Crazy Hannah Episode 63


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)

Hannah's pov 
We made our way back to the hall.. and I frowned when I saw the twins already seated.. 
"Look what you caused.. I wanted to see them walk in" I mumbled to Harry.. he chuckled and led me to our table.. Evans was now seating beside Nina.. Harry pulled his seat out beside Nina and asked me to seat, I smiled and sat comfortably.. he pecked my lips and sat on my chair.. Nina rolled her eyes, the others smiled secretly and Evans took a sip of his wine..
"What did we miss?" Harry asked Livia who was now seating beside him
"A lot" Livia said and Ollie chuckled
"It's Time for the came cutting Hannah" Sofia said..
"Who made the toast?" I asked
"Your father in-law" Collins said and Nina huffed
I looked at the direction of the twins and smiled when Jodi saw me, she whispered to Josi and they both turned to look at me, they waved and I waved back.. I mouthed an Happy birthday to them and they mouthed back a thank you.
"Has Ollie performed yet?" Harry asked
"Yes baby" Nina muttered
"Who asked you?" Livia snapped
".. Harry did" Nina spat back
"If I remember correctly, he Didn't mention your name" Livia said icily
"And if I remember correctly, he didn't direct the question to a particular person" Nina threw back
"I thought you would have grown up mentally, but now I know that you only grew physically" Livia blurted out.. 
"Ouch" I muttered and sipped my wine.. Evans smiled and shook his head
"And I thought you would have moved on by now.. but I guess you're still stuck up in the past" Nina said
"Girls please.." Harry started
".. don't even think of it Harry, let me tell this girl the truth.." Nina snapped..
"Which is?" Evans asked obviously enjoying the show
"That her one sided love for Harry will never get her anywhere.. she didn't have him then and she'll never have him now.. she never got to feel how amazing it was to be his girlfriend or his lover" she said and I furrowed my brows
"And you did?" Ollie asked
"Yes.. I was his lover for years, I got to see and feel the side of Harry that she never did" Nina said with a stupid smile on her lips.. wait, did she just say lover?, Feel.. see?..
"You never dated Harry!.. you were just a friend and nothing more, we ..all know that!.. you was just so obsessed and infatuated with him, you tricked him into falling for your seduction and that led to your pre.." Ollie clamped his hand on Livia's mouth to stop her from completing the words.. 
What was she gonna say?..
I looked around the table and every one seemed so nervous.. are they hiding something from me? I looked at Sofia and she had a puzzled look on her face
".. led to what?" I asked swallowing the lump in my throat, Livia's eyes widened and she stared at Harry who was biting his lower lip.
"Led to what!" I asked a bit louder.. I looked at Nina, and she rolled her eyes
"It's nothing my love.. " Harry said holding my hand
"Are you sure?" I asked unsure
"Yes.." he said and kissed my knuckles
" look they are about to cut the cake" Alister said and stood up..
We all stood up and joined the others in singing the birthday song..they blew the candles and cut the cakes.. we presented the gifts and the twins were really happy.. they spent the rest of the day introducing their friends to Nicky who was obviously having a good time.. finally it was time to leave.. Nina left with her parents, since Sofia was spending the night with us.. we all exchanged goodbyes, and left afterwards...
*Three weeks later*
I hummed quietly to the song from the radio.. excited that I would be seeing Harry in the next few minutes... Although we met few hours ago at work, I got a text few minutes ago to meet him at the beach.. I wonder what he's doing there at this time.. I pulled up and slipped out of the car, the cool breeze blew on my face and i smiled.. I beeped my car and walked into the beach.. I smiled when I saw him standing, but my smile vanished when I saw a lady standing in front of him.. they seemed to be in a heated argument.. I moved closer and frowned when I saw that the lady was Nina.. what is she doing here? And what are they arguing about?..
I moved closer to hear what they were both saying..
"I love you why can't you understand?, I know you're just using Hannah okay.. so don't play smart with me" she said 
"I'm not using her.. " harry stated
"Then why didn't you tell her about my pregnancy? That you had your first sex experience with me, that you disvirgined me!!.. that you left when I was pregnant!!" She yelled and I gasped..
Pregnant?.. so this was it.. 
"You wanted to hide the truth from her didn't you!!.. you never wanted her to know about the pregnancy right??!!" She screamed and my head started spinning..
"Well guess what?" She said cutting him off..
"What?" He asked
"She just found out!" She yelled
"What do you mean?" He asked and she gestured to me.. Harry turned and his eyes widened.. 
"Ha .. Hannah?" He called as if unsure if I was real..
"Is she lying?" I asked afraid of the answer, I know I would break if he said yes.. he hesitated and nodded slowly
"Why?.. why didn't you tell me?" I asked as tears welled up in my eyes
".baby.. " he said trying to hold my hand
"Don't touch me" I said snapping my hand behind me
"My love, I'm.." he trailed off trying to hold me again
"I said don't touch me!!" I yelled and tears rolled down my cheeks..
"I'm sorry Hannah.. I wanted to tell you, I really wanted to.. but I didn't want to hurt you.. I thought that if I did.. then you'd get hurt.. " 
"I deserved to know .." I mumbled, barely able to recognize my own voice
"I deserved to know harry, you said not to hide anything, and I didn't.. but you.. all along you kept this from me and you had the guts to ask me to make a child with you?" I asked and he looked down, then it registered in my head
"Oh now I know.. you wanted me to have a child before you told me, because you knew that then I wouldn't be able to leave you right?.. it all makes sense now, no wonder you were so persistent on me having a child for you.. " I said and wiped my tears
"I'm so disappointed in you" I said and ran out.. ignoring his calls, how could he lie to me?.. he kept me in the dark all these while.. I deserved to know.. didn't I?.. I looked back and he was gaining in on me..
I rushed into my car and hastily drove out.. my head was aching, i feel so tired and bile was beginning to form in my throat.. I drove into the main road and increased my speed, my visions were blurry and no matter how much I cleaned the tears, they always came rolling down. The bile in my throat was beginning to Rise.. I pulled over and rushed to the side of the road, then released all the contents in my mouth.. after which I rinsed my mouth with the bottled water in my car.. I moved back into my car and shut the door, I fixed my seatbelt and broke down completely..
To be continued

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