Married to Mr. Right Episodes 13&14


“are you fully packed?” Brian asked me stuffing my luggage inside the car.
I nod “Yes that’s all”
“Have you called penny?” he asked again
“Yes I have. she’ll be here in a while” I say not looking at him.
My eyes were fixed somewhere else. I’m leaving the country and i couldn’t say one “Goodbye” to my parents and Brian doesn’t seem concerned about it. he just acts like he doesn’t care.
part of me feels like murdering him right here and now.
I notice him glance at his watch. I guess he was getting pissed off with penny running late.
I hope she doesn’t come so we can cancel.
We waited for about half an hour before penny came running to us. but surprisingly, she didn’t come prepared. just a clutch hanging on her shoulders.
“What took you so long penny, we’ve been worried sick and we’re running late” Brian stresses out.
“I had to take care of a lot of things and the bad news is that I won’t be coming with you” she said
“W-What?” I asked stuttering.
“But Mom said—” Brian trailed off
“Yeah she did but I can’t come. I’ve already told her and she agreed to it.”
I quickly held Penny’s hand and walked her to a corner.
“Penny you have to come” I say but she didn’t seem interested
“No Ciara. it’s your honeymoon. you have to spend time with Brian alone” she said stressing the “Alone”
“I don’t want to go alone with Brian. He’ll always be around till we get back.” I say panicking
“It’s just for a couple of weeks. I’m sure you can handle it”
“No it’s actually for a month and no, I can’t handle it. penny you promised you’d go” I say like a little child begging for candy. and for the record, I am begging for candy which is actually penny.
“Come on Ciara. I don’t want to get in your way and besides you’re good at everything, cooking, cleaning so my presence won’t be actually needed there” she said taking my hand “I know you’re scared but I trust you. everything would be fine alright” she added.
“I don’t want to go”
“You actually promised Brian’s parents that you’d be there so you have to be there” she smoothed my hair with her hands and kissed my head.
“I’ll miss you” I blurt out, extending my hands for a hug.
“I’ll miss you too child” she said before pulling away from the embrace.
“Now be a good girl over there” she cautioned
“can’t make any promises” I say before walking up to Brian.
“Are you done with your little meeting” Brian asked immediately he saw us.
“Yes we are” penny replies. I just remained silent.
He made out with a girl on my matrimonial bed and has the guts to ask me questions? f--k the nerve of this guy.
I scoff.
She hugged Brian and waved at us as we got into the car. Brian started the engines and drove to the airport.
All through the drive, I remained silent not wanting to talk to Brian. he’s a jerk.
I just threw my face outside the window as the cool breeze blew across my face.
He played a song on the radio and I hummed to the tune.
The drive was smooth. but my mind kept on thinking.
Why didn’t penny want to come with us?
maybe Brian told her off. He’s capable of doing anything.
We arrived at the airport and checked in.
The PA system announced our flight after a few minutes.
“That’s our flight. we have to go” Brian said walking away and I stood up and trailed after him.
I was feeling a bit sad.
I’m going to another country far away from my parents and I’m a bit scared cause I’ve never really travelled by air. this was my first time.
We got into the plane and was given a place to sit. I sat next to Brian. The flight attendant gave a few lessons on how to put on a seat belt. blah blah.
The flight was to last for four hours.
so we’re gonna be sitting here for four hours.
I was really nervous and my Palm was already sweaty.
My heart kept on thudding against my chest.
And my breath came in pants. one after the other.
“Are you okay?” Brian asked staring at me. I guess he already noticed how scared I was.
“I’m fine” I say trying not to talk to him at all.
Some minutes later, the plane was ready for take off.
I shut my eyes tightly holding my seat together.
I was d--n scared.
Just then I felt a hand on mine. I suddenly became calm. I took a peek only to see Brian’s hand on mine.
Why is he holding me? what’s going on?
“Relax. I could tell you were frightened. my parents held my hands like this on my first flight. it’s completely normal” he said not looking at me
“Thank you” I said.
He let go when we were perfectly flying on the air.
They served us some snacks two hours later.
D--n, I was nauseating. I felt like I was gonna puke in the next minute.
My stomach had already tied a knot.
I shut my eyes and before I knew it, I fell asleep.
“Hey wake up. we’re almost there” I heard someone calling out to me. I opened my eyes only to see Brian.
“Finally” I said sitting upright.
The plane landed at a airport in Hawaii and we all exited.
