Married to Mr. Right Episode 3


He wore his clothes and rushed out to the living room. He sat down to wear his shoes when his wife who was busy reading the papers asked
“where are you going all dressed up?”
“I’m off to the bank to get a loan for a new business that I’m about to put up?” he said excitedly not noticing the perplexed look on her face
“A loan? and how do you intend to pay back? you and I know that there’s no such money in this house and you’re thinking of getting a loan?” she snapped
“I’m sure it’s gonna work out don’t worry”
“of course I’m going to worry. Ben has no job to support the family and Ciara can’t even pay up with the little cents she make. so what if something goes wrong? who are you gonna lean on?” she asked again feeling irritated
“you trust me don’t you?” he asked searching her eyes for an answer but she glared at him
“trust? let’s not go there right now. because I don’t and even if I did, whatever you’re planning to do with that money won’t work alright” she said in anger and walked out on him. he stared at the door until she got inside.
He sighed and made his way to the bank for his business.
He took a cab and drove off to the bank.
On their way there, the brake on the car failed and he noticed the driver struggling with the car until it eventually hit another car on the road causing an accident.
She was busy dusting the house when the landline rang. she ignored and continued but the ringing became persistent that she had no choice but to finally pick up
“Hello are you Mrs Smith?” the voice said from the other end of the line.
“who’s asking?”
“I’m calling from the hospital. your husband was involved in a fatal accident and was just admitted” the voice said
Her heart dropped and her voice hitched at the mention of the word accident.
“W… what accident… which hospital” she asked her voice almost breaking down
“Hilltop Hospital”
“I’ll be right there” she said putting the phone down. she quickly wore her slippers and was about to leave when Ben approached.
“Mom where are you going? why are you so jumpy?
“your dad was in an accident and has been admitted to the hospital.” she said breaking down
“I have to go now. call Ciara and tell her to come to Hilltop Hospital right now” she said before rushing out.
Ciara’s POV
“I finished reviewing this paper and I’ve finished working on them” I say handing them over to Darren
“wow you’re fast. good work Ciara” he compliments me
“thanks Darren” I say.
I noticed something vibrating in my bag so I opened it to look and saw my phone ringing.
I checked the caller Id only to realize that it was my brother
“now what do they want?” I thought to myself and cut the call.
“I’ll get back to work now” I say to Darren and walk to my little office.
I sat down and went through some documents and just then it rang again.
I cut it again and continued working.
I wonder what they want now. when I’m with them, they won’t let me be and when I’m alone still the same thing.
the ringing continues and I reluctantly pick it up.
“Hello?” I say
“Ciara. is that you?”
“Yes it’s me. what do you want Ben?”
“Ciara dad is in the hospital” he tells me
I quickly stood up
“what did you say?”
“he was involved in an accident and he’s in critical condition right now. you have to get down here”
“OK OK Which hospital?”
“Hilltop hospital” he said before the line went dead
what will I do now?
“Darren I have to go.” I say putting my stuff into my bag hurriedly.
“where are you going? is everything alright?”
“I can’t talk right now but I promise I’ll tell you later. bye” I say before finally rushing out
I took a cab from work and drove straight to the hospital.
I just hope I’m not too late.
when I got to the hospital, I saw mom and my brother seated in the waiting room.
the expression on their faces was completely different.
mom looked pale, her eyes were red and damp.
my brother sat down next to her consoling her.
“Ciara?” he called immediately his eyes met mine
“where is dad? how is he?” I asked
“no clue. the doctor hasn’t told us anything yet. I guess we should wait” he said and I shook my head slowly.
I was trying to fight back the tears that were already forming from the corner of my eyes.
I fell to the chair and wept bitterly.
this cannot be happening right now.
Some minutes later, we were told that the doctor would like to see us and we walked into the office to meet him.
“have a, seat” he, said and gestured for us to sit which we did
“how is he doctor?” mom said crying her eyes out
“well he’s in a critical condition. He was hurt pretty bad and sustained some internal injuries. we would have to schedule a quick operation as soon possible” he, said adjusting his glasses
“operation?’ I ask. I looked at mom and back at the doctor. where are we going to get enough money for an operation?
” isn’t there any other way?” I ask not knowing why I did
“I’m afraid no. it’s either you go with the operation before it’s too late. I’ll leave you to decide. the choice is yours” he said and walked out of the office.
I covered my face with my palm
what are we going to do now.
“you are the cause of everything happening to us right now?” mom said as she shook me violently.
“What did I do mom?”
“ever since you came into our lives. bad things had always happened. We were doing alright until you showed up. Ben lost his job and now this” she said hitting me hard on the cheeks
I whimpered “I’m sorry mom”
“don’t you dare call me mom” she snapped “I am not your mother. you are bad luck from the very first day I took you in to live with you”
“took me in?” I ask not sure of what I heard
didn’t you know already. we are not your parents. I guess you always brought bad luck to your parents and that’s why they left you on the streets to rot ” she said without any form of remorse. I was already crying my eyes out. I felt numb. it came like a shock. like a big blow. so the people I actually called my parents are not really my parents. I was adopted? no wonder they don’t like me? no wonder they hate the mere sight of me. I’ve always tried to impress them thinking it was a mere phase that would one day be over but sadly, it was worse than that. I felt betrayed and it hurts so bad.
“now how are we going to find enough money for an operation? another debt. should I spend the rest of my life paying off debts?” she said tears streaming down her cheeks.
“I’ll find a way mom” I say amidst sobs
“just get out from my sight” she yelled “I said get out”
I quickly took to my heels and rushed out of the building.
I was confused. I had no one to turn to. where would I go?
who would help me now?
I walked for some minutes and finally settled on a bench under a tree in the park.
I sat down lost in my thoughts, not realising that It had already began to rain and I was getting drenched.
this is more than I can handle.
my whole life had been a lie. The ones I call my parents. everything was an illusion. it was actually one big lie…
I closed my eyes as the tears trickled down my cheeks…

To be continued

Written by Jackie

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