Crazy Hannah Episode 67


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
Hannah's pov 
stopped in front of the mansion and rushed out of the car, then threw the key to one of the guards standing outside.
I dashed into the house and raced to the stairs, ignoring the maids and their greetings..
I ran into my room then shut the door, i leaned my back on it and finally let my tears out.. I slipped down weakly and wailed tiredly, why does it hurt so much? I knew this would happen, but why do I still feel this hurt?.. my heart is totally shattered, I feel so empty.. but still I'm happy that's he's alive.. but what would happen to my baby?.. how can I survive this? How can I live without him by my side?.. how can I live with the fact that, he no longer has even a single memory of me?.. and what's worse.. he no longer feels the same way with Nina.. he's practically seeing her as a friend or even more?.. why didn't he remember me, did he really not love me? Huh?
I brought my legs to my chest and buried my face in my thighs and cry my eyes out..
"Hannah.. wake up darling" someone said tapping me lightly, but I couldn't figure out who it was. I rolled on my bed and slowly opened my eyes
"Mom?" I called, as I saw her staring down at me with a smile
".. it's 7 in the evening Hannah, you need to eat.. you can't starve yourself now.. it's not good for the baby" she said and moved to the center of the room.. she walked back to the bed with a tray in her hands.. I sighed and sat up on the bed.. wait bed? How did I get here, i remember crying with my back on the door.. 
".. Sofia called me, I figured you came here, so I came home and saw you fast asleep on the floor and I transferred you to the bed" she said as if reading my mind
My mouth formed an 'o' and she sat on the bed, facing me.. 
I finished the food and kept the tray on the side table..
"We'll have to book an appointment with one of your doctor friends concerning the pregnancy" mom said moving my hair from my face, I sighed and bit my lips
"I think it's better if I..." I stopped myself and looked away.. she's going to certainly kill me if I complete the sentence
"If you what?" She asked calmly
I meet her eyes and instantly look away
"Nothing" I said shaking my head
She placed her index finger on my chin and turned me to face her
"Tell me Hannah, I'm your can tell me anything" she said and I looked down at my fingers
"If I terminate it" I whispered hoping she didn't here me, but when I look up to see her horrified look, I'm certain that she did
"..what?" She breathed out 
"I can't help it mom.. didn't Sofia tell you what happened? He didn't even recognize me, he has no memory of me or me telling him I'm pregnant, he doesn't even know my name.. he doesn't even care a bit about me" I said and started sobbing again.
"What Will I do or say when people ask me about the father of my child oh I Know 'he's Ju Sung Lee, but he has no knowledge of our we met or about our relationship, oh and he doesn't even know my name or about this pregnancy'" I state and mom laughs as tears rolled down her cheeks.. I smile out tears as she pulled me in for a hug.
".. it's okay Hannah.. 
It's gonna be okay" she said and pulled back.
"Let me ask you just one question Hannah" she said and adjusted on the bed
"Do you still love Harry?" She asks
"With all my heart" I reply almost immediately
"Good. If you really love him as you claim, then keep this child, Harry has done a lot for you, consider this as a way of showing your love for him, let this child be a reminder of the love you both shared, besides who knows he might miraculously regain his memory back and ask of the child, What will you tell him then? That you terminated the pregnancy because he couldn't remember you?" She asked
".. I don't know.." I mumbled and cleaned my eyes
"Think about it my love and do whatever you think is best for you" mom said with a smile
"I need to check on Nicky now, you can come down whenever you feel like, I'll make some cupcakes for you" she said and kissed my head
"Thanks Mom.. I love you " I said and she smiled
"Awwn I love you more, and you too baby girl" she said looking at my stomach
"Mom.." I whined and she chuckled
"I'll leave you to bathe and do whatever you want to do yada yada " she said and walked out.
I sighed as the door closed.
Maybe she's right, maybe I should keep this baby, right?
