Crazy Hannah Episode 71


By Lady C (Lilianna)

Hannah's POV

Harry is acting... Weird?, If I didn't Know better, I would have said he was jealous.. but he doesn't even know me, so why would he be?.
"Okay, so which game are we playing?" Lan asked slumping on the couch
"Uhm.. I, I don't know.."
"You don't know?.. seriously?, You brought an idea for us to play a game, now that we all have finally agreed to play, you're stuttering?" Nina fired angrily, what's wrong with her? She looks really angry and is obviously venting all her anger on Lina. 
"Nina.... If you didn't interrupt, I'm sure she was going to say something about what we would play" Sofia stated with an eyeroll, and Nina sighed, with her shoulders slumping, is she sad?.
"Thank you" Lina said glaring at Nina and turned to face the rest of us.
"Before I was rudely interrupted.." she trailed off and eyed Nina, who rolled her eyes
"I was gonna spin this wheel here, as you can see there are different symbols which represent different games on it, and there's also an arrow in the middle..."
"We can see alright, just go straight to the point already.. gosh, why do Korean ladies like too much talk?" Harry asked, the guys laughed and all the ladies glared at him, well all except me.. his closeness is already affecting me as it is, I don't think I can afford to glance at his face... well not until I felt his arm on my shoulders.. my eyes widened as he caressed my arm lightly..
"Sorry, continue" he said and Lina shook her head.
"So I'll just spin it and whichever one that stops in front of the arrow, will be the game we'll play" she said and stood up to spin the small wheel.. I sincerely hope it the bowling game, 
The wheel stopped and I frowned..
"Basketball?!, Gosh, can't this day get any worse?" Nina groaned and stood up.. Harry's hand moved to the neckline on my dress, he dipped his thumb in, and I froze..he brushed his thumb on my skin and placed the material between his thumb and index finger, then drew it up to cover my bust properly.. he removed his hands and stood up, I looked up and met his eyes, he winked and I swallowed the lump in my throat, he smiled and walked out slipping his hands into his pockets.
".. Hannah?" Sofia called standing in front of me..
"Mmmh" I hummed
".. urh, are you okay?" She asked raising her brows
"Y-yes.. why?" I stuttered
"You're stuttering and you are all pink.. what happened to your face?" She asked leaning down to my level on the couch
"N-nothing" I stuttered again
"Okay....?, Uhm.. come on let's go.. we need to change, we can't play basketball like this" she said gesturing to our clothes..
"But..what are we going to wear?" I asked taking her hand as she pulled me up.
"Don't worry.. I've got the perfect outfit for us" Lina squealed coming out of no where..
I Walked out of the bathroom in Lina's room and they both smiled..
"Wow.. you look... Sexy" Sofia said with a wink
"I was gonna say hot, but I go with sexy anyway" Lina mumbled..
"Uhm.. okay" I muttered and adjusted the band on my head..
"Okay, can we go now?" Sofia asked and I nodded..
We walked into the basketball court and saw Kim, Charles, Evans and Harry.. the others were yet to arrive..
Harry was clad in a black basketball short and shirt, his hair was pushed back with the black band on his hair, same with Evans, just that Evans' was in all yellow.
I smiled when he made his way towards me..with a smile plastered on his face.
"Hey" he said
"Hi" I said
"You look nice"
"You look nice" we both chorused at the same time, and laughed nervously
"You first" he said and I smiled
"You look nice" I mumbled
"Same as you, but you look nicer" he said and I smiled lightly
"Uhm.. thank you" i muttered
"For what?" He asked raising his brows.
"For the gifts, the flower was lovely" I said and he furrowed his brows
"Flowers?" He asked
"Yes.. i.. you were the one who kept the flowers in my room right? " I asked already getting confused
"No.. I didn't, it wasn't me" he said
"..oh.. uhm, I thought, .. nevermind" I stuttered, if he didn't send those things , then who did?.. I flinched when the ball hit my arm and fell to the floor, I frowned and turned to glare at whoever did it, but instead my heart started beating fast.. Harry made his way to the ball and picked it up, he eyed me and glared at Evans.
"The game is about to start, you should join your team" he said glaring at Evans.
"Okay, we'll talk later Hannah" he said unfazed by Harry's glare..
"Yes you will ..after we beat your ass" Harry mumbled, Evans chuckled and walked away... 
When he got to his part of the court, Harry turned and glared at me.. 
Harry's pov 
