Married to Mr. Right Episode 9


BRIAN’S point of view (POV)
“Brian stop drinking. you’ve got to control yourself please” Janelle said with pleading eyes but I ignored and kept the pace.
They were always busy. All the time, they never considered what I wanted.
I really hoped to see them. I wanted to be the ideal son they ever had. I studied pretty hard to get their attention. I even tried my best to run the company so they could notice me but they seemed rather uninterested.
“We can’t make it Brian”
“I’m sorry son, maybe next time” they kept on saying.
the never really cared if I existed or if I’ll get hurt in the end.
I gulped the substance down my throat and poured more for myself.
I couldn’t help it. they made me like this, and I really don’t regret it. so I spend my entire life flirting with women and I was never really satisfied but I couldn’t help it.
“Brian drop this” she said grabbing the bottle from my hands and placed them on the counter.
I took a another one and opened it.
I’m ruined.
“Look you don’t have to stress yourself over nothing Brian. you have me and I have you too” she said and shoved the bottles aside. she stood up and walked up to me placing her hands on my thigh in a seductive manner.
“Stop it Janelle. I’m not in the mood for that” I say yanking her hands off my body.
She hissed and sat down crossing her legs.
I could tell she was mad but she doesn’t really have a right to me. she’s just a fling to pass the time so she shouldn’t take it the wrong way.
I was about taking the last drink when the rain started falling. Just then my mind raced back to Ciara. I hope she’s taken cover.
I returned back to my bottles but somehow my mind was restless. I tried looking out for her but I didn’t see her anywhere inside.
“Are you okay” Janelle asked but I didn’t respond
“Brian are you looking for something?” she asked again. I swear she was getting me pissed off by the minute
I stood up from my seat and tried searching for her. she was nowhere to be seen anywhere inside the party.
I walked outside with Janelle trailing behind me.
“Brian what’s up with you” she gave me a quizzical look
“Please shut the f--k up Janelle I’m trying to think” I half yell. she was a little startled
I walked away from her and went to where my car was parked but still no sign of her.
“where could she have gone” I thought to myself.
I closed my eyes for a moment as the rain poured on my clothes.
I opened my eyes and was about going inside when my eyes caught a glimpse of Ciara.
she was being held by a guy. He was taking her inside. d--n! I clenched my fist
Is she really that naive or maybe she’s trying to get back at me for leaving her out here all alone but then again Ciara isn’t that kind of girl.
What if she’s drunk of something. I quickly trailed after them.
I was almost close to their room when I stopped on my tracks. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this. she is capable of taking care of herself.
I turned to go when I heard screams coming out of the room and the next i heard was Ciara Calling out my name. I quickly pushed the door open only to find the guy forcing himself on her.
Immediately she saw me, she passed out.
I grabbed him by the collar and pushed him to the wall. I gave him a punch and threw him making him smash the table and hitting himself on the wall.
I quickly picked Ciara up from the bed and carried her in my arms.
I took her to my car and immediately the rain hit her face, she mumbled something and opened her eyes.
She was surprised to see me carrying her and forcefully pushed her down.
“Come in. let’s go home”
“I don’t want to go with you.” she said
“Stop being so difficult Ciara”
“Difficult? I asked you to take me home but you refused and left me all by myself” she said. I guess she was still drunk
“And that’s why you had to follow him? are you that naive to see that he only wanted to have sex with you” I say getting mad all of a sudden.
“And how was I supposed to know that. it’s not they placed a tag on his head that says he wants to have sex with me” she says trying to defend herself
“F--k!” I cursed.
she was shivering really bad and yet she tries to act all stubborn
“just go on without me” she says taking off her heels and jewelry. she threw them away and tried to walk inside.
I quickly held her by her waist and forcefully carried her “you’re coming with me Ciara” she kicked back and forth but I didn’t put her down.
“now stay” I tell her and quickly shut the door. she batted her lashes at me in a seductive manner
someone called and turned to see Janelle coming towards me.
“Are you leaving?”.
” yes I have to take Ciara home. she’s not feeling too good ” I said while Ciara blows raspberries at her.
it got Janelle pissed off
“Do you have to?”
“Hey Janelle or whatever the hell you call yourself. Can’t you see we’re late. now get the f--k outta here before my fist meets your face” Ciara threatens
I’ve never seen her like this before.
“I’ll text you later” I say before stepping into the car. I started the engines and drove home.
“Gosh I’m d--n hungry” Ciara yells
“hang on we’ll be home soon” I tell her but she insisted
“There let’s buy something over there” she said pointing out the car and when I didn’t stop, she whined
“I want to go there” she screamed pulling my tie.
“Alright let’s go there” I say and she gave a bright smile.
I pulled into the building and she opened the door and ran out to the building under the rain.
“Ciara hold up” I say but she didn’t listen.
I had to go after her.
“I want that ice cream and that burger” she said pointing at the glass.
“Alright” The girl behind the counter said and wrapped it up.
“Don’t worry. my husband is going to pay. he’s pretty rich and handsome isn’t he?” she said
“Wow. you look good together” she compliments
She gave Ciara the Burger and I had to pay for it.
“thanks Brian” she said and lightly kissed me on my lips.
I was shocked.
I looked at her but she didn’t act like she just kissed me.
She just giggled.
“hope that’s enough” I ask and she nods
we walked out of the restaurant to the car.
“You’re not really that bad Brian” she said taking a bite out of her burger.
“I swear you’re gonna regret e
that statement by tomorrow morning” I say but she only blushes
“here have a bite” she said placing the burger on my lips
“Not hungry” I say yanking her hands off
“Eat or I’ll scream”
“Ciara… ” I start off
“Argh!!!!” she yells on top of her voice
“Alright I’ll eat” I say and she chuckles
“Good” she said and placed it on my mouth and I took a bite.
“happy now?”
I sighed and sped up.
We arrived at home and I pulled into the garage. I stepped down and turned to open the door for Ciara.
“Get out”
“you’re shouting at me” she seethe
“I’m not OK. just please come out”
“I don’t want to”
I slapped my face with my hands.
“please Ciara”
“Carry me” she demands
“Just carry me inside or I’m staying here” she said and folded her hands across her chest.
Never ever let Ciara take alcohol.
“Alright. I’ll carry you” I say and she happily stepped out and jumped on my back. I walk inside and open the door to my room.
“We’re home” I say but she only hums
I gently placed her on the bed only to realize that she was fast asleep.
I tried taking off her clothes but I didn’t. what if she wakes up and doesn’t see her clothes. she’ll think I tried to have sex with her.
But she’s really wet. what if she gets cold or sick at night.
she should think whatever she wants to but I’m taking it off. I quickly took off her clothes. Her skin is so soft. I haven’t really seen her like this but now that I have, I just can’t stop looking. I shifted my gaze and covered her the blanket. she was snoring lightly and I switched off the light and left the room.
I slept on the couch in the living room..
Gosh… what a night.!

To be continued

Written by Jackie

😂😂😂😂🤣. See what alcohol turned Ciara into.

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