Married to Mr. Right Episode 2


“Ciara wake up” Mom called from across the room.
“Please let me sleep a little. I’m having a headache” I lied
“I said wake up” She said in anger and shook me violently. I had no other choice but to wake up like she demands.
“Alright I’m up” I said and scuttled
to the bathroom to have my shower then went downstairs to cook breakfast.
“Breakfast is ready”I call after setting the table. Everyone gathered round and sat down. Seems like everyone is at home today.
I went up to my room and grabbed my bag then rushed downstairs to go when my mom called me
” Where are you going?”
“To work. I’m already late” I tell her
“You won’t be if you woke up earlier than this” She gave me a glare and continued eating
“I had a stressful day yesterday and I came back late last night so I had to sleep in” I explain to her but it seems as if I was talking to myself cause she wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying.
“Why don’t you just hook up with a rich guy and have a better life. I guess you enjoy seeing us suffer in this dump” My Aunt scoffed
“Don’t start with Ciara. She’s always talking about how great she wants her husband to be” Her husband said while she giggled
“I’ll be going now” I say to them as I walked out.
They think I’m just gonna marry any guy that comes across my way.
I know I’ve come of age and that I’m not getting any younger but still I don’t want to rush in and then rush out.
I’m a lady of policy.
My name is Ciara Smith. I’m 22 and the only daughter of my parents.
I come from a poor family. My mom owns a local restaurant and my dad is a simple mechanic.
My family has been through a lot. My brother got fired from work and since he had no where else to go, he ended up with us with his wife who sure knows how to ruin my day.
I work at a local radio station. I’ve always found unending joy being behind a microphone and saying inspirational things to people.
I arrive at work and opened up the door.
“Morning C”
I turn to look at the person wishing me a good morning.
“Darren. Oh hi” I waved giving a bright smile
“Hello. How’ve you been”
“I’m alright” . I reply not knowing what to say anymore.
Darren has always been a close friend of mine ever since I started working here. I realized that he has a soft spot for me. I mean a crush, to put it politely. Although he’s asked me to date him several times but I always gave him the excuse that I wasn’t ready.
“Ciara you have to work on these documents” He said handing a few files over to me and I reviewed them.
“If you impress the guy then you can write yours” He adds
“For real”
“Yeah for real” He tells me
“So I was hoping if we could go somewhere or probably do something” He asks
“I’m sorry but…
” No.” He cut me off “it’s okay Ciara I understand” Was all he said before he walked away. I know It’s just one harmless date but I can’t help it. I don’t want him to be of the opinion that I’m starting to like him or have feelings for him.
I sat down on my small office and started to work. After submitting my papers, I grabbed my bag and left for home.
I stopped by the grocery store to get some stuff for dinner. Then I left for home.
I arrived and started making dinner for the family when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly rushed to open it.
“Welcome mother” I greeted but she only nods
“Dad didn’t come with you?” I ask but she ignored and got inside the house, after fully resting on the couch, she turned to me and said
“No he’s still working. Take some food to him once you’ve served the entire family” I nodded and went back to the kitchen. Sometimes I’m beginning to ask myself if this woman is my mom. She talks to me like a master talking to a guard dog.
I’m trying my very best to work hard and support the family with the little income I have. Isn’t that enough to love me.
I finished cooking and served dinner on the table, I wrapped some for dad and stuffed it inside my bag.
“I’ll be going now” I tell her
“I’m beginning to wonder how I’ll pay off all these debts. It’s choking me” She talks to herself. I simply shook my head and walked away.
I took a cab and drove to dad’s workshop. Some blocks down the street. When I arrived, I noticed the commotion coming from inside.
I pushed my way to the front to see what was happening for myself.
A handsome young man was yelling at dad. I don’t know what happened but it seems like dad ruined something in his car. It was one of the shiniest and sparkling thing I’ve seen in my entire life and I’m sure it’s pretty expensive as well. dad was trying to plead but he didn’t seem like he wants to hear any of it.
“I don’t care what you do but you’re gonna have to replace this car right now” He told dad who was already sweating nervously
“I’m really sorry. It’s all my fault”
“Get your sorry ass outta my face you Dutchebag. You’re just a low life living in the slums. You’re a good for nothing human being. You ruined my car and sorry is all you’re gonna say?” He spat.
Dad just stood there staring at him. If he could endure all the insults then I can’t. I took a piece of rock and threw it at the car breaking the front mirror.
“What the… ” He started off before turning to look at me
“Are you insane?”
“Between the two of us, who looks more insane. How dare you insult my father even when he said that he was sorry.” I yell at him. He shot me daggers from his eyes
“I guess you’ve lost your manners young lady”
“Clearly you have. You called my father a good for nothing right? Let me show you how good for nothing people looks like” I told and picked a handful of mud and threw it at him
He gasps.
“My tuxedo”
“Next time, watch that mouth of yours. I guess your parents didn’t teach you proper manners before letting a stray dog like you wander far from home”
“You’re gonna regret this, I promise” He threatened and got into his car.
“Dad are you okay” I ask trying to hold him but he pushed me away
“You useless child. Do you have any idea what nonsense you just did. Who told you to interfere” He ask
“Dad he was hurting you”
“Don’t you dare call me your father. I can never father a girl that brings nothing but bad luck to her family. You’ve come of age to get married but instead you go about trying to destroy my only source of livelihood”
“I’m sorry dad” I beg amidst sobs
“Leave Ciara. I hope you’ve done enough damage now” He said
I walk back and took a cab home. I arrived and walk past mom then rushed to my bedroom ignoring her calls.
I fell to the floor and wept bitterly.
Why do they hate me this much? My own family treating me like strangers
So I’m now bad luck even when I stood up for him.
Is that how much he hates me.
After crying, I went to bed and some minutes later, I slept off…
I woke up the next morning but decided to stay away from everyone’s business. I don’t know why they hate me and I can’t force them to like me either.
I went to the kitchen and after tying my hair into a ponytail, I started making breakfast.
when I was done, I served it on the table and went to my room. I didn’t bother calling them down for breakfast. why should I in the first place. if it gets cold then they should eat it the way it is.
I jotted some stuff down in my notes and just then I heard footsteps. looks like they are about to eat.
When I was done I shoved the book inside my bag and proceeded to the kitchen to wash the dishes and eat my breakfast. I have always eaten from the kitchen because I don’t feel like I belong at the table not with the way I’m treated in this house.
After that I had my shower and got dressed up for work then I took my bag and placed it on my shoulder and wore my boots.
“where are you going” the woman who I thought was my mother ask me
“work” I reply without looking at her
“Have you had your meal?” she asked but I simply nodded
“Ciara I’m talking to you”
“you’ve never really cared about anything I say so why is my silence bothering you now? you love me being silent and I’m trying to do just that”
“Are you talking to me like this”
I faced her “I’ve always been considered bad luck in this house no wonder no one likes me, but don’t worry I’ll try to stay away from all of you from now on alright. bye and don’t forget to cook dinner, I’ll be coming back late tonight” I tell her and walk away.
I didn’t bother looking back and I never regretted what I said. if they don’t like me then I can’t really force them to.
I hope everything turns out ok with the people I call my family.
I had to walk since I didn’t have enough money to pay a cab. I sighed immediately he pulled up and paid him his money then I got inside to begin the daily business…

To be continued

Written by Jackie

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