Hannah walked in with Lina and Sofia, and it took everything in me to stop myself from dragging her out of the court, into my room and kissing her senseless.. she looks so..drop dead gorgeous.. she was clad in a black sweatpant, Calvin Klein workout singlet..which was short enough to reveal her stomach, which doesn't have a baby bump yet.. and did I forget to add that her breasts were a bit Fuller than before?.. and her hips fit perfectly in the pants, her hair was in a messy bun on top of her head, and the black band matched perfectly with her singlet.. she moved her hands into the pockets and smiled, I frowned when I saw 'him' walking towards her with his stupid smile on his face.
I watched as they both laughed and continued talking.. her face changed from smiling, to confusion.. Nina and the others walked in and I threw the ball towards the both of them.. my main goal was to hit the wall beside her , but instead, the ball decided that it was best to hit my woman.. I made a mental note to give it a pat on the back later.
I walked towards them and picked the ball.
"The game is about to start, you should go join your team" I said glaring at him
"Okay, we'll talk later Hannah" he said and I frowned
"Yes you will..after we beat your ass" I said and he chuckled then walked away, I waited until he got to his part of the court and turned to glare at Hannah.. she blinked and looked away, I rolled my eyes to her lips, then her neck and finally fixed my gaze on her cleavage, which was slightly visible..
"What are you wearing?" I asked rolling my eyes back to hers
".huh?" She asked
"Why are you wearing that?" I asked pointing to the singlet
"Don't you have a sweatshirt?" I asked
"Well.. I do, but Lina insisted, I wore this" she said Staring at her fingers
"Well .you are going back up to change, I can't let you wear something like this in this team.. do you want to confuse me?" I asked and she blinked
"But everyone is also wearing the same thing" she said looking around..
"Hey are we playing or not?" Evans asked from his side..
"Ughhh.. okay, you can play like this" I said and eyed her ..
Hannah's pov 
20 minutes into the game and I was already tired..
Harry has been acting like a jerk, whenever I try to take the ball from Evans, he would come in between and ask me to move to the back.. it got to the point where he asked me to sit on the bench, and that's what I've been doing since.. sitting and watching.. Lina was really trying.. so were the others, but Evans was already beating them by two points, Harry turned to look at me and I glared at him.. he smiled and winked. I rolled my eyes and looked away.. 
The game ended in a tie, Sofia rushed towards me and slumped beside me.. I handed her a bottle of water and she gulped everything within few seconds..
"Wow.. that was indeed a game," Nina said and slumped on my other side, I shifted on instinct and Sofia chuckled..
"Hannah can you please help me with the water In Your hands?" She asked and I blinked
"Me?" I asked
"Uhh.. yeah" she mumbled and I handed her the other bottle in my hand
"Thank you" she said and opened the cap
She finished drinking and placed her head on my shoulder,
Okay?.. what the heck is happening?..
"Hey, Hannah.. why didn't you play?" Lina asked walking over to the bench
"Harry.." I stated with a frown and she laughed, Sofia smiled and I rolled my eyes.
"I'm hungry.. I'm going in" I said and Nina raised her head from my shoulder.
"Wait.. I'm coming with you" she said and stood up.. I exchanged puzzled looks with Sofia and started walking out of the court..
We finished eating and I started eating my chocolates.. Lina slipped a plate of barbeque in front of me and I smiled
"Food for our soon to be Mom" she said I choked.
Sofia snapped her head to Lina and blinked
"She told you?" She asked pointing at me
"Nope" Lina popped and looked at Nina who was sitting at the other table..
"Then how did you know?" I asked
""I hear four heartbeats" she stated, I and Sofia gasped, she burst into hysteria and laughed so hard.. I furrowed my brows and looked at Sofia, who shrugged and turned to look at Lina
"you should have seen your faces" Lina said still laughing
"Ahh.. I was just kidding with you guys.. I had my suspicions, and you both confirmed it now" she said sitting properly..
"Oh" I mumbled and stared at the plate in front of me
"It's for Harry, right?" She asked and I nodded.
"Does he know?" She asked
"" I stuttered as my eyes began to sting
"Do you plan on telling him?" She asked and I shook my head
"He won't even believe me, he has no memory of me remember?" I asked as a tear slipped down my cheek.
"But I don't understand" she said looking at Harry, who was playing pool with the guys..
"Why can't he remember you? I mean he remembers everybody, but he doesn't remember you.. isn't it strange?" She asked and I bit my lips, if only she knew.
"I'm sure he'll remember soon.. now eat up Hannah.. we've got sightseeing to do" Sofia said cutting in. I nodded and but fixed my gaze on Harry, he turned and our eyes locked.. I looked away and wiped my tears..
To be continued

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