Crazy Hannah Episode 68


By Lady C 👄(Lilianna)
Harry's pov 
I sat on my chair and smoothened my hair.. I looked the screen of my phone and licked my lips. The door handle twisted and I quickly dropped my phone and picked a file..
Hannah walked in and slowly walked to the front of the desk.
"Good morning sir" she greeted and I hummed a reply.. pretending to be busy with the file.
I said nothing for the next few minutes and I swear I could feel her gaze on me, I rolled my eyes from the file to her face and caught her staring, she blinked and looked away.. she bit down on her lips and her eyes became glossy. She's trying not to cry, and I can't stand it..
I cleared my throat and looked down on the file
"..are you okay?" I asked sternly, trying to hide all emotions
"..y-yes Sir" she stuttered shakily
I sighed and looked up at her face.
"I thought I asked you to not call me Sir.. I don't understand why you are so stubborn Hannah, is harry, Ju Sung, baby or oppa that hard to pronounce?" I asked glaring at her.. her eyes widened and shock was written all over her.. why is she acting.. oh no!.. what did I just say?..
"..uhm.. I mean pronounce the sir properly, in fact, you know what?" I asked and continued without waiting for her response.. 
"Go and arrange the books on that shelf, I can't think properly.." I said pointing to the shelf at the right side of the office.. 
"Okay.. Sir" she said with a little bow and walked to the shelf, I watched as she moved her fingers to her cheek.. I hope she isn't crying.. I sighed and picked my phone up.. I went to my gallery and looked through the pictures for the tenth time, i made a mental note to thank Sofia again.
I looked through the pictures and no matter how many times I look, each appear more beautiful than the former, I laughed when I got to the one she pouted her lips, while looking at Sofia, I smiled when her beautiful smile came up in the next picture.. and decided to use it as my lock screen, I already used the picture we took in Dubai as my home screen, and I don't have any plans of Changing it soon.
"I'm done sir" her voice interrupted my thoughts and I nodded.
"Okay, uhm.. I need you to arrange these files, alphabetically" I said pointing to the files on my desk. She nodded and started immediately, I watched every move she made, and the expressions on her face and when she looked at me through her lashes, I didn't look away.. she swallowed and hastened her movements, probably in a hurry to Leave.. in the process, some of the files fell on the floor and we both docked to pick it simultaneously, causing our fingers to brush against each other. I slowly moved my hand over her shaky hands and carresed it lightly.. she looked at my face and our eyes locked, I should have looked away, I should have stood up and sat back on my seat but I didn't, I licked my lips and watched as her lips parted slightly.. sooooo tempting.
Putting all thoughts aside, I leaned closer to her until our lips were almost brushing, her already closed eyes fluttered open and she hurriedly covered her mouth with her palm, I moved back and furrowed my brows, 
"Sorry .. I.." she stopped and stood up with her hand clasped over her mouth, she rushed to the left side of the office (which is the bathroom), I rushed towards the bathroom and saw her throwing up in the toilet.. I moved to her side and packed her hair up.. then started rubbing her back.. when she was done, she moved to the sink and rinsed her mouth properly..
She walked out slowly and turned to look at me when I closed the door
"I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to.."
"It's okay" I said cutting her off.
"Have you seen Lina?" I asked taking my seat
"Huh?" She asked
"Uhm.. i.. I mean if you're ill, you should meet a doctor, and Lina is your friend.." I mumbled
"She's a gynecologist" she stated.
"So?"I asked
"..uhm, well.. nothing" she said and continued with the files.
"Just leave them, seat on the couch and go through this" I said handing her a pregnancy magazine. Her cheeks flushed and she gaped at me.
".. I.. I don't have another magazine to give you, it's the only one here, so just sit and read" I said and she moved to the couch and started reading, she became so engrossed in it and soon fell asleep on the couch.. I smiled and moved over to lay her properly on the couch, I closed the magazine and knelt down in front of her, I moved her hair behind her ears and stared at her face for some time, she looked so Serene like an angel that she is.. 
"You look so beautiful my love, I'm sorry for putting you through this.. but you'll understand when the Time comes, I promise" I said and kissed her Palm,
"I love you Harry" she mumbled in her sleep, I smiled and placed a lingering kiss on her lips
"I love you Hannah" I whispered and moved my hands to her tummy, 
"Baby.. I'm sorry for making mummy sad okay, I promise I'll be with you both soon, I love you so much and I can't wait to hold you in my arms, little girl.. don't stress mummy okay, she's really sad now.. but I promise to make her happy okay?" I said and kissed her stomach.. I smiled and moved back to my seat.



Sofia's pov 
We all took our seats in the meeting room, by we.. I mean all doctors who helped when Harry had that accident, which was two days ago but now feels like a year ago.. I must admit, i find it too hard to believe that someone who was involved in such a fatal accident and was confirmed dead is sitting just few chairs from mine, with a lollipop in his mouth, with his phone on his hands playing a game?.. this pretense is really something.. Hannah sighed beside me and I turned to look at her.. she was resting back on the chair with her eyes slightly closed. Lina on the other hand was busy smiling as she chatted away on her phone.. and my sister?.. Nina was sitted beside me her posture just like Hannah's but her eyes were fully open, the other doctors were all either busy chatting or looking around, Evans however was tapping his fingers on the long desk.
Finally the door opened and the chairman walked in with his guards.. we all stood up and greeted.. he replied cheerfully and sat down.
We took our seats and waited for him to begin the meeting.
"I Know you all must be wondering why I called for this emergency meeting, right?" He asked and we nodded
"Well first of all, I want to thank you all for your help regarding what happened the other day.. honestly I'm truly proud of you all for your efforts and time" he said and stopped to look at our faces..
"Now for the main reason why I called you all.." he said and flicked his fingers, the guards all moved and started placing envelopes in front of us..
"Those envelopes, contains your flight tickets and other necessities for your flight" he stated 
"Huh?" Hannah mumbled
"Flight?" Dr lan asked holding the envelope
"Yes.. you're all going to Singapore for a retreat, I told you I'd surprise you.. now you all can go back to whatever you were doing and prepare for the trip, your flight leaves tomorrow morning, enjoy yourselves for two days and come back refreshed.. we have come to the end of the meeting, I wish you all a safe trip" he said with a smile and walked out, leaving us dumbfounded, well all of us except Harry.. who had a huge grin on his face..
To be continued

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