Crazy Hannah Episode 58


By Lady C 👄(Lilianna)
Hannah's pov 
We walked into the hotel restaurant and I gasped.
"Whoa" I mumbled looking around, this place is a classic!!!.. the whole place was so magnificent ranging from the interiors to the arrangements, the whole place was almost filled, the chairs were occupied by either two, three or four persons..only few were sitted alone.. the sounds of cutleries on the plates, clinking of glasses and mumblings filled the air.
Staffs dressed in black and white moved about with one or two things on their hands
"..babe??" Harry called 
"..oh.. uhm.. sorry" I mumbled and he took my hand
"No need to apologise" he said and placed a kiss on my knuckles
He led me to our table and pulled the chair out for me, I mumbled a 'thank you' and he sat on his chair next to me..
A waiter came over and handed us the menus..I looked through the list and couldn't believe my eyes, so many options.. the list was filled with all types of intercontinental dishes, and I honestly didn't know which one to choose.

Harry's pov 👌
I looked through the list and rolled my eyes up to look at Hannah, she looked so confused.. I watched as her eyes darted from one page to the other.. she sighed inaudibly and took her sweet pink lips into her mouth...she released her lips and pouted, I couldn't help but chuckle at her cuteness..
"Should I choose for you love?" I asked and she snapped her head up to look at me, she flushed at the pet name and nodded slowly, with her eyes on the table..
I smiled and turned to the waiter, who was standing patiently beside me..

