Crazy Hannah Semi-final


By Lady C 👄(Lilianna)
Episode 72, semi final🍾🍺🍾..
..still dedicated to Lucy 😘..
Sofia's pov ..
"It's a carnival!!" I squealed and Hannah shook her head..
"Oh my God.. this is awesome" Kim said and I chuckled
"I haven't been to a carnival before" Nina said and I gasped
"Really?" I asked and she nodded nervously
"Wow.. I and Hannah use to sneak out whenever there was a carnival back at home.. it's really fun.. come on" I said and grabbed her hand,
"Wait for me guys" Lina said rushing behind us with Kim.. the others were trailing behind..
"Sofia.. look!" Lina yelled and we all turned to look at the direction.. Nina gasped and I smiled.. the ladies were all dressed in bra and panties.. with different masks on their faces.. one was wearing a mask with the design of a peacock, another was all feathers..
Soon they started dancing and Hannah squealed..
"Come on.. let's go" she said pulling me with her.. 
"Uhh.. no!" Nina mumbled and pulled away from my grip.. I chuckled and followed Hannah.. we joined the ladies and started dancing with them.. 
They smiled at us and a lady handed us two different masks.. Hannah's was pink feathers, it matched her pink flared gown.. mine was cream.. matching my gown as well.. we wore the mask and started dancing again..
Lina screamed and Nina laughed shaking her head, I spotted the guys walking to the scene.. and laughed when Harry's mouth fell open..
Harry's pov 
"Where are they, can't they just seat their asses in one place?" Lan asked looking around, Evans smiled and looked around..
"Let's just check that spot.. " Evans said pointing to the crowd where music was coming from, we pushed through the crowd and finally found Lina, Nina and Kim watching the dancers.. I frowned when I didn't see Hannah or Sofia..
"Oh.. hey guys, aren't they incredible.. I never knew they could dance" Lina said smiling sheepishly
"This is a carnival Lina.. what do you expect, these girls are experts.." I said and she shook her head
"No.. I'm not talking about them, I mean those two" she said pointing at two ladies who looked really different from the rest.. that pink gown.. is ... Is that Hannah?.. my mouth opened on its own..
"Is that Sofia?" Lan asked
"And Hannah?" Evans asked
"Yep" Nina popped..
I watched as Sofia tapped Hannah and whispered something to her ears, Hannah stopped moving and turned to look at me.. her eyes widened in the mask and she took her lips into her mouth.. she scratched her hair and slowly made her way to us with Sofia by her side..
"How was that?" Sofia asked pulling her mask from her face.
"Superb!!" Lina squealed with a thumbs up for them.. Hannah smiled and moved her mask..
"Wow . Hannah that was... Cool" Evans said and she flushed.. I looked away and met Sofia's eyes, she smiled and I smiled back..
Next day
Hannah's pov 💪
"Uhh.. no..way, I'm not wearing that" I said looking at Sofia
"Yes you are, think of it as a way of making Harry go crazy over you, he doesn't remember you right?.. so why don't we make him want you.. him falling in love with you , isn't a bad thing.. is it?" Sofia asked 
"No.. I guess not, but.. it's so.. so.. revealing?" I said looking at the white bikini bra and panties..
"Ugh! We are going to swim Hannah.. in.. water, not Walk on the streets" Sofia muttered
"Okay.. you can tie this on your waist then" she said throwing a white transparent scarf at me.
"Well.. it wouldn't hide anything, but it's better than going out with just these" I mumbled and walked into her bathroom..
I walked out and adjusted the chain on my waist.
"So..?" I asked 
She turned to look at me and gasped..
"What?" I asked
"You look.. good" she said trying to hide a grin.. I rolled my eyes and dragged her out of the room..
Harry's pov 
"Wow.. I can't believe we'll be leaving tommorow" Evans said and I rolled my eyes. 
"Harry, I don't understand..why are you holding a party tonight?" Lan asked and I glared at him.. I wore my sunglasses and lay back on my chair..
"Hey guys" Nina said walking out of the pool..with her red bikini's..
"Hey Zi" she said with a smile.. I looked to the direction and saw Sofia walking into the pool area, she moved out of the way and Hannah came into view. I sat up and removed my glasses.
"Oh.. my.. god" lan mumbled shamelessly.
I raked my eyes from her sexy legs to the transparent scarf on her waist, to the diamond chains which glittered in the sun, to her navel, then her perfect bust.. her neck and face..
"She's so hot!" Evans mumbled beside me and I smiled.. only because he was right.. she smiled and my briefs became tight.. the things she does to me.. she walked past lan and he whistled.. I glared at him and Evans started laughing..
"Hey Ann.. come sit here" Evans said and she smiled.. Ann?.. that's the most repulsive nickname I've ever heard.. she smiled and sat beside Sofia.. 
She looked at me and I looked away..
Soon Evans started talking with her..she kept smiling and laughing, Making me so angry and jealous.. she dived into the pool with the girls, they started chatting and laughing.
I turned to Evans, he looked at me and smiled.. is he crazy?
"You really don't know how to stay away from someone else's woman, do you?" I asked quietly and he chuckled
"I knew it.. you didn't loose your memory did you?" He asked and I rolled my eyes
"Stay away from Hannah, she's mine" I growled and he scoffed.
"I don't see a ring on her finger" he replied sternly
"Well.. you will soon, now please stop flirting with her you're only wasting your time by doing so" I muttered and he looked at her.
"Why though?" He asked, huh?
"Why what?" I asked
"Why are you pretending?" He asked
"Not your business" I mumbled
"Well.. I do have feelings for her, but I also have a reason for flirting with her" he said and I frowned
"Which is?" I asked
"You're punishing your woman and I'm making mine jealous" he said and I raised my brow
"Nina" he said nodding towards her without looking . I looked at her and caught her staring at Evans.. I smiled at her and she flushed. Lina splashed water on her face and she looked away.
"oh.." I mumbled.
"I really love her, she has apologized and I'm still thinking of forgiving her" he said with a smile.
"Well.. you're also punishing her" I said and he shrugged
"She deserves it" he said and I smiled
"You're crazy" I said and nudged him
"Well that makes two of us" he said and we both laughed..
Hannah's pov 
I walked into my room, I felt something pull my wrist and pin me to the door, 
"Ow!" I groaned and opened my eyes to see Harry staring at me.. my eyes widened and he smirked..
His hands were placed on the wall on each side of my head.. 
"You can't just go around flaunting what's mine in front of other guys Hannah.. it makes me really ... jealous" he said brushing his lips on my cheek..
What's his?.. I don't understand, I thought he didn't..
He placed soft kisses on my neck and moved his hands from my waist to my back.. he placed it on my ass and squeezed through the wet scarf.. he nibbled on my neck and I moaned....
"Harry..." I called.
"Yes.. baby?" He answered pulling back to look in my eyes.. my eyes widened and I blinked rapidly
"Y-you remember?" I stuttered he smiled and pressed his lips on mine.. a tear slipped down my cheek and I placed my hands on his bare chest.. he moved his lips from my chin back to my lips and grabbed my busts..I moaned into his mouth as he kneaded and squeezed like his life depended on it.. 
"I never forgot" he said into my ear and nibbled on it.. 
"Your name" he said and kissed my cheek
"Your face" he said and kissed my chin
"Your eyes" he said and kissed my neck
"Your smile" he said and kissed my cleavage
"Your sweet scent" he said and bit my nipples .. I moaned and moved my head back
"Your Love..." He said and bit the other.. I moaned again and tugged on his hair
"And our baby" he said and placed kisses on my Belly.. I smiled out tears as he placed his head on my stomach.

