Crazy Hannah Episode 65


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
Hannah's pov 😭
I drove out of the highway and bolted out of the car, without bothering to lock the car.. I ran into the woods, as tears continued falling out of my eyes.. I got injured by branches and bushes, I didn't care about the pain.. neither did I stop to check how deep it was.. I ran with just one thing on my mind.. "Harry".. I sighted the car and ran towards it, my heart broke at the sight..
Harry is fine.. he's going to be fine.. positive thoughts Hannah.. I mumbled to myself.. I got to the clearing, and almost broke down.. when I saw the car turned upside down.. leaving the tires up.. the tinted glasses were broken and inside the damaged car , hanging upside down with the seatbelt suspending him was Harry..
"N-no.. no.. Harry, Harry" I stuttered and rushed to the side of the car.. I placed my two hands under the car and raised it up with all my strength.. when I was sure that it was balanced, I rushed to the driver's seat and jerked the door out of the hinges.. I quickly removed the belt and he fell out, I grabbed him and carried him to the clearing.. I placed him down carefully and broke down, when I saw his face filled with blood, 
"Harry.. my love.. I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry, i didn't mean for this to happen.. please forgive me" I said cupping his face between my palms.. I felt his pulse and felt like a knife cut through my heart when I felt nothing.. I checked again and again and again .. still nothing..
"No.. no.. no.. Harry you can't leave me, not now! Not ever!..come back to me!!, Harry!!.." I yelled and wrapped my hands around him..
".. look.. I'm sorry for being so stubborn, I'm sorry for asking you to leave.. you can scold me, punish me or anything, but." I said hitting his chest with each word.. 
"Harry!!.. I beg you, you can't do this to me.. to our child!.. I'm pregnant Harry, can you feel it?" I asked placing his bloodied hand on my stomach..
"Harry!!!" I cried hysterically and shut my eyes, whilst hugging him to myself..
Flashes of light affected my eyes and I slid them open.. and gasped at the sight.. I looked at Harry and saw small flakes which dissolved to sparkling dust, only they became so much bigger this time and enveloped the both of us like a shield, and filled us with warmth, suddenly they started moving in sync and rested on Harry's body, on instincts i moved my hands from his body and placed him gently on the floor, the sparkles covered him like a blanket and i could rarely make out his figure.. they all dissolved into his body and I sat there with no idea of what to do next.. holding my breath I moved towards him and checked his pulse again, hoping for a miracle.. I gasped when I felt it and quickly carried him, then ran out of the woods.. I placed him on the back seat and drove crazily to H.R.
"Stay with me Harry, please.." I said looking through the rare mirror.
"oh my God! What happened?" Dr lan asked rushing with the nurses as they rolled the stretcher into the elevator.. 
"..uhm.. I.. he, had an accident" I said hastily and rushed after the nurses..
He followed and he examined Harry's body..
"This is bad.. really bad.." he mumbled, I nodded shakily and glared at the numbers moving up.
"God!.. can this thing go any faster!" I yelled angrily..
"Calm down Hannah" he said..
We rushed out of the elevator and Evans walked out of the bend with his bag. His brows creased when he saw the nurses, me and Dr lan rushing towards the theater section he slowed down and moved his eyes from me to the strecher, his lips parted and his eyes widened. He quickly dropped his bag on one of the chairs and followed us..
" that Harry?" He asked behind me..
I nodded frantically, as fresh tears rushed down from my eyes..
"Nurse all the surgeons available in the hospital, tell them it's an emergency!!" Dr lan ordered, 
"Yes sir" she muttered and rushed out .
"The chairman is not going to like this" Evans mumbled and they all rushed into the ER, I moved in with them and the nurses started setting everything..
"Hannah you need to leave" Evans said placing his hand on my arm
"What?! Why?" I asked looking at him
"You are not in the right state of mind Hannah.." he said worriedly
"I'm fine!.. besides I'm a nurse and I'm needed here, so leave me alone and start working!!" I yelled..