Next day**
So I decided that I would keep the baby, I don't care what anyone would say, and I Don't care about being a single parent,.. and I've also decided to be happy, as long as Harry is alive and well.. then I see no reason to be sad and besides, I don't need any complications with this pregnancy, mom is going to kill me if something happens to it.. 
I had woken up quite late today, although I slept early.. I guess it's because of the pregnancy.. wow.. I'm an expecting mother, how sweet..
I stepped out of the elevator and walked towards my office, I opened the door and walked in.. I looked towards Sofia's/ Zina's table and saw her bag on her chair..
I flopped down on my chair and dropped my bag on the floor beside me.
I shuddered and suddenly started feeling so cold, really cold.. I got up and moved to the AC, I turned it off and switched on the heater..
I moved back to my seat and started going through a file.
The door opened and Sofia walked in with a huge grin on her face.
"There's the soon to be Mom!" She yelled walking over to my table and placed the two polythene bags on the desk.
"Morning to you too" I said and rolled my eyes
"Awwn.. pregnancy hormones already?" She cooed and i frowned
"No it's not!" I snapped
She giggled and nodded
"Whatever you say mummy" she said feigning a baby's voice.. I glared at her and turned to the bags
"What are those?" I asked
"Oh.. they are for you" she said bringing out several plates from the bags
"Me??.." I asked pointing to myself, the last time I checked.. my birthday was April, and we are in July
"Yep.." she popped and continued arranging the plates
"Why?" I asked eyeing the dishes
"Uhm.. because you're pregnant obviously, and you'd need to eat a lot, these are your favs anyway.. so just grab your spoon, or chopsticks and dig in.. make sure you finish everything.. cause agama eyes on you" she said pointing her two fingers at my eyes, then at hers
And I can't help but laugh
"I thought it's supposed to be 'I got my eyes on you?'" I asked as I picked my spoon
"Whatever now eat up" she said and moved to her seat
"Yes ma'am" I said with a chuckle and started eating..
Sofia's pov 
I watched with a smile as she finished the second plate, my phone buzzed and I looked at the screen and smiled at the name.
I looked at Hannah to make sure she wasn't staring at me
*Hey.. how did it go?* He asked
*Mission was successful boss 😁* I replied
*Good. So is she eating now?* He asked
*Yep, like a pregnant woman that she is.. she's gonna weigh times four, even before she gets to the sixth month* I replied
"This is good.." she said and I snapped my head to look at her.
"Uhh. Yeah, It is" I mumbled 
"What are you doing anyway?" She asked with her mouth full
"Uhm.. n-nothing, i.. I'm just chatting with someone" I stuttered and she raised her brows.
"Ollie?" She asked after swallowing her food
"Yes" I lie
"Wow.. that's nice" she said with a smile
"Yeah.. it is, now continue your food and stop talking woman" I scold and she chuckled and took the bottled water.
When she continues with her food, I face my phone and there's another message already
*it's better that way, I don't want any complications, I wish I was there to watch her eat* he said and I smiled lightly
*I can take her pictures if you want* I suggest
*Yes please, that would be great* he replies.. so I switch to my phone camera and take her two pictures without her knowledge.. 
"Hey Hannah, I think there's something on your face" I said and she turned to look at me
"Really? Where?" She asked and I quickly took a pic.. she frowned and glared at me, I took another and cooed at her, she smiled involuntarily and I snap another. And quickly sent them to him. 
"What was that for?" She asked glaring at me
"Pre- mother pictures" I said and she gaped at me
"Huh?" She mumbled
"What?" I asked with a smile, knowing what she was going to say next.
