Crazy Hannah Episode 66


By Lady C👄 (Lilianna)
Hannah's pov conts 
Harry was moved to the VIP Ward, I sat beside him and caressed his hands tenderly.. placing soft kisses on them every now and then. I played with his hair and kissed all parts of his face, even his lips..
"I am really happy that you're alive my love.. I'm so happy that you're not going to be paralyzed, now I can live knowing that you're safe.. I love you so very much Harry, please don't let your heart forget that" I said and kissed his knuckles.
"I wasn't able to save you then, but now I promise I'll always be here for you, I'll always be your secret angel.. okay?" I mumbled and tears rolled down my cheeks..
The door opened and Sofia walked in.
".. gosh, are you still crying?.. he's safe now Hannah.. why are you still crying?" She asked standing beside me with her hand on my shoulder
"Nothing.. I'm just happy... I guess" I said
"Hmm.. okay, anyways.. you need to eat and rest, it's past midnight and you haven't eaten.. do you want your baby to get hurt?" She asked and I shook my head
"But I'm not hungry" I mumbled
"You aren't, but your baby is.. come on you need a clean bath and alot of rest" she said holding my hand
"No.. okay, I'll eat and bath, but please I'll stay here with him.. " I said
"No you're not, you're going to sleep in one of the rooms and come back here in the morning" she said trying to pull me up
"No.. Please, you don't understand.. I need to spend as much time as I can with him.. this might be the last time I can get this close to him" I pleaded and she stopped
"What do you mean?" She asked..
I wiped my tears and looked away..
"Hannah...?" She called
"What did you do?"she asked
And I told her everything..
"Oh my goodness!, Okay.. I know this doesn't sound too reassuring, but I know he loves you so much.. you both share an amazing bond, I'm sure it won't happen" she said and I smiled tightly
"I hope it doesn't" I said..
*Next morning*
Evans walked into the ward with the other doctors, Mr Lee, Mr Cha, Sofia, Lina, Nina and the twins..
"Unnie!" They chorused and rushed to hug me.. 
"My babies.. how have you been?" I asked hugging them both
"Great" Josi said
"Cool" Jodi said and I smiled
"Unnie what about you?" Jodi asked
"We heard what happened with oppa, so we were wondering how you are doing" Josi added
I smiled and nodded
"I'm okay, he's safe now.. so I feel much better" I said and they smiled.
I looked up to see the others smiling at us..
"Good morning Sir" I greeted the chairman
"Good morning dear, how are you?" He asked
"I'm very fine, thank you" I replied
".. okay, he should be awake in few minutes, we are just going to check his vitals and run some random tests to Know if he's still in danger or not" Evans said and I mumbled an okay.. I stood up and placed a lingering kiss on his lips.. 
"I love you" I mumbled and sat beside his body on the bed.. few minutes later, his hands started moving, and his lashes fluttered open
"This is it" I thought to myself
"He's awake" Josi yelled
"Yeeeyhh" Jodi said excitedly
His eyes squinted shut for a split second, he slowly opened them again and looked around, his eyes met mine and widened he quickly sat up and moved away..
Okay this wasn't the kind of rejection I was expecting
"Who are you?" He asked glaring at me like I was the devil herself.
I sighed and stood up from the bed, the others furrowed their brows, they all looked confused except Sofia of course.
"What do you mean who she is oppa?" Josi asked glaring at Harry
"She's your girlfriend, don't you remember?" Jodi asked with her hands on her hips 
"What?.. girlfriend?" He asked with his eyes wide open
"Uhh durhh, jodi just said that" Josi said folding her hands on her chest.
"Okay what is going on?" Mr Lee asked
"I don't.. I don't know" lan stuttered
"Uhmm.. Harry do you know me?" Evans asked walking towards the bed 
"Of course I know you, you're that show off doctor that studied in the states with Nina" he stated and the doctors started chuckling
".. okay, but do you know my name?" He asked
Harry scoffed and rolled his eyes 
".. your name is Evans okay, can you guys just stop this interrogation? Mr Cha please come and get me out of this bed, I need the comfort of my house" he stated 
"Okay sir" Mr Cha said and moved to Harry's side on the bed
"Uhm.. sir, please just to be sure.. do you know everyone in this room?" Dr lan asked
Harry glared at him, then sighed and looked around.. his eyes fell on me and he rolled his eyes then looked away
"I know everyone in this room, except for that one ..." He said pointing at me, I bit my lips hard to stop myself from crying
"Even me ?" Sofia asked pointing to herself 
"Ugh!! Aren't you Zina? Nina's twin? Why are you guys acting weird today, you all need treatment.. all of you, including you both" he said pointing to the twins.
"..oppa, so you don't remember Hannah?" They chorused.
"Who's Hannah? Is she your Nani or what?" He asked scratching his hair, 
"No.. she's your girlfriend, she's Hannah" Jodi said and pointed at me
"She?. My girlfriend?.. not possible, she's not even my type" he stated 
"Infact let's go Mr Cha before you contaminate their mental breakdown" he said and walked towards the door with Mr Cha who gave me an apologetic look..
"Oh.. I'll need guards and new maids dad, " he said stopping in front of his dad
"O..okay" Mr Lee stuttered and he smiled
"Nina darling, I'll see you later okay?" He said and she just stared at him with her eyes wide open..
He walked out and I rushed out as well, I don't need any body's pity.
I knew this would happen, but I never thought it would be this painful.. 
Flashback 🕰 
"Which is?" I asked.
"He would loose every single memory of you, and he would never remember having a relationship with you, he would forget about your name and everything that concerns you" she stated and I swallowed
"But.. if your bond is strong enough, if truly he loves you with all his heart, then he wouldn't forget, so tell me are you willing to sacrifice this to save him,?" She asked calmly
"Do you want him alive without any memory of you, or do you prefer him to die with you in his heart?" She asked again..
"..I.. i want him alive" I said and a tear slipped down my cheek
"Very well then, you can go. Just a drop of your tears on his face and he'll be back.. hopefully with his complete memory" she said and disappeared.
End of flashback 🕰 
Does this mean that he never truly loved me?.. anyways I don't care if he did or not, as long as he's alive I'm okay.. even if he changes towards me.. I would still love him so much.
Anonymous POV 👅
"Did you see her face?.. it was so hilarious.. I almost lost it in there.." I said and he frowned
"Are you serious? You're not being fair, you know" he said with a frown and i chuckled
"Okay sorry, but I just can't help it.. she deserves it you know" I said and he shook his head
"You do know that she's pregnant, don't you?" He asked
".. Yes, I do.. I just told you didn't I ?" I asked and rolled my eyes
"Don't you think it's bad for her health?" He asked
".. nope" I popped and he eyed me.. I laughed and walked into the house..
To be continued

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