Crazy Hannah Episode 64


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
Hannah's pov conts 
I punched, hit and yelled as much as I could.. i feel so hurt and heart broken.. why didn't he just tell me? At least I wouldn't have felt bad, well a little but not like how I'm feeling now..
My phone has been ringing for God knows how long, and I don't need a prophet to tell me who it was.
Bile started rising again, I rushed out of the car to the side, when I was done.. I rinsed my mouth and face.. my head is aching seriously, I moved into the car and drove straight to the house..
I drove in the garage and walked out after I beeped my car, the whole compound was silent, it was so quiet and only the soft sounds of the fountain could be heard. 
I opened the door feeling so light headed, I gently closed the door and turned to see mom and Sofia looking at me with worried eyes
".. thank goodness.. Hannah, I thought something happened to you, Harry called to ask if you were here, and.." she trailed off Making her way towards me. My head started spinning, I started feeling as though the house was moving around me.. I was beginning to loose my balance, I shut my eyes and held my head
"Hannah.. are you okay?"someone asked but I couldn't point out who she was..
"Mom.." I mumbled and darkness enveloped me..
Nina's pov
Wow!! My plan worked , earlier in I had managed to get Harry's phone and texted Hannah to meet him here, the minute I saw her. I moved into action and made sure she heard everything.. and I swear I love the outcome of the whole thing.
Harry ran after her and I followed him.. she rushed into her car and drove off.. Harry moved towards his and I moved to stop him. 
"She's gone Harry, she'll never forgive you.. so just forget about her and move on with me" I said blocking his way to his car
"Get out of the way Nina" he said trying to push me out
".. you love me Harry , I Know you do.. stop fighting your feelings for me already, I have waited for so long Harry.. I've missed you so much.. your touch, your kisses, everything.. don't you miss me my love?" I asked tugging on his shirt
"Tell me baby" I whispered and tiptoed to kiss him. 
"NO I DONT!!" He yelled as he grabbed my arms and pushed me roughly, I stumbled back and finally balanced well. I couldn't help but stare at him in shock, he has never pushed me like this before.. not to talk of yelling . 
".. I don't Miss anything about you, to be honest I regret ever accepting you that day, I regret ever accepting you as a friend, I regret ever wasting my time with you.. I thought you were a good friend, I neglected Livia because of you, because of you I hurt the first love of my life, I couldn't tell her about my feelings because of a mistake I had with you.. you came onto me in my most vulnerable condition, you knew I was still affected by my mother's death, you acted like a good friend and made me do something I'll always regret.. I told you I wasn't interested but you said it was just friends with benefits and no strings attached, you became pregnant and I never even knew, and now you're using it to ruin my life, I mean how is it my fault that you got pregnant?! You said you was on pills for crying out loud, you asked for it Nina.. but I didn't say anything, I was such an idiot that I never said anything!!.. I have been putting up with you for too long, and it's not because I love you.. but because I pity you.. 
But now you've gone too far, this isn't about Livia anymore, this is about Hannah, a woman I will always LOVE and CHERISH with my Life! A woman I was so sure I was going to spend the rest of my life with, and now I don't know if that's even going to be possible anymore.. and it's all because of you and your stupid obsession and one sided love!!.. I curse the day I met you Nina, I curse the day I disvirgined you!.. just so you know.. you were nothing but a total MISTAKE!!, Just pray she forgives me.. if not, be prepared to Live the rest of your life in hell on Earth... God help you if she doesn't" he said and rushed into his car.. oh my God!. That wasn't the Harry I knowHe's just bluffing? He wouldn't really hurt me would he?
*Next day*
Hannah's pov 
It feels like I was put into a deep sleep.. darkness encased me and I couldn't see or hear anything..I willed my eyes to open and after several attempts my eyelids slipped open.. and I was staring at a ceiling.. waiting for things to fall into place.. 
"She's.. awake" a voice said and I turned to see Sofia moving towards me.. mom sat up from the couch and smiled lightly.
I looked around and noticed I was on my bed in my room..
"How are you feeling?" Sofia asked sitting beside me..
".. not good" I said hoarsely and tried sitting up, mom rushed to my side and placed a pillow on the headboard and I rested my back on it.
".. my head's aching seriously" I mumbled and Sofia nodded.. she walked to the table and came back with some drugs and a glass of water
"Here" she said and handed me the glass.. I took the meds and dropped the glass on the night stand
"What happened?" I asked looking at the both of them, 
"..well, Honey.. you fainted last night.." 
"Fainted?" I asked cutting mom off
"Yeah.. you got us all worried, Eve lover boy" Sofia said and winked at me..
