Married to Mr. Right Episode 7


it was 3:00am in the morning when I heard a low chuckle.
who could that be at this hour?
I tried to ignore but it didn’t stop. I guess it was Brian. but why isn’t he asleep?
I later heard a, deep voice followed by a girly giggle.
I quickly stood up and made my way to the living room.
immediately I arrived, I saw Brian perfectly seated on the couch with a blonde hair girl on his thighs.
they were too engrossed in their romance to notice my presence in the room.
Brian is cheating on me?
I mean, not that I didn’t expect it but we just got married, it’s not even up to twenty four hours and a girl is already swaying her boobs at him.
Couldn’t he at least wait for just one day before doing this.
I felt so irritated, it’s so gross. I’ve never seen a, guy making out with a girl before. and for the first time I’m seeing it happen, it was my husband with another woman.
i coughed and they turned to look at me.
“Oh hi Ciara. care to join us?” he asked with a smirk
The blonde hair girl who i assumed was probably drunk raised her head and gave me a stare. then turned to face Brian.
“who is she love” she asked Brian
love? really?
“just a help doll” he said biting his lower lip in a, seductive manner
“A help wearing that?” she asked pointing at my outfit.
I took a good look at myself. what is wrong with my clothes?
“just forget about her. we should probably get back to business” he said and hungrily kissed her lips.
I couldn’t watch so I rushed to the room and slammed the door.
Some minutes later, I heard a knock on the door.
I stood up to open it.
“Get out. Janelle and I want to make out in here” he said and she giggled
“but I sleep here” I tell him
“I know but it’s my house and I make the rules. so leave” he yells at me
I quickly took a sleeping bag and a pillow. I was about to head out when he called me.
“you can stay here and watch if you want to Ciara. it won’t be fun being out there by yourself”
“I’m fine thank you” I say and walk away.
I enter the next room which I assume was the guest room and slept on the couch.
I tried to shut my eyes but it was d--n impossible. The moans and screaming kept me up all night. I just turned and tossed on my bed till the noise died down before I could have some sleep.
In the morning, by five, I woke up from bed and had my bath. I quickly changed into a floral gown and made my way out of the bedroom.
I glanced at Brian’s room and it was tightly shut.
I guess they were sleeping after their intense love making early this morning.
I sighed and walked to the living room. it was messy. Bottles all over the floor, and clothes on the couch.
I can’t believe that Brian is such a heavy drinker.
I quickly picked his clothes and mopped the floor.
it’s such a big house and I wonder why he doesn’t have any cleaners or maid. maybe he fired them so I would die doing all the chores by myself.
After cleaning, I set out to the kitchen to make breakfast when I heard the doorbell ring.
I dropped the flour in my hand and went to open the door.
“Hello” she greeted immediately she saw me. it was an old woman in her late fifties.
“Hi” I greeted with a smile “can I help you?”
“Are you boss’s new wife?” she asked and I nod.
“good morning ma’am” she said
“it’s okay. you can call me Ciara. I’m way too young for that” I say and she gave a light chuckle. “do you live here?” I ask
“not really. I work here” she said
“I’m sorry I didn’t realize. come in” I say and quickly stepped aside for her to enter.
“Looks like the living room is already cleaned up” she said scanning through the entire house.
“yes. I just finished that. come on I’ll help you make breakfast” I say and she followed me down to the kitchen.
I took the vegetables to chop them but she said “let me help you with that”
“no I will do it. you should probably rest” I tell her and she sits down.
I finished making breakfast and served them on the table.
“wow smells divine. you are such a good cook. did you attend any chef program?” she asked and I giggled.
“then I would be very rich by now don’t you think? no I didn’t. i learned from my mother”
“boss is very lucky to have a wife like you. smart, beautiful and a great cook” she compliments
“go on. i thrive on flattery” I say making her laugh
she stopped laughing when we heard giggling coming from the stairs. I guess they were up.
“Penny” Brian called and rushed to hug the lady. I gave a wry smile. Brian was fully dressed so I assumed that he’s ready for work. thank goodness I made breakfast on time. Janelle was dressed up too. I wonder what kind of work she does. maybe a sex worker who enjoys sleeping with men that doesn’t have a committed relationship with them. why do I care? it’s not like Brian and I have a committed relationship as well.
“naughty boy. what are you up to this time?” she tells him playfully hitting her cheeks.
“I’m starving” Janelle, the blonde hair girl said and sat down. just then I notice Penny roll her eyes at her.
Brian Sat down too.
I rolled my eyes and headed up to Brian’s room.
“Wow Penny. it’s delicious. you’ve really outdone yourself this time” he said
“I didn’t cook that. your wife did.” she said and just then I shut the door. I didn’t want to hear anything after that.
Brian’s room was just like a kid’s playground. clothes all over the place, The bed was scattered. it was like a hurricane visited here last night.
I quickly cleaned up and headed out.
Once I got to the dining room, they were no where to be seen. just Penny doing the dishes in the kitchen
“Where are they?”
“off to work. Ciara you amaze me”
“I do. how?” I ask dishing some food for myself
“how could you let Brian bring in another woman to your house?” she ask
“let’s not go there penny. I’m not complaining about it. that’s half my problem. he’s free to do what he wants” I tell her
“Ciara… ” she start off
“penny. I don’t care alright. my marriage to Brian was not based on love. it was a mistake. I wonder if his parents didn’t give the proper upbringing” I say sitting down
“Brian didn’t actually grow up with his parents. I raised him. his parents were too busy for him so he was under my care”
“I didn’t know”
“he wasn’t really like this and I wonder why he’s changed so much. I believe you were married to Brian for a reason Ciara” she tells me
“No there is no reason penny. no reason at all” i say and put a pancake into my mouth.
“Brian is a sweet child Ciara. I raised him so I know. you just haven’t met that side yet” she tells me, her voice so sweet and calm
“well he’s sour enough for me. he restricts me from everything. this isn’t just the marriage I hoped for Penny. it isn’t at all” I say picking on my food
“have faith my child. not everything is as bad as it seems.” she assures me
“Brian is as bad as it seems. do you know who that girl is?” I ask Penny. not sure why I did though.
“you mean Janelle? she’s his personal secretary. they usually work together until she started becoming intimate with him.” she tells me
“I guess she has the hots for him”
“Maybe but that doesn’t matter anymore. Brian is married to you and you’re his wife now.”
“on paper” I correct her “it was actually a deal I had to make to save my father so our relationship has no meaning or value. he doesn’t love me and I don’t love him.” i say and quickly stood up “thanks for doing the dishes penny”
“it’s alright Ciara” she say and I giggle.
I head straight to my room to have some sleep. I really don’t want to argue the issue with Penny cause I’m more than convinced that Brian Will never love me and neither will I.
I tried to call my parents but I realized that Brian smashed my phone so I wouldn’t be able to.
I just dropped the idea and got on my bed to rest for a little while…

To be continued

Written by Jackie

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