last night came rushing like a whirlwind, I unfisted my hands from my sides and placed my palm on his chest, careful not to wake him in the process.
I looked at his face to be sure he was still asleep, when I was certain that he was.. I started trailing my fingers up his arm, to his neck and then his chin.. I paused to watch if I had woken him.. but he was still sleeping soundly, I guess he was too exhausted.. a smile twitched on my lips at the thought.. I caressed his cheek and ran my fingers carefully into his brown silly hair.. then continued trailing down to his brows, then his eyes and nose.. I got to his lips and hesitated for a bit, before running my thumb along his lips, I breathed out and looked up only to meet his blue eyes staring into mine.. my breath suddenly got caught in my throat, I pulled my hand away but he was quick to hold my wrist, I felt my cheek flush as he placed my fingers back on his cheek..he leaned into my palm with his eyes half closed and sighed as though a heavy burden has been lifted off his shoulders.
"Mon amour, Mon vie.." he said huskily.. I couldn't help but blush harder, he just called me his love and his life in French.. if I wasn't blushing I might have fainted..
"I could get use to being woken up like this each morning" he said with a smile and pecked my nose..
I couldn't help but blush harder, if that's even possible.. I bet I now look like I swallowed a volcano. 
I hid my face in his chest earning a chuckle from him.
"Hannah.. are you shy?" He asked wrapping his hands on my waist, I shook my head and he chuckled again
"Good morning Harry" I mumbled still hiding my face in his chest..
"Morning Belle" (beautiful) he said and I smiled again.
"How was your night?" He asked and I blushed
" was uhm.. sweet" I muttered with a sheepish grin
"Really?" He asked sitting up on the bed, so he could look at my face
"Yeah," I nodded
He tucked my hair behind my ears and caressed my cheek with his thumb..
"Did you like it?" He asked looking down at me..
My cheeks flushed as I nodded in reply not trusting my voice at the moment. He smiled and licked his lips with his eyes on my lips
"Do you .. Uhm,. .. wanna do it again?" He asked I stared at him with wide eyes and blinked twice before rushing out of the bed.. my body became cold the minute I stepped out of the bed.. I looked down and noticed i was totally naked, I looked up to see Harry smirking.. without thinking I dragged the duvet out of the bed and quickly wrapped it around my chest Only to look up and see him completely naked on the bed...
"Ahhhhh!!" I screamed and covered my eyes with my hands, causing the towel to fall from my chest.. Harry started laughing heartily, I quickly bent down and searched for the duvet with my eyes still closed.. 
"Come on.. don't tell me you don't like what you see" Harry whispered into my ears
"Ahhhhh!!" I yelled and ran into the bathroom..while Harry continued laughing in the bedroom...
I slid the shower doors closed and picked the shower head, they were so many handles and because I don't want to spoil anything I decided to go with the shower head, the door suddenly slid open and I turned to see Harry raking my body with his eyes, he had just a towel tied around his waist and I could already feel the heat between my legs..
There was no place to hide, and I had forgotten to get a towel from the rack.. so I stood there like a deer in headlights..
"..can I please join you?" He asked after few minutes of silence
"...uhm..sure" I said and he smiled and moved his hands to the towel, he threw it on the floor and stepped into the shower and slid the door closed.. I swallowed and picked my sponge and soap, I could feel his eyes digging holes in my back but I tried my best to not look at him..
He asked if he could bathe me and I agreed.. he happily took the sponge and started bathing me.. he pressed a button on the wall and water started splashing from every which way..he washed me properly and when he was sure I was clean, he had his own bath.

Harry's pov 
We spent well.. more hours than we were planning on in the bathroom.. and walked into the closet . I watched as Hannah got ready in a white belly trouser and pink crop top, revealing a small part of the diamond chains which happened to have my name on it.. she slipped her legs into her pink flip-flop which had panda's on it. We were both clad in the same colour, I was clad in a white crazy pants, pink sweatshirt and white slipper with gold chains on it..
She wore her bracelet which corresponded to my mom's bracelet on my wrist, and packed her hair in a simple Ponytail.. revealing her gold earrings. She looked simple yet expensive Even without makeup, I placed my hands on her curvy hips and she leaned into me..
"You look marveilleuse, Γ¨blouissante, magnifique et toute a moi" (amazing, stunning, gorgeous and all mine)I said and placed a lingering kiss on her cheek, whilst looking at her cheeks heating up in the full length mirror.. 
She covered her face and i gave a small laugh
"Come on baby, let's go get breakfast, yeah?" I said whilst taking her hand.. she nodded and grabbed her small white bag, which could only contain her phone and maybe mine, we walked into the bedroom where we both grabbed our phones and walked out of the suite, we are going for a little tour after breakfast.. I have a feeling that today is gonna be perfect.. I looked at Hannah as we made our way to the elevator, we got in and I locked my lips with hers...😜🀫
... ..
To be continued o..

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