“Hi Ciara” A voice called and I turned to see Darren walking up to me.
“I almost didn’t recognize you” he added
“OMG Darren” I said giving him a hug. I noticed Brian’s face turn sour.
“What are you doing here?” I ask
“Well the article you wrote was a blast and the company’s going great now. I’m here to meet some investors.”
he said and just then I missed my old job back
“That’s great. so how’s my parents” I ask
“They’re OK. Maybe since you’re here, we could probably go out or spend some time together” he said. I guess he doesn’t know I’m married now.
Brian coughed and walked up to me wrapping his hands around my waist and pulling me closer to him possessively.
Darren looked surprised as his eyes trailed to Brian’s hand on my waist.
what’s wrong with him.
I tried pulling away from his grip but he only tightens his hand.
“Don’t forget that we are married in the eyes of people” he, whispers to me.
does it really matter.
“Hi I’m Brian. Ciara’s husband. we’re here on our honeymoon” he tells Darren who gave me a surprised stare
“Are you married Ciara” he asked not believing in what he just heard from Brian.
“I just told you that we are. take a, look” he said raising my hands and flaunting it across Darren’s face so that he could actually see the ring.
“Yes. I’m married Darren” I finally managed to say “I’m sorry”
“Let’s go Ciara.” Brian said still not letting go.
I pushed him away when we’ve walked a bit farther from Darren.
“What did you do that for?” I ask
“He can’t just ask you out on a date when we’re both married” he tells me
“Really?” I ask placing my hand on my hip. “are we really married.”
“Say you want Ciara but we’re married”
“So you can flirt and have sex when you want to and I shouldn’t?” I scoff “Need I remind you that you said you’re gonna stay away from me so I’m free to do what I want”
“So what? you want to snuggle on a bed with him right here”
“excuse me. Have you forgotten that you snuggled up with Janelle last night!” I ask but he only runs his hand through his hair
“So what? you want to get back at me?”
“you’re lucky I’m not that kind of girl. I won’t mind kissing him in front of you” I yell
“Don’t start Ciara”
“oh please. see why I never wanted to come on this f-----g honeymoon.”
“He was flirting with you”
“it’s not like it’s a bad thing. you flirt with girls don’t you and besides Darren is a friend of mine. you don’t have to act all possessive as if we’re really married OK” I say
“Fine you can do what you want”
“Thank you” I say and we threw our faces at the other direction not wanting to talk to the other.
We are married?
What a joke!!!

Episode 14

We took a cab at the airport and drove off to only who knows where.
Our tourist guide couldn’t stop preaching about the goddamned place.
Brian was already feeling tired of the ride. it was way out of town.
“The beach here is nice. The sun is magnificent. wait till you get out on the sand with the wind in your hair. you’ll have a great time over here in Hawaii” he said drifting to the left.
“Do they have a, place where you can keep annoying people” I ask making Brian turn his face to look at me.
The driver laughed.
“Most times.” he said chuckling
“great” I giggle
“And hope the clubs are nice too. I heard you have a great night club over here. you know, where you can meet incredibly gorgeous and sexy girls” he said trying to annoy me
“Maybe we could go together. I’ll love to be around those handsome and muscly dudes” I said trying to hold back my laugh. Brian was already flaring up. he started it.
“Are you guys here for a vacation?” the driver asked
“Yes we are. right Brian?” I said but he didn’t respond.
he just folded his hand and threw his face outside the window.
The drive went smoothly until we arrived at our house.
it was beautifully decorated.
there was a garden outside and a swing set in the middle.
the lawn was neatly trimmed with tall trees around.
Someone must’ve put a lot of thought into this, just for a honeymoon.
“Enjoy your stay here” he waved before driving away.
Brian took the bags inside.
I trailed behind him.
“Nice house” I compliment “oh and look. I guess we have neighbors”
“Quit guessing and help me out will ya” he said
“Quit whining. you sound like a child” I said pulling the stuff inside.
The inside of the house was even more beautiful than the outside.
The draperies on the wall.
the kitchen let and the rooms were pretty clean too.
Looks like I will sleep on the couch since there’s just one bed in the middle of a big room.
I glanced at my watch.
it was almost sunset.
Great, one day almost down and many days to go. stuck with Brian.
We both did some cleaning and arranged our stuff.
When we finished, it was already late so I thought of making dinner while Brian took a shower.