"Evans is right Hannah.. you have to leave, besides you don't look good.. you've got injuries on your body, you need to have that checked" Dr lan said
"I'm not going?" I yelled. The door opened and all specialist rushed in.. including Nina.. I frowned when I saw her.. she gave me a puzzled look and turned to the stretcher, her eyes widened and her lips quivered, I felt like tearing her apart .. this is all her fault, 
"W- what happened?" She stuttered
"Are you asking me?!.. are you really asking me?!!.. " I asked and lunged at her.. but someone's grip on my waist stopped me .
"..let me go!.. leave me alone.. put me down, or I swear I'll kill you!!" I yelled trying to wiggle out of the grip.. I kicked his shin and he groaned but tightened his hold on me
"..Christ! Hannah..please calm down" Evans said trying to pull me out..
"Don't tell me to calm down!! Don't you dare tell me to CALM DOWN!!.. everything that's happened is because of her, she's the cause of everything.. if it weren't for her stupid obsession and one sided love.. he wouldn't be in this condition.. " I yelled
"Hannah I..." She trailed off
".. don't you dare call my name" I said coldly
"Don't you dare call my name!! You prostitute!!.. " I yelled and jumped out of Evans' grip I tried grabbing her again.. she flinched back and I felt his grip on my waist again
".. let me go!! Let me deal with this devil in human form!.. I hate you! I hate you with everything in me. You'll never know peace Nina, you'll always be miserable.. the pain I feel today.. you'll feel double of it... I curse you!! Just pray he gets out of this.. God help you if he doesn't.. I'll hunt you down and kill you slowly, even if it's the last thing I do!!!!" I yelled as he finally carried me out of the ER, 
"Please make sure she doesn't come in.. and please tend to her injuries.. " he said 
"I will" Lina said and took my hands, he rushed back into the ER ..
I rushed after him but Lina pulled me back
"Let me go Lina.. I don't want to hurt you please" I pleaded
"Hannah.. please, you need to wait here, I know how you feel, but if you go in there, they wouldn't be able to work properly and we don't want that do we?" She asked
"He's my life Lina" I said and palmed my face as fresh tears began falling out of my eyes.
"I know darling.. I know" she mumbled and hugged me, while I broke down completely on her shoulder
"He'll get through this, he loves you . He won't leave you.. that I'm sure of" she said rubbing soothing palms on my back.
Lina dressed my wounds and waited with me.. Mr Lee came rushing in with Mr Cha, he tried rushing in.. but was stopped by Mr Cha.. who pleaded with him to wait
"My son is in there and you're asking me to wait?!" He barked at Mr Cha
"Sir please, let's just wait here.. we can't distract them now" Mr Cha pleased.. the chairman sighed and ruffled his hair with his hands, something similar with Harry. 
He turned to my direction and his eyes softened
"Hannah.. dear what happened?" He asked 
I stood up and tears rolled down my cheek .
"It.. he.. had an accident, his car collided with a trailer." I said and started crying all over again, Lina stood up and hugged me whilst muttering sweet nothings into my ears.
He palmed his face and angrily hit his hands on the wall..
"Please calm down Sir" Mr Cha said
"Calm down? You want me to calm down when Ju Sung is in there?" He asked angrily
"I promised Fiona that I would take care of him.. I promised my wife Cha!.. and now I've failed woefully, if I had forced him to move with guards, if I had forced him to accept drivers then this wouldn't have happened.. what will I tell the girls, you already know how they feel about their mother, how do I break this news to them? Tell me!" He said 
Mr Cha sighed loudly and looked at me..
"You were with him at the time of the accident?" He asked and my heart skipped a beat, that was the question I never wanted to answer. How do I tell them that it all happened right in my eyes and I couldn't do anything to save him?.. I looked at Mr Lee and Lina, they both seemed interested to know as well..
So I told them the truth, skipping the pregnancy part and the surprise.. the last thing I want is for them to start worrying over me.. by the time I'm donewith my little story, I was already sobbing frantically..
Mr Lee stood up and walked towards me, I thought he was going to yell or even blame for everything, but instead he hugged me and patted my back soothingly..
"It's okay.. he's going to be fine.. okay?" He asked and I nodded shakily..
"Oh . Hannah.." I turned to see Sofia with her hands opened for a hug
I rushed into her arms and embraced her tightly
"It's gonna be okay baby, sssh.. stop crying it is not good for your health.." she whispered into my ears and I sniffled.. I pulled back and she wiped my face with her handkerchief. 
