Crazy Hannah Episode 69


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
Hannah's pov 
Singapore?,.. as tempting as this sounds I'm going to pass.. there's no way I'm going on that retreat, I'll just tell the chairman, that I can't make it.
I stood up and moved to the door, and waited for some doctors to move out of the doorway.
"Oh my gosh! Bes this is AWESOME!" Sofia or should I say Zina squealed excitedly
"Yes, I've only been to Singapore once.. but the experience was remarkable, I love everything about it, they've got the best santai on the island and lots of fun places, plus there's this.."
"I'm not going" I stated cutting Lina off.. they both gaped at me for seconds, as if digesting what I just said
"What?" They finally asked simultaneously
"Becau...." I stopped and moved out of the way for people to pass
"Because I don't want to " I state
"Why!" Lina asked.
"Because I don't feel like?" I mumbled with a shrug
"And why don't you feel like?" Sofia asked raising her brows
I don't even know, I just don't want to go.
"I don't know" I said raising my hands in the air
"Mmmh" Lina sighed
"You're coming Hannah, " Sofia said staring into my eyes
"Well, too bad you're not the boss of me" I said with a smirk and she rolled her eyes
"You're right, she's not, I am." My body instantly froze at the sound of Harry's voice..
"Get your things ready, we leave by 10am, don't be a minute late" he said and walked out with his hands in his pockets and a lollipop in his mouth.
I swallowed when he closed the door behind him..
I nearly went blind because of the huge grins on their faces.
"I'm not going" I grumbled
Next day*
We all arrived at the airport and moved to first class.. which was really wow by the way.
After few hours we arrived at Singapore and a private bus took us from the airport to our suites 
It's a really Large compound and looks really nice on the outside. 
Most parts are made of glasses, 
"Whoa..." Sofia mumbled
"Isn't it exclusive?" Lina asked leaning over to look out the window
"..yes, it is" I muttered
The bus stopped and we all alighted, I and the girls moved to the side of the bus to take our bags. 
Which we ended up tugging and tugging, 
"Seriously?.. why is this so difficult?" Sofia grumbled and tried pulling it out again
"Let me" I turned to see Evans walking towards us, he was dressed casually and honestly I think he looks more handsome today.. he was clad in black trousers, a white shirt and leather jackets.
He shoved Sofia gently out of the way and with in few seconds he brought the three boxes out.
"Thank you" we chorused, I adjusted my sweater on My arm, and balanced my handbag on my shoulder..
I made to take my box from him, but he moved back
"Don't worry I'll carry it" he said with a smile, Sofia raised her brows and Lina chuckled.
"I'm taking it Hannah and if you refuse, I'll carry you too" he said and I opened my mouth 
"Uhm.. okay, you can..."
"Give it back to Hannah" Harry said cutting me off
"Why?" Evans asked
"Because it's hers, this is a retreat not a couples vacation okay, she doesn't even want you to help her, or do you Hannah?" He asked moving his gaze to me
"..I, ..well. he.." I stuttered
"See, now give it back.. what am I even saying, give it to me, I'll take it myself" he said and shoved the box from Evans.. 
He glared at him for a sec and walked away with my box and his..
"Huh.. what Just happened?" Lina asked
"I don't know" I mumbled
We finally moved into the suite and started looking for our rooms
Sofia later found mine beside Harry's.
To be continued

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