Crazy Hannah Final Episode


By Lady C πŸ‘„(Lilianna)
πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ Grand🎈FinaleπŸŽ€πŸŽ€
.. Hannah's pov πŸ‘Š
"Hell no..." I said crossing my hands on my chest
"Ugh!.. come on hannie, just close your eyes.. trust me this is gonna be the best surprise of your life" Nina said for the twentieth time.
"Oh really?.. how am I sure you're not trying to kill me?.." I asked eyeing her suspiciously
"Huh?.. why would I kill you?" She asked creasing her brows
"I don't know.. you tell me" I mumbled
"Oh come on hannie, just close your eyes and trust me for once" I groaned
"I'll do it.. only if you drop that hideous nickname" I said and she rolled her eyes
"Okay.. " she mumbled and I narrowed my eyes at her
"I promise.. stake my heart and hope to die" she said and I grimaced
"Geez.. don't tell me you're still watching hotel Transylvania" I said.
"Don't judge me " she said sternly and I laughed..
"Okay I won't" I said closing my eyes.. I felt her fingers covering my eyes and I frowned
"Is this necessary?" I asked
"Yup.. I don't want you peaking out and spoiling the surprise now do I?" She mumbled and I shrugged
"Okay, one step at a time woman," she said and I giggled but moved anyway..
I heard the sound of a door closing and I tensed..
"Nina?.. where are you taking me?" I asked anxiously
"Shhhh..." She said into my ears and I frowned
"Don't shush me" I said crossing my hands on my chest.. she scoffed and I fought the urge to kick her shin.. but only because it would break her leg.
"Okay... I'm going to move my hands.. but you have to count to ten before you open your eyes, got it?";she asked
"You could have just said you wanted to play hide and seek" I mumbled, I can tell that she's rolling her eyes.
"Okay.. start counting" she said and moved her hands.. 
"1, 2, 3....10... Okay I'm opening my eyes now.. this better be good" I mumbled and fluttered my eyes open. I looked around the dark room, which was dimly lit with the fireflies in jars that hung from tiny ropes in the ceiling.. I noticed figures shuffling in the dark and I tensed, I narrowed my eyes but couldn't make out any of the faces.. soft music started playing and I looked around..
Okay, what the heck is going on?..
I looked around and my eyes landed on a figure slowly which seemed to be slowly approaching me.. I squinted my eyes and gasped when the figure came into view.. he looked.. stunning?..
Right in front of me was Harry, all dressed up in black suit.. with a single white rose in his hands.. he smiled nervously as he made his way to me..
He handed me the rose and I took it with a smile
"Harry?"I called praying that this was real
"Can I have a dance?" He asked holding his hand out for me.. I smiled and placed my hand on his..
He slipped his hand to my lower back and held my hand with the other.
I placed the hand I held the rose in on his shoulder and looked into his eyes, as he swayed our bodies slowly to the music.. 
"You're so beautiful" he whispered and leaned down to brush his lips on mine.
I whined as he pulled back slowly and moved slightly away from me.. 
"Gosh I'm so nervous.." he mumbled and I raised my brow
"Nervous.. why are you..." I stopped as he reached into his jacket and went on one knee.. I gasped as he brought out a black case and opened it to reveal a diamond ring with an 'H' crested in it..
"Roses are red,...violets are.. are.. dang it!.. how can I forget that part" he mumbled under his breath and I giggled covering my mouth with my hands, he sighed and looked up at me
"Sorry.. I'll just save us the stress and go straight to the point... I used to imagine what proposing to you would look like.. I thought I had it all figured and planned out.. I'd take you to my favorite place in the island, we'd have a picnic there, we would laugh and crack jokes.. we would make out under the sky, and when the sun sets, I'd go on one knee and ask you to be mine, but now.. I Know anywhere would be perfect as long as you're there.. Hannah ShΓΉ will you do me the honor of saying yes and make me the happiest man on Earth.. Will you Marry me and become Hannah Lee?" He asked .. I smiled and tears rolled down my eyes..
"Yes... Yes.. she'll marry you!" I heard a familiar voice yell.. is that my Mom?.
"Yes.. yes!.. yes!.. yes!" I yelled excitedly and he sighed in relief.. he took my hands and slipped the ring into my finger.. he kissed it and stood up, I grabbed his collar and pressed my lips on his.. the lights came on and the sounds of hands clapping rang through the hall.. I pulled back and he hugged me..
"I love you Hannah" he whispered into my ears and I smiled hugging him tight.
"I love you Harry" I said
"Ahhhhhhh" I turned to see sona running towards me.
"Oh my gosh! My sister is getting married!" She squealed and jumped on me .
"Careful now.. she's pregnant" Mom said shoving Sona to the side and gave me a hug. 
"Awwn.. I'm so happy" mom said sniffling
"Me too mom" I said sniffling as well
"Oh... come on! This isn't a crying contest" Jeremy said giving me a hug.
"Congratulations Hannah" Nicky said walking towards me, without any support.. and no crutches.. I smiled and hugged him tight, spinning him around.. he laughed when I dropped him and I placed kisses on his face..
"Oh...this is the best day ever!" I said
"Yeah, I leave me alone, I'm hungry" he said and walked away
I chuckled and smiled when Harry snaked his hand around my waist.
"Unnie!"I turned to see j rushing over with Mr Lee.. they hugged me and Mr Lee congratulated us
"Welcome to the family Hannah" he said and I said a thank you..
"Oh my gosh!!!... My baby is getting married!!" Sofia squealed rushing towards me.. she gave me a hug and pulled back to hug Harry..
"Hey girl!!" I looked to the side and saw Ethan standing with Livia, Ollie and the others including Nina and Evans..
I catwalked to them showing off my rings.. I got to Livia and pulled her into a hug.. Ollie pushed her to the side and hugged me.. he kissed my cheek and I pushed him back.. I hugged Nina Evans and everyone else.. this is the best surprise ever!.
"How did you all get here?" I asked
"Well lover boy here had it all planned out after the accident" Ollie said winking at me, Sofia smacked his head and he pecked her lips.. I smiled and pulled Harry into another kiss, receiving cheers from the others.
"Do you Hannah ShΓΉ take Ju Sung Lee as your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish in sickness and in health till death do you part?" The priest asked
"I do" I mumbled
"Do you Ju Sung Lee take Hannah ShΓΉ to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish her in sickness and in health till death do you part?" He asked
"I do" he said
"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.. you may kiss the bride" the priest said and with one swift motion Harry raised the veil and slammed his lips on mine..
The congregation cheered and flowers fell on us from all sides..
The reception kicked off and Ollie caught the garter, causing Sofia to blush profusely.. the twins, Haley and Nicky couldn't stop taking pictures with me.. everyone was happy, me especially.. it was the best day of my life.. and mom couldn't stop crying..
The celebration ended and I waved everyone good bye as our car drove off to the airport.. our honeymoon of course was to be spent in France..
The end.

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