"Where is he?" She asked
"In the ER" I said hoarsely.. she gave a tight smile and pulled me to the chairs, she helped me sit and started asking Lina some questions.
Hours later Dr lan came out with Evans, the chairman rushed to him and Sofia squeezed my hand lightly..
"How was it? Is he okay?.. are there any damages?" He bombarded them with questions
".. well sir, he.. well" Dr lan stuttered
"Please come with us Sir" Dr Evans said and we all followed him to a large room, with an empty bed. And a large screen on the wall
"He was in a very critical condition.. it appears that the impact of the collision affected most part of his body, both externally and internally" Evans stated
"However.. after much efforts, we were able to stop the bleeding and reposition most of his fractured bones.. but I'm afraid to report that his spinal cord is totally broken and until we make a transplant.. he would be paralyzed" he said pointng to the screen where a broken spinal cord was on display.. Sofia gasped and I covered my mouth to muffle the sound of my sobs
"What?" Mr Lee mumbled
"There are other minor damages, but those have been taken care of." He said and Mr Lee breathed out
"So he's unconscious?" Mr Cha asked
"No.. he recovered from anesthesist quite quicker than we expected, he's actually asking to see Hannah and that's one of the reasons we came out, he would soon be transferred to the VIP section and we are still keeping our eyes on his vitals for any slight change" Dr lan answered
"Okay" Mr Lee mumbled
"So Hannah.. shall we?" Evans asked looking at me.. I nodded and Sofia gave me a reassuring smile before I walked out with Evans and lan to the ER.
The nurses had cleared up, leaving just me, Harry and Evans in the room.
"I'll be outside if you need anything" he whispered I nodded absentmindedly and he walked out..
The whole place was silent, except for the sound of the machine beeping steadily .
I walked to the only bed in the room and his face came into view, his eyes were closed and his body was still, with a bandage on his head.. if it weren't for the machine. I would have thought he was dead.. I moved to his side and caressed his face which was now stained free and spotless.. his eyes fluttered open and I smiled weakly..
"Hey.. " I mumbled
"Hi." He said almost inaudibly
"How are you feeling?" I asked
"..not too good" he mumbled and I smiled out tears.
"Don't cry.. please" he said and I nodded
"I won't" I said and wiped my eyes
"Baby..." He called 
"Mmmhh" I hummed moving his hair from his face.
"I'm sorry for everything I did, I never meant to hurt you.. I was just so scared that.."
"Sshh, my love .. it's okay" I said softly
"I'm not angry anymore.. I shouldn't have been, I wanted to tell you that I've forgiven you today and so I trailed after you . But then I don't know what happened, you started driving roughly and into an accident, " I said and he blinked
"Anyways there's something I want you to know" I said and gently took his hand which didn't have the IV, I placed it on my stomach and his brows creased
"I'm pregnant!" I said excitedly and his lips parted
"Really?" He asked looking into my eyes
"Yes" I said as tears escaped my eyes
"Oh my God.. I'm so happy, you don't know how happy you've made me Hannah.. I love you so much, you and our baby, I love you both so much" he said and a tear rolled down his cheek
"I love you too" I whispered and cleaned his eyes.
"Can I please get a kiss?" He asked, I smiled and nodded frantically.. I lent down and placed a soft kiss on his lips.
"I love you Hannah.. don't ever forget that" he said against my lips and immediately the machines start beeping faster.. I moved back and stared wide eyes at him. The door opened and Evans burst in with Dr lan..
"What happened?" Evans asked rushing to check his vitals
"I.. I.." was all that could come out of my mouth.. the beeping stopped and a straight line appeared
"Oh my God!.. no.. no, we have to get him back!" Dr lan yelled and nurses rushed in, I stood there as if in a trance and watched them use all sort of injections and methods to resuscitate him.. but nothing worked .. 
".. he's gone" was all I heard. I walked out of the ER with my heart totally shattered.. my legs felt as though it was chained with heavy metals.. I moved out of the hospital totally ignoring any calls.. I pushed and threw any one who came to stop me from leaving. I had just one place in mind and I didn't mind killing or harming anyone, who came in my path to stop me ..