"Lover boy?" I asked confused
".. yes, harry..he was here last night, requesting to speak with you, I told him you fainted and he went all cray cray.. " she explained
".. I asked him to leave because From the condition you came back and how he was behaving, I knew there was something not right between you both.. of course he hesitated, but left some minutes past midnight.. well, after Sofia assured him that she'd text him once you're up" mom chirped in.. 
"I had to switch off my phone because he has been calling since 7 am, I don't even know how he got my number!" Sofia said raising her hands up.
"Please don't text him.. I don't want to see him for now" I mumbled
"Do you want to talking about it?" Mom asked, moving strands of hair from my face.. I nodded and Sofia stood up
"I'll just leave you both to.."
"No.. please, stay" I said 
She smiled lightly and sat back down
I sighed and looked at my fingers
".. Harry and Nina have a child together" I said and a tear rolled down my cheek
"What?" Sofia asked and mom gasped
"Yes.." I said and tears came rolling down my eyes. 
I then went ahead tell them everything I heard at the beach, by the Time am done.. my face is completely wet, Sofia breathed and mom rubbed her hands soothingly down my arm
"I don't think they have a child, I mean Nina is my sister, my twin.. I would know if she had a child, besides According to you .. you heard pregnancy not child" Sofia said
"What do pregnancies lead to?" I asked wiping my face
"Toads? The last time I checked it was children" I said and she shook her head
"And the last time I checked, pregnancies can be terminated or miscarried" she stated, I opened my mouth to talk but shut it back
"Hannah I really think you should hear him out first, that guy loves you, even Right from the moment he saw you, i know he should have told you, you deserved to know.. yes. But.. it's his past we are talking about here, maybe years before he met you even.. it's his past, he had the right to keep it buried and honestly I think if there was a 'child' Harry would have told you a long time ago" Sofia said and I bit my lips
"..honey. Sofia's right, you should hear him out, I know he loves you so much and would not hurt you intentionally.. he may have a good reason for not telling you.. why don't you let him explain and take your decision after then.. whatever decision you make, I'll always be here for you" mom said and I sighed
"Fine.. call him, I even miss him already" I mumbled and they both smiled sheepishly
"I'm hungry. I'll go get something to eat" I said and tried moving from the bed
"No.. no, I'll get you something to eat, just stay in bed and rest.. you need a lot of it now" mom muttered and Sofia nodded .. okay why are they acting weird?
Some minutes later mom Walked in with maids holding different trays , they set the dishes on the table and I moved to the couch.. within few minutes I had cleared the plates.. and moved to the Fourth, mom smiled and Sofia giggled.. I am so having a weight check tommorow at work.
"So ..when were you planning to tell us?" Mom asked suddenly
"About what?" I asked sincerely confused
"Oh.. don't play dumb with us Hannah.." mom said and Sofia nodded 
"Huh?" I mumbled
"What are you both rumbling about?" I asked looking at the both of them.. mom had a surprised Expression as she turned to stare at Sofia.
"She doesn't know?" She asked and Sofia shrugged
"You don't know?" Mom asked looking at me
"Know what?" I Asked and took my juice
"You're pregnant Hannah" mom stated and I spit my drink back into the cup.
Harry came few minutes after Sofia called, he looked really disoriented.. mom and Sofia left us to have some privacy and I went straight to ask him to explain.. 
I was relieved when he told me everything, and I was secretly happy that Nina lost the pregnancy.. what? Don't judge me..
And I mentally slapped myself for overreacting without waiting for his explanation .
I wanted to jump on him and kiss him.. then tell him I wasn't angry with him anymore, and also break the news about our baby . But I had other plans 😜
... So I pretended to be angry and sent him away.. he looked so heartbroken , I felt bad.. but I wanted to surprise him, I wanted to break the news to him in a grand way.. and I was going to do it.. so the moment he left , Sofia rushed into my room and helped me zip my dress..
"Don't forget .. follow him without his knowledge, once he's in his house .. break in and give him the new in a grand way.." she rushed
"Yes ma'am" I said and she giggled.
"That's my girl, now go make mama proud" she said and pushed me out of the room.. I giggled and rushed downstairs..
It was already getting dark, I followed Harry quietly on a safe distance, so he wouldn't notice me and spoil the surprise.. I couldn't help but notice how disoriented he was on the highway.. what is going on?.. he swerved to the left then to the right.. I frowned and fought everything in me not to call him.. and I couldn't help but feel that something bad was going to happen and it did.. right before my eyes a trailer collided with his car and it went stumbling down into the woods..
To be continued..

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