Crazy Hannah Episode 70


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
Hannah's pov 
"Are you sure we are in the right place?" Lina asked looking around the floor, which was the last
"I think so.. I mean that's Hannah's name customized on the door, isn't it?" Sofia asked squinting her eyes at the metal plate with my name on it
"Yes it is" I mumbled
"But there are just two rooms in this floor, which is yours and Harry's" Lina said pointing to the door opposite mine.
"So it seems" I mumbled with a sigh
"Are you sure you can cope? I mean he doesn't seem to remember you, and you both kinda had a thing then.. are you sure you can live with him just few feets away from your door?" Lina asked quietly
I don't think I can, I'm totally exhausted, shattered and broken.. I don't think I can cope, I might just dash into his room and do something stupid.
"Yes.. it's only for two days right? It's not a big deal" I lie
"Okay.. anyways I've been thinking of this awesome way for him to get back his memory, " she said excitedly
"Huh?" Sofia mumbled
"Really?" I asked at the same time with Sof
"Yeah.." she replied, and just stared at me with a smile on her face 
"Well.. go on, what do you think?" I asked impatiently
".. I think we should coax him to a quiet place and hit him hard on his head with something really solid, I would have suggested rod, but wood is better" she said and I blinked
"Tell me you aren't feeling well" Sofia said touching her neck
"... I'm fine, it was just a suggestion okay, " she said raising her hands in the air
Honestly, for a minute I was tempted to agree to her crazy plan, but it obviously wouldn't end well.. 
"Whatever.. Anyways, Hannah we'll be in our rooms, if you need anything don't hesitate to call, I just need to freshen up real quick" Sofia said 
"Okay, no problem.. I'll see you both later, bye" I said and they both turned to leave, the minute they move down the stairs.. I walked into my room and set my clothes and everything I had properly.. whilst in the shower, I couldn't help but reminisce over the happenings with Harry, sometimes he makes me feel distant from him and other times, he makes me feel like he's back with me, his attitudes lately is something else, this moment he's arrogant, the next he's caring, if he isn't angry with me, he'll be smiling, then he'll start acting like a jerk and later, he'll act like he wants me close, then he'll be leaning in to kiss me.. everything is just so exhausting and confusing...
I moved out of the bathroom and walked Into the closet, and for a moment I feel like someone is in the bedroom.
"Hello?" I called wearing my bralette
"Is someone there?" I asked when I didn't get a response.. quickly, I threw on a yellow floral gown and walked into the bedroom.
I look around but didn't see anyone.. and everything was in the same place I left them, I guess I was Just imagining things, I thought to myself and packed my hair in a ponytail.
I shoved my legs into my white flip-flop and moved to the table to get my phone and that's when I saw it, I guess It wasn't my imagination then..
Beside my phone was a pack of different chocolates, a gift card and a bouquet of flowers.. I looked around for a bit and leaned down to pick the flowers, they were all fresh and beautiful, the fragrance itself was to die for.. but who brought this?. 
I looked around again but didn't see anyone, I guess there's only one way to find out. My eyes darted to the card and I picked it up.
'just as the heavens remain forever, so will my love for you last forever 💗' I read the text over and over again and for some crazy reason I felt contented, I felt at peace within myself, why I don't know.
But who brought this? I think it's Evans, It definitely can't be harry, or is he?.. I don't think so, he's probably busy with Nina downstairs and he sure has important things to do, he doesn't even care about me. Right? 
Harry's pov 
"What?.. no way" Nina said rolling her eyes
"It would be fun.. come on just few games and that's all" Lina said 
"Who plays games because of food?" Lan asked
"Exactly my point" Nina mumbled..
"Oh hey Hannah" Sofia said looking towards the stairs, causing all eyes to look at Hannah, she looked really amazing in that dress.. she's just so beautiful and she doesn't even try to be.
Everything about her is just so.. perfect.
"Wow" Evans muttered from his side of the couch, causing my attention to move to him.
He met my gaze and gave a smug grin, I frowned and glared daggers at the idiot.
She moved over to the couch Sofia, Nina and Evans were sitting on.. the only space left was beside Evans and when she moved to sit there, I cleared my throat and shifted uncomfortably on my seat, she sat down and covered her knees with the gown.. Evans leaned closer to her and whispered something in her ear, she smiled shyly and blushed, seriously?..
"So Hannah we wanted to play a game, whoever looses will cook and wash the dishes for today, what do you think?" Lina asked
".. it's a great idea" Hannah replied with a smile. Evans took her wrist and stared at the bracelet on it.. he leaned over to her again and whispered something, she smiled lightly and cupped her hand on his ear to whisper back.. okay, this is getting out of hand..
"..aishh, the air com, isn't reaching me here, gosh!.. this place is so hot, hey uhm.. Nina, dearie how is the air com over there?" I asked fanning myself with my hands
"It's.. okay" she stuttered.
"Great.. I'll just.." I trailed off and moved to their couch, I sat in between Hannah and Evans and sighed
"Wow.. this is good, the air here is nice.. " I mumbled, adjusting to create space, pushing Evans to the side.. I placed my hand on the couch beside Hannah's head and shook my leg slowly, I whistled and rolled my eyes to Evans, he smiled, and shook his head slightly.. then moved to the couch I was sitting on earlier.
Hannah remained frozen on the spot and picked on her fingers..
"So as we were saying.. we need two teams, we were ten already so we just have to pick our team mates" Sofia said
"I still think it's a lame idea" Nina mumbled, and Sofia chuckled
"So Harry and Evans, you both are the heads of each team, pick your members" Lina said
"Hannah" we both chorused at once.
The others exchanged glances and I glared at Evans
"You know what, I think we should just go with our normal surgery team members, Hannah, Kim, Kelvin and Lina are with me" I said and the others nodded, he rolled his eyes and looked at Nina
"Fine . Nina, Sofia, lan and Charles are with me" he mumbled..
"Great now let the game begin!!" Lina squealed and Hannah closed her ears
"Hey.. shut up or you are out!" I snap and she closed her mouth.
To be continued

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