Crazy Hannah Episode 62


By Lady C (Lilianna)
Episode 62
Hannah's pov conts
We met Mr Lee talking with dad and mom, I couldn't help but notice his eyes darting to aunt Maya every once in a while..and she would give a shy smile in return.. okay.. am I hallucinating or what?..
We talked for a while and moved back to the tableIn a loose bun like mine.. and strands framing her face.. she was clad in the same dress as Sofia.. the only difference was the color.. hers was red and Sofias' was yellow..
"Damn she looks.. great," Collin mumbled.
"Yeah.. and hot" Ollie added.. while Livia frowned
"Hey guys" she chirped as she got to the table and slipped into the chair on Harry's side.. Livia shifted on her seat and focused on her phone.. Harry fixed his gaze on the table and I couldn't help but wonder why he suddenly became nervous
"Hey Nina.." Alister said
"Hi Nina.. long Time no see" Collins said raking her body with his eyes.. she rolled her eyes and Ollie took his lips into his mouth
"Hey Zi.. i didn't Know you were here already, I called your number but you weren't answering" she said looking at Sofia
"Really? .. " Sofia asked and brought out her phone
"Oh.. sorry, I must have mistakenly placed it on silent" she said apologetically.
"I thought as much.. you look great by the way" Nina said and Sofia smiled
".. you too" she replied with a smile
"..uhm, do you guys know each other?" Ollie asked darting his eyes from Sofia to Nina.. Nina snorted and sat up on her chair
"Hell yeah.. she's my twin, Zina" she blurted out
"What!" Livia, Collins, Alister and Ollie chorused
"She's my twin" Sofia reiterated
"And an annoying one at that" I mumbled and Livia chuckled, Nina glared at me and rolled her eyes
"I didn't know you had a twin?" Alister said clearly surprised
"That's because I never told anyone.. well except one person, we lost her some years ago in an accident.. but now we are back together" she said happily
"Wow" Collins mumbled
"Wait.. didn't Harry tell you guys" she asked and the trio shook their head, Livia behaved as though she wasn't listening.
I brought my glass to my lips, whilst glaring at Sofia with the 'i thought I told you to tie her up' kinda look
", you didn't tell them?" She asked placing her hands on his thighs I choked on my drink and started coughing.. Livia started patting my back and Sofia glared at Nina.
"Baby.. are you okay?" Harry asked tucking my hair behind my ears..
".. yes,.. I'm fine" I said and he sighed..
"I'll be back in a sec.. I think I saw someone I know" Livia said and stood up
"Hannah dearie are you okay?" Nina asked mockingly.. I looked away and Harry held my hand..
What is wrong with him, shy is he acting weird? I snapped my hand from his and looked away.
The soft music that was playing in the background, increased a bit.. I looked around and saw mom sitting with Mr Lee, dad, aunt Maya and some other Elites
Aunt Maya seemed to be in a deep discussion with Mr Lee.. I searched for my siblings and saw them sitting with their friends.. the twins haven't arrived yet.
"Uhm.. excuse me," I said and stood up, Harry held my hand before I could leave. I looked down at him with a raised brow."where are you going?" He asked
"To the restroom" I said simply, he nodded and relunctantly left my hand.
I moved out of the table and moved past Harry.. I suddenly tripped over something and was going facefirst on the floor, when I felt to hands on my waist..
He pulled me up and turned me to look at him
".. are you okay?" He asked looking at me
"Yes.." I mumbled and glared at Nina.. she snickered and I felt like ripping her apart.
"Come on.. let's go" Harry said as he took my hand and pulled me with him
".. are you hiding something from me?" I asked when we got out of the hall..
He gritted his teeth and ignored me
"Harry.. I'm talking to you" I said as we got to the rest room
".. no.. I'm not" he said looking at the stalls
"Yes.. you are, you can't even look in my eyes" I said looking at his face.. he shuffled his eyes and ruffled his hair,
"I'm not" he mumbled and opened his eyes
".. what was that about?" I asked not caring that we were arguing in the ladies restroom .
"What?" He asked
"You and Nina, I mean I don't understand why you become so tense and nervous whenever she's around.. and you've become so afraid to shun her whenever she's flirting with you, is there something going on between you both?" I asked
No response..
"I asked a question Harry!!" I yelled angrily.. I Know he doesn't like getting yelled at, but now I don't care.. he needs to tell me the truth, if there's anyway..
".. no, I don't have anything with Nina" he said rather calmly, staring into my eyes..
"Then what's going on?" I asked weakly..
"Nothing.. nothing baby, I don't have anything with Nina, I love you.. you are the one I love Hannah.. I'd never keep anything from you, and even if I do.. then you should know that it's for a good reason" he said softly
"So you're not hiding anything from me?" I asked calmly
".no.. no I'm not" he said and took my hand.

Another abridged episode 😉

To b continued

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