I apologized to Evans already, I already apologized to Harry after his accident.. and he forgave me.. now I'm looking for Hannah.. I know I wronged her a lot, I wouldn't blame her if she doesn't forgive me.. Evans called me few minutes ago and we are back together now.. I feel so happy..
I got to her floor and knocked on her door.. Harry said she was still sleeping and I should bring her myself.. I just hope she agrees to come with me.
I knocked on her door and walked in when I heard her say come in.
"Hi" I said
"Hi" she mumbled brushing her hair in front of the mirror
"Uhm.. I.. I want to apologise for everything I did to you, for trying to tear your relationship with Harry apart, I'm sorry..I understand if you don't want to forgive me now, I just hope that someday, you will find a place in your heart to forgive me" I said looking at the floor.. there was silence for some minutes, until she turned and walked towards me.. she smiled and nodded
"It's okay.. I'm not angry at you anymore, Harry is back now.. and I'm really happy, and yes I've forgiven you" she said and hugged me..
Hannah's pov 
I hugged her and she smiled happily, 
Wow.. things are really going great, who could have thought that she'd apologize?.. and that Harry was pretending.. he told me that he heard my conversation with Sofia the other night and had wanted to punish me a bit, which was why he pretended.. of course I had given him a few punches.. and two kisses..😎
"Uhm.. there's something I want to show you" she said 
"What?" I asked
"Its a Surprise" she said and I raised my brow
"Oh come on.. hannie, you'll like it" she said pulling me out of the room
"Hannie?" I asked chuckling behind her
"Yep." She popped and dragged me out of the house.. she slipped into a car and drove out when I fixed my seatbelt....
To be continued..

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