Hannah's pov🤭
"Uhm.. we'll have this, this, that and..that.. you can add these as well" Harry said to the waiter who jotted everything down and walked away..
He's so sweet, I never thought he was watching me all this time.. I don't know if it's the way he understands even my smallest move or that he's so sweet, kind and loving.. all I know is that I fall even more in love with him with every single second that passes..
"..Earth to Hannah" he said and flicked his fingers in my face, I blinked and looked at him, my cheeks heated to know I had zoned out while thinking of him.. his eyes looked worried and confused at the same time..
"Hannah are you okay?.. is something wrong?.. " he asked worriedly, I shook my head and smiled lightly
"No.. I'm fine, I was just thinking about something" I mumbled and his features softened
"..thank the heavens, I was starting to think I said something I shouldn't have said" he said relaxing on his chair
"No you didn't" I said reassuringly
" .. okay, so what were you thinking about?" He asked placing his hand above my on the table..
'about how deeply in Love I am with you..'. I thought to myself,
"..uhmm nothing" I said with a half smile
" .. nothing?" He asked with a raised brow and intertwined our finger..
I was about to reply when the waiter came over to our table and placed the dishes, another waiter followed, so many dishes for just breakfast?
They opened all the dishes and I gasped inaudibly, they finished setting the dishes and left after pouring a reasonable amount of wine in our glasses.
"Wow.. Ju Sung, isn't this too much?" I asked looking at the mouth watering dishes
"Mmmhh" he hummed with a shrug..
Most of them were Korean dishes and my favorites at that, without further delays.. I started piling my plate with different food.. Harry chuckled sweetly and shook his head..I shoved a spoonful of soup into my mouth and moaned
"Do you like it?" Harry asked and I nodded. He smiled and continued eating
Gosh! Who ever made this deserves an award, it's the best I've tasted..
After breakfast, I and Harry drove to the mall, using the GPS..since neither of us was familiar with the place.. I bought lots of gifts for the twins since their birthday was next week Saturday, I also bought for Nicky, Jeremy, Sona, Lina and Sofia.. I also bought some things for mum.. she's gonna be thrilled.. I'll have to call them later too, I hope I don't forget, 
"Can we go now?" I asked looking at Harry 
"Yeah" he said and we moved to the counter.. where we started arguing about who should pay..
I stretched my credit card to the attendant for- God knows how many times, and frowned when Harry snatched it again, she smiled calmly unlike most people who would have been fed up with our little fight..
"Ouch.. ow!," Harry suddenly groaned holding his chest with his hands..
"What is it? Baby tell me.. what's wrong? what happened?" I asked forgetting about the card..
"My .. my heart, it's aching so much" he groaned and my eyes started watering
"Ju Sung.. " 
"Ow!!.. it really painful, can you feel it? It's.. it's beating really fast like it's going to pop out of my chest" he said whilst placing my hand on his chest. While his other hand moved behind me
"But It feels normal" I said and heard chuckling from behind me, I turned to see the attendant smiling sheepishly whilst packing our things in the bags, and handed Henry his card..
I gasped and glared at him, he gave an innocent smile I frowned and crossed my hands on my chest..
"I'm completely okay.." he mumbled and pecked my pouted lips..
We packed the bags in the booth and moved into the car, we decided to have a little sightseeing before heading back to the hotel.. along the way I spotted a woman selling barbecues..
"Pull over.. stop, stop.." I said and Harry stepped on the break, screeching the car to a stop..
"What is .." 
I practically jumped out of the car, without listening to what he was gonna say.. I rushed over to the spot where she was standing and blowing the fire with a handfan.
"Good day ma'am" I greeted
"Good day miss.. do you want some?" She asked with a smile
"Yes.. how much is it?" I asked, pointing to the stakes on a stick
"$30 dollars Miss, " she said
"It's really good miss.. trust me, it's the best stake in the country.. " the little boy who was standing beside her said.. 
"Oh really?" I asked looking at him
"Yes Miss.." he said
"So if I don't like it what should I do?" I asked and he blinked once
"Then you can leave without buying another" he said and I chuckled
"I'll get one please" I said to the woman and she nodded.
"One?!, What about your husband, won't he also have one?" He asked looking towards Harry who was leaning beside the car
"Shut up Mark, aren't you supposed to be looking after your sister?" The woman scolded
"I'm sorry miss" she said turning to look at me
"It's okay" I said
"But she's still crying.. I've tried my best to calm her down but she isn't listening" he explained
Just then a girl of about four years Walked out with her cheeks stained with tears..
"See I told you" the little boy said gesturing to the girl
"Aww.. come here baby" I said stretching my hands out to her
She took my hand and I squatted to her level.. her beautiful brown hair was sticking to her sweaty forehead, and her Crystal blue eyes were glossy..
I moved her hair from her face and tucked it behind her cheeks.. 
"Hi baby, my name is Hannah..what's yours?" I asked
She sniffled and tears rolled down her cheeks
"Hey, please don't cry sweetheart.. it's okay, you're an angel and someone I know once said that angels do not cry, so please don't cry okay?" I said and she nodded
"So what's your name baby?" I asked
"Amaya.." she mumbled
"Amaya.." I repeated.
"That's a really pretty name Amy, it suits you.. but crying doesn't, so why are you crying?" I asked
"I.. I'm.. hungry" she said shakily
"Miss.. please don't listen to her, I'll get them something to eat after I sell one of these" her mother said
"But why didn't you get her something to eat before?" I asked
"Well, miss we don't have any food or money at home, so they have to wait until I sell something" she explained sadly
I looked at Amaya who was already leaning on me..
"Baby.. what do you want to eat ?" I asked
She looked at me for a while and played with the Hem of her gown
"Say something Amaya before your opportunity pass you by" Mark muttered and I chuckled..
"Here cutie" I turned to see Harry squatting beside me with a white bag on his hand.. she looked at her mom for permission and took the bag shyly..
"And here's yours" Harry said handing mark the other bag
"Wow.. thank you so much sir" he said gingerly with a huge smile as he scanned the contents of the bag
"Mom look, so many food, all for me" he said showing her the bag
"Thank you so much " she said with a smile
"Thank you" Amaya said shyly.
"You're Welcome pumpkin" he cooed
Her hair covered her eyes and I moved it back.. I reached into my small white bag and brought out the diamond clip Harry bought for me back in Korea..I clipped her hair behind her ears and she smiled.. I heard her mother gasp, if she sells this.. the least she would be payed should be five million.. cause it's real diamond..
"Is.. is that real?" She stuttered
"Yep, you can sell it if you want " I said, and smiled when Amaya touched the clip on Her hair.
She smiled and pecked Harry's cheek, then came to hug me.. I smiled and kissed her hair.
I stood up and picked my stake.. Harry placed a wad of notes on her hand as payment ..despite her plea for me not to pay..
"Start something better and give this little angel a good life, you can get a good fortune from that clip" Harry said, and I smiled at him 
"How.. thank you so much miss, thank you so much sir.. how can I ever repay you?" She asked as tears fell from her cheeks
"Take care of them , make sure they get the best of everything life has to offer.. especially this little princess" Harry said and we both turned to leave..
To be continued 
Anna 👄💕

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