Crazy Hannah Episode 61


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
Hannah's pov 
The week rolled by with Sona and Jeremy switching schools to Lee high.. while Nicky is being home schooled, mom's hotel had a grand opening and the turn out was fantastic, she and aunt Maya had done a wonderful job. dad has been travelling with Ethan by his side, Sofia already started work and Nina has been avoiding me lately, but uses any opportunity she gets to get on my nerves, and by that I mean flirting with Harry.. who in turn would ignore her without saying anything.. there was a day he wanted to push her away, she had a scornful smirk on her face like she was daring him to try it.. Harry had seated back down in defeat.. I don't know why but something tells me that he is hiding something from me? What it is? I don't know.. and for Nicky my baby, he started his therapy and is recovering fast.. he's now walking with crutches. He should be able to walk properly by next month or so.
"Wow... Hannah your bathroom is way bigger than mine" Sofia said smiling sheepishly as she walked out with with a pink towel tied on her chest..
"Really?" I asked spreading the dress Harry sent me on the bed.. 
"Yeah.. wow.. it's so beautiful" Sofia cooed admiring the dress with her hands..
"I Know right" I said.
The dress was pink in color, the expensive lace material was adorned with little diamond crystals on the lower half which is flared.. the top was bodiced with off shoulders.. 
"Awwn.. I wish all guys can be like Harry" she said and I chuckled.
"Trust me you don't want to see him, when he's angry.. he becomes a whole different person.. but he doesn't get angry easily though" I said and she nodded
"Every body has a flaw" she said and I smiled
"Yeah.." I said
The door opened and Sona burst in with Miya and Kiera. All dressed in white gown and light make up..
"Are you guys read" Sona asked placing her makeup box on my table..
"You could have knocked Sona.. what if I was naked?" Sofia asked glaring at Sona. .who shrugged nonchalantly.
"Nothing I haven't seen before" she mumbled and we all start laughing except Sofia who glared daggers at Sona
"You're crazy" Sofia mumbled and walked into my closet..
"Sis.. are you ready?" Sona asked
"Yup.. " I popped and flopped down on the chair, whilst Sona brought out the things she would need
"Whoa.!! Unnie is this yours?" Miya asked looking at the gown on the bed
"Yes" I said
"'s so beautiful, I really like it" Kiera said
"Unnie can you get me something like this? Now that you're rich.. you can buy me clothes like this right?" Kiera asked and Miya smacked her head playfully..
"What was that for?.." Kiera asked glaring at Miya
"Stop talking nonsense, how can you ask her to buy you things?" Miya asked 
"Uhh Durhh.. because she can? Besides it's not my fault that you can't ask for things.. unnie isn't even complaining , are you?" Kiera asked looking at me.. I chuckled and shook my head
"No I'm not.. don't worry, I'll order for both of you" I said and miya squealed excitedly
"Thanks unnie" she said and Kiera eyed her
"I thought you were asking me to keep quiet?" She asked Miya who smiled and shrugged
"Thanks unnie.. I love you so much" Kiera said and kissed my cheek.. Sona chuckled and started with the makeup..
"Where's Jeremy?" I asked.
"He's with the guys in Nicky's room" Miya said and I mumbled an okay.Sona packed my hair in a loose bun and left some strands to frame my face.. she did same for Sofia and we all got dressed, the dress was a bit shorter than I thought stopping a few inches after my mid thighs.. we all walked downstairs to see my brothers nicely dressed in suits.. mom dad and aunt may walked down and I creased my brows..
"Uhm.. where are you guys going?" I asked
"To the party of course.. Lee invited me yesterday at the meeting" dad said Linking his arm with moms' .. they all looked good..
"You look amazing my love, you too honey" mom said touching my cheek and Sofia's
"Thanks Mom, you look great " we both muttered at once.. 
"What about me mom?.." Nicky asked leaning on the crutches
"My baby you look so handsome.. as always" mom said and kissed his cheek..
"Just few more weeks and we'll throw these things away.." mom said glaring at the crutches and Nicky smiled
"Oh my .. Remy baby, look at you.. you look so cute" mom said pulling his cheeks playfully, he laugh nervously and glanced at Miya
".. mom, that's enough, you're embarrassing me" he whispered and she smiled
"Sona honey.. we all know you're the most beautiful, no need to say anything" mom said and pecked her cheek
"Thanks Mom" Sona said with a smile
"Aunt Maya.. you look incredible" Jeremy said and hugged her
"Thanks Remy" she said and kissed his cheek..
"Ryan, blaze.. you guys look great" dad said 
"Thank you Sir" they both chorused and we all walked out..We arrived at the venue and all moved into the hall.. I spotted Harry at the side, he was busy talking with a man, with a class of champagne in his hands..
As if he sensed me , he turned to look at me and a huge smile slapped his face.. his eyes glintered and I was honestly drooling over him.. he looked so damn good..
He made his way towards me and before I could mumble a word.. he pulled me to himself and kissed me.. my eyes widened and he pulled back with a chuckle
"You look... Amazing" he said looking at me..
I smiled and looked down
".. thank you, you look stunning as well" I said and he smiled..
"Wow.. this is one hell of a party" Sofia said walking towards us..
"Hey sof" Harry said and hugged her lightly
Her eyes widened and I smiled
"..hi.. hello sir" she waved nervously, Harry chuckled and snaked his hand around my waist
"When are you gonna get used to me Sof?" He asked looking at her
"Honestly.. I don't know" she said and we both laughed lightly..
"Anyways.. come with us, I'll introduce you to my friends" he said and she nodded.

We walked to the other side of the hall and moved towards a table, with Sofia behind.. a familiar short black hair came into view.. I smiled as I saw Livia hitting Olly's arm with pouted lips.. 
"Hey guys" Harry called gaining their attention
"Yo.. look who finally showed up, Aphrodite.. you look so damn hot, Hannah" Ollie said and Harry glared at him
"What I'm saying the truth" he defended
"Nice outfit Mrs Lee" Collins said and I nodded a thank you
"Your vacation did change you both" Alister said
I smiled and looked at Livia.
"My love you look so beautiful.. I love your dress" she said giving me a hug,
"You look amazing," she smiled and looked behind me.
"Uhm.. hello" she said with a little wave
"Hi.." Sofia waved back.. and all eyes moved to her
"Guys meet my baby's best friend Sofia, Sofia meet my friends.. Collins" Harry said pointing to Collins
"Nice to meet you Sofia" he said and she smiled
"Same here" she mumbled
"Alister" Harry said pointing to him
" Hi..I love your dress" he said and she mumbled a thank you
"Olivia.. or Livia" he said and Livia waved again
"And her crazy twin Oliver, or Ollie" he said.
"..h-hi.. " Ollie stuttered looking into her eyes
".. I'm single and you?" She asked as if in a trance.. 
"Ready to mingle" he blurted out and my mouth fell on the floor.. I looked around and everyone at the table had the same Expression..
"Uhmm.. oookay.." Harry mumbled..
"Why don't you have a seat Sof, dad wants to meet Hannah.. we'll be back in a bit" he said 
"Okay.. uhm come sit here, Livia move to that Chair" Ollie said
"Why?" Livia asked with a raised brow
"Please.. just move.. obey simple instruction for once in your life" he said.. she opened her mouth to speak but closed it back.. she frowned and switched seats.. 
"There you go.." ollie said pulling out the chair for Sofia.. 
"Thank you" she said with a smile
"You're welcome beautiful" he said and sat back down on his chair..
I shook my head and Harry smiled as we both made our way to his dad..
To be continued
Anna 👍

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