"That is not a word Sof, pre- mother.. where did you get that from?" She asked
"Sofia's dictionary.. why am I even talking to you? Finish already" I said and she shook her head, but continues eating anyway
*Wow* he said
*.. thanks for everything, please keep an eye on her, I don't want her doing anything stressful, and please don't let her walk out Alone.. I don't want her tripping over something or any of that.. and lastly, take her to Lina, so she can get drugs and start up with her antenatal and all*
*Okay sir* 
*Thanks Sof.. I owe you alot* he said and I smiled
*It's nothing* I text back and I mean it
*Okay, I'll call to check on her later* he said
I started feeling sweaty all of a sudden.. I looked at the AC and frowned 
"Don't tell me you turned off the AC" I said looking at Hannah
"I had to, I feel so cold" she said
Hannah's pov 
I walked down the hall and take a bend, I can't believe Sofia.. why is she being so overprotective? She didn't even let me go for the surgery, with the notion that I don't need stress, she kept acting like an assistant all day.. to the extent of running from her desk to pick my pen when it just fell on the floor beside my legs.. I'm still surprised that no one came to call me, maybe Harry removed me from his team.. I just hope he didn't.
Anyways back to what I was saying, Sofia is starting to act like a Granny, she even insisted on walking me to Lina's office when she had surgery to carry out, can you imagine?!, And I'm just one month gone, I can't even imagine how she'll behave when I'm in my seventh month, granted I appreciate everything she's doing, and I know it's all because she loves me but still..
I walked past the children section and suddenly remembered Jumik, I really miss the little princess, but I'm happy she's out of this place.. she was discharged a week ago.
I stepped into the elevator and just as it's about to close a hand blocks it and it opens again, Evans stepped in and the doors closed.
"Oh hey Hannah" he said with a little smile
"Hi.. Evans" I said with a tight smile
"How are you doing?" He asked
"I'm.. good, I'm okay" I mumbled whilst looking around
"Okay" he said and silence filled the elevator, gosh.. this is so awkward
"So how are you?" I asked trying to lessen the tension
"I'm okay.. I guess" he said with a shrug
"Okay" I muttered and focused on the numbers moving up
"I'm sorry about Harry" he blurted out and I bit my lips
He's the first person to say that.. and I honestly didn't expect him to be, seeing the way I pushed him to the side, because of Harry.
"Uhmm. It's okay, it was bound to happen anyway . I'm just glad he's alive" I said 
"Even though he doesn't remember you?" He asked
"... Yeah" I breathed out and blinked my eyes to keep back the tears, that were threatening to spill
".. I'm sorry" he said.
" it's okay, I guess" I mumbled and he sighed
"Sorry I didn't tell you about me and Harry before, I was going to but it just slipped out of my mind.. I'm so sorry" I said and the steel doors opened at the last floor, and we stepped out
".. it's okay, although I was a bit hurt when I found out, but it's okay, my feelings are still the same for you though, just so you know" he said and winked. I smiled and streched my hand
"So friends?" I asked with a smile
"We've always been friends, but if you insist" he shrugged and took my hands but didn't shake it, instead he pulled me into a hug and I gasped in surprise.. I pulled back and he smiled...
"Sorry, I couldn't resist" he said and I couldn't help but smile as well.
"Hey!" We both turned and my smile vanished
Harry's pov 
I thought she was resting in her office, I never knew she was here smiling at this.... Evans.
Her smile vanished and her lips parted slightly, Evans remained unfazed.. I frowned and took my lips in my mouth
"..don't you both have work to do?" I asked glaring at Evans
"Uhm.. well, har.. I mean Sir, it's not what you think" she said waving her hands
"Oh really, then why were you both hugging? Huh?..don't you know this is an organization?.. you're supposed to be res.. working and not playing love in the hallway" I stated, I feel really terrible for this.. but I just have to carry on the pretense for few more days..and everything will be sorted out
"I..we ." she trailed off
"Don't speak to her that way Harry" Evans said.. oh what the heck is wrong with this guy? He should be happy I'm not talking about his audacity to hug my woman.. but instead he's here trying to be the jerk that he already is.
I rolled my eyes at him and turned to Hannah.
"You.. I want you in my office in ten seconds, don't keep me waiting" I said and walked into my office.
To be continued

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