Crazy Hannah Episode 60


By Lady C (Lilianna)
Hannah's pov
"Huh?.. how do we leave now?" I asked scratching my hair.
"..I don't know.. how can we even get lost in just few minutes?" Harry mumbled looking around with his hands on his waist..
".. so what do we do now?.. we aren't just going to stand here and wait for the car to come get us,...are we?" I asked mumbling the last part
"..of course not, although that would have been great 'if' it was possible.." he replied emphasizing the if.
"So you have a solution?" I asked hopefully
"..uhm, I.. well, it's not much of a solution, but at least we can be able to find our way back" he said
"Then it's a solution" I stated.. he glanced at me and stretched his hands
"Can I please have your phone.. I left mine in the car, I need it so we can use the GPS" he said..
"Oh .. okay, that's a good idea" I said and opened my bag.. only to frown at the empty bag, which had nothing but my Mastercard in it.. my shoulders slumped as I closed the bag
"..what is it?" Harry asked with horror clear in his eyes
"I think I left it in the car as well" I mumbled and shut my eyes tight, then released it with a loud sigh...
"What?!.. gosh! Then we are surely lost" he said throwing his hands up.
".. it's okay, I think we should just walk down that road. It might be the right way" I said pointing to the right
"Walk? Then what if it isn't?" He asked frowning a bit
"Uhm.. I guess we'll just have to change route" I muttered.
"No way.. " he mumbled
"Oh come on Ju Sung, it wouldn't be that bad" I said
"Wouldn't be that bad?.. wouldn't be that bad?" He asked looking at me
"..huh, durrhh.. that's what I just said obviously" I said.
He huffed and ran his fingers through his brown hair ruffling it a bit.. he was wearing his eye contact, so his blue eyes were replaced by brown ones..
"Ju Sung.. let's go" I said trying to take his hand, he moved back and eyed me lazily
"..I can't walk like a mad man on the streets Hannah.. I won't survive it for more than an hour, and my skin can't be exposed to sun for long.. I might get sun burned" he said pouting like a child and despite our situation, I found myself smiling at his cuteness.
"first, you are putting on a sweatshirt, so you're fully protected from the sun besides it's almost evening.. secondly we won't walk for long I promise.. my instincts tell me that it's the right way, oppa please just stand up.. I'll carry you if you want me to" I said and made my best puppy eyes.
After some minutes he sighed and nodded.
"Fine.. let's go" he said ..
I smiled and kissed his cheek
"Thank you" I said smiling at his flustered self..
"Whatever.. "he mumbled and took my hands as we started walking hopefully to our right destination..
Harry's pov
"What time are we leaving tommorow?" Hannah asked without looking at me
"..I don't know, what time do you want to leave?" I asked
"..mmh, in the morning.. I want to get to Korea early.. so I can meet Sofia" she said and I nodded
"Okay" I mumbled..
"Hey. There's your car!" She said excitedly. I looked ahead and saw the car, thank goodness.
"Come on Harry, let's go.." she said and rushed to the car. I smiled and rushed after her...
We got to the hotel some minutes past six.. i ordered for dinner and after eating.. I and my baby had an amazing make out section, startifrom the couch to the bed to the table and then the jacuzzi..
We woke up the next morning and after breakfast we checked out of the hotel and made our way to the airport.. we got into the private jet, and hours later arrived in Korea..
I dropped Hannah off at her house and later drove to my suite . I was told by Mr Cha that my dad had arrived a day before and so the twins had to go back to the Lee's estate.
Hannah's pov
We got to Korea quicker than expected..Harry dropped me at the house and left afterwards.. I had walked in to meet the whole family and aunt Maya in the second living room.. they were all happy to see me . After several hours of hundred questions and answers about my vacation with Harry, mum's request for a grandchild and sharing the gifts I bought.. I was able to run into my room and get ready for my meeting with my heartcode Sofia . Wow. I can't wait to see that crazy woman, I just hope she hasn't changed much.
Sofia's pov
I placed my two phones on the table.. facing them down, revealing the beautiful gold crested cases. I crossed my legs and brushed my fingers into my hair, I checked my gold watch and sighed
Where's that Crazy girl?.. I've been here for over an hour.. I knew what I went through before mom could let me come and now she's- my thoughts were cut short when a shimmering black car pulled up.. I gasped as I stared out the glass walls.
"Hannah?" I mumbled.. she beeped the car and walked into the restaurant.. she smiled when she saw me, but frowned at the guards behind me.. I signalled them to leave and they relunctantly moved back.. I stood up to hug her and she rushed into my arms and hugged me tight.. rocking us back and forth on her heels, we pulled back seconds later and I smiled and touched her hair
"You look so Beautiful and different Hannah" I said and she smiled
"Likewise you sof" she said as we took our seats... She dropped her designer bag on the chair next to her and placed her phone on the table, facing it down to reveal her diamond stoned case with h² customized on it. I smiled and admired it with my fingers
"Wow ... It feels like I haven't seen you in ages bes" she said and I smiled
"Tell me about it hasn't left me on my own since that day" I replied and she smiled
"I thought as much" she said, a waiter came to take our orders and we talked about random things.. from work , to Nina's behavior, to the recent change of events, to the vacation and finally her decision of not wanting a baby now..
"He loves you.. so much and it's really obvious" I said taking a sip from my orange juice.
"..I know sof, I just.. I don't think I'm ready to be a mother yet.. I love Harry so much and I would love to have a child with him, but.. I.. I don't know, you know what happened with Nicky right?.. I don't want a situation to happen like that ever again and least of all to my child" she said palming her face, I took her hand and squeezed softly
"It's okay.. Hannah you need to free yourself from this guilt you feel in your heart . What happened to nicky was not your fault, don't beat yourself up because of never planned for it so let it go.. besides you'll be a great mother to my niece/nephews" I taunted and she smiled
"You think?" She asked and I shook my head
"I know.. " I completed and she smiled..
"Whatever.. you are attending the birthday right?" She asked.
"of course I will" I said and she nodded
"Better do and please tie that sister of yours in her room so she won't make it"she said and I laughed
"No promises" I said and she glared at me..
To be continued

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