I got to the beach and moved into the ocean until the water was up to my chest.. I looked around and the night breeze blew my hair wildly.
".. Nikita, daughter of Poseidon.. goddess ofThe ocean.. I need you!!" I yelled and waited but nothing happened
"I'm going to count to three, I know you can hear me.. if you don't show yourself then I'm going to drown myself and my baby in this ocean.. isn't that an abomination?!" I asked, suddenly the water started moving and a bright light appeared just in front of me... I couldn't help but shield my eyes with my hands because of the light.
"Open your eyes Hannah.." a voice like music said calmly and I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.. her brown hair was very long and stopped at her heels, her seagreen eyes were the most beautiful I've ever seen, her spotless skin was illuminated by the moon light.. her beauty was so surreal.. she was indeed a goddess
"I never thought that the first time I'd meet you, would be in a form of blackmail" she said and giggled sweetly
"Sorry" I mumbled and she smiled
"It's okay, I know it was for a good cause.. you want to save him don't you?" She asked and I nodded frantically
"Yes please" I said
"That is almost impossible Hannah" she said and I bit my lips
"But it isn't.. Please, I Know you can help me.. please, I love him so much, he means everything to me" I pleaded as tears started falling heavily from my eyes
"It won't be easy dear" she said
"Please.. I'll do anything, I'll give anything.. as long as you save him.. he's done so much for me, I can't just let him die... Please help me" I begged
"You have a special gift Hannah..." She said
"Huh?" I mumbled.
"Your powers is the most amazing in your lineage.. those sparkling dust don't just appear for no reason, they have the power to bring him back.." she stated and I smiled
"Really?" I asked 
"Yes.." she mumbled and I saw the hesitation in her eyes
"But..?" I asked
She smiled lightly and looked down, then darted her eyes back to mine
"But they would only work for a price you're willing to give" she stated
I hesitated and breathed loudly
"Which is?" I asked, hoping for the worst.
I rushed into the ER and saw the nurses about to move his body out.. I drove them out and shut the door behind me.. ignoring the banging and calls from the other side.. I moved to the bed and moved the white sheets from his body..
"I hope this works" I mumbled to myself and a tear slipped out of my eyes.. it rolled down my cheek and fell on his face.. I waited anxiously but nothing happened..
The bangs were beginning to get louder..
"I knew it" I mumbled and walked heart broken to the door. A bright light covered the whole room and I turned to see it radiating from Harry's body.. I smiled happily..
The door burst open, and the light disappeared..
"Hannah.. I Know how you feel but this isn't.."
Evans stopped talking and stared quietly at me
He turned and gasped.. 
"Dr lan.. come and see this!" He yelled and almost everyone rushed in.
They all gasped and Sofia looked at me, I smiled at her and she smiled back..
Evans and lan moved to work , while the rest of us waited outside.. I noticed Nina standing beside one of the other doctors, but I didn't say anything.. some minutes later they both walked out with huge grin on their faces..
"How is he?" Mr Cha asked 
"I.. wow, this is a miracle.. he's perfectly okay.. his vitals are all okay, his fractured bones are all completely healed, and what's more surprising is that his spinal cord is in perfect shape.."he stated
"Wow.. are you serious?" Mr Lee asked excitedly
"Yes sir, " lan replied
"Oh thank goodness.. thank heavens, I was about to collapse" Mr Lee said and everyone laughed
"So is he awake?" He asked
"No.. we sedated him so he could rest properly, and also heal completely.. he should be up by tommorow morning" Evans said and mr Lee nodded
"Thank you all so much, now I believe I have the best doctors in Korea" he said and we smiled
"We should thank Hannah instead whatever she did in there saved Harry" Evans said and all eyes automatically moved to me
"Yes.. that's true" lan added
"What did you do Hannah?" Mr Lee asked curiously
"Nothing... I just gave him a piece of my mind and threatened that I would get married and have children with someone else if he doesn't wake up and it worked" I lied and they all laughed
"Isn't love a good thing?" Mr Lee asked
"It is sir , when you're with the right person" Lina said and we all agreed
"I'll surprise you all when Harry gets better I promise" Mr Lee said and everybody smiled happily..
To be continued

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