I opened the fridge and it was fully stocked. enough supplies to last for a week or two.
I settled for spaghetti and meatballs.
It’s already late so he’ll have to make do.
“Ciara” Brian called
“What is it?” I ask not bothering to look at him.
“Did you see my T-shirt. the one with the purple stripes?” he asked and I heaved
“of course not Brian. we don’t share one luggage and how do you expect me to know about your d--n T-shirt” I groaned putting the spaghetti into a bowl.
“It was here a minute ago” he said
“You are impossible—” I stopped when my eyes caught the sight of Brian’s body.
The beads of water trailed down his abs down to his torso.
I gulped.
I’ve never seen Brian shirtless before.
Water! I need to drink something.
I blinked and turned to face the other side.
“Brian please put on something” I begged
“why? I’m perfectly fine like this” he said smirking.
“Brian!” I yelled
“Alright. I’ll get dressed” he said and walked out to the direction of the bedroom.
Be calm Ciara. he’s gone now.
I almost had a heart attack.
I Cooked dinner and served it on the table.
Brian finally wore a shirt and sat down to eat and so did I.
It was already some minutes past nine.
We ate for a while before we heard a thunderstorm followed by a lightening bolt.
“Looks like it’s gonna rain soon” Brian said and I glanced outside the window only to see dark clouds.
I quickly stood up to bolt the window.
“First day of coming to a new country, and it just had to rain” I muttered under my breath
“Looks like everywhere in this world hates you” He said
I guess he heard what I said.
I scoffed and sat down to join him.
We finished eating and I cleared the table, trying to wash the dishes when suddenly the power went out.
“Oh shit” Brian cursed
“Is this some kind of joke” I whispered to myself. I hate the dark.
immediately after the power went out, it started to rain.
“Brian do something”
“What do you want me to do? can’t you see its raining” he asked.
Isn’t there a lamp here or something?
“Brian I’m scared” I blurt out
“Oh so you can yell but you’re scared of the dark?” he teased “unbelievable”
I felt something on my legs and jumped on Brian’s body.
“Brian there’s something on the floor” I said holding onto him pretty tight.
“Really and what was that?” he asked. I could feel his warm breath on my shoulder.
“I don’t know. perhaps a mouse” I guessed
“A mouse on the floor? nice one Ciara”
He tried to put me down but I only held on
“Don’t put me down please. just switch on the light or something” I said
he sighed “ok hang on” he said and walked.
A few minutes later, the lights came on.
“you can come down now. there’s nothing to be scared of” he said and I raised my head slowly to see. my eyes caught his but I looked away.
He gently put me down and the room became awkward all of a sudden.
“Sorry for that” I said and he sat down.
I also sat down too.
I folded my legs together.
I was shaking
“This would’ve been a good time to watch a horror movie” he sighed
This honeymoon sucks. I literally want to go back home.
i almost jumped out of my skin when I heard another lightening bolt.
“Let’s play a game Ciara” he tells me.
I shook my head “no. I’m not in the mood for that”
“I can’t believe you’re this scared. don’t tell me you’re afraid of the dark”
“Of course I am. what if this house is haunted? have you thought of that?”
“yes I have which is completely insane”
“Ever since we got here bad things keep on happening”
“The rain disrupted the power supply so that’s a logical explanation” he said “there is no such things as ghosts or haunted houses. it’s just a myth” he adds
I still don’t believe it.
maybe it’s a sign that we shouldn’t have come here in the first place… d--n.
“Truth or dare” he said bringing me back from my quick reverie
“Truth” I reply sharply
“How old are you?” he asked
“Are you scared that maybe I’m older than you” I said rolling my eyes
“Just answer”
“I’m 22” I say. my eyes searching round the house.
“my turn”
“Truth or dare”
“I hate dare so I’ll go with truth” he snapped
“Great. so why’d you get married to me?” I asked and he took one look at me and turned his eyes to look at the ceiling.
“Let’s skip that”
“not fair. I answered mine”
“you know what let’s forget about the game. it’s dumb anyway”
“OK then” I reply
“Great. time for bed” he yawns sprawling out from the couch
“you’re not going to leave me here. all alone. in this pitched dark house”
“sure I can”
“I hate you Brian” I sneered
“the feeling is mutual” he said and started walking away.
“Brian” I yell
“what is it”
“please. I don’t wanna die.” I said with pleading eyes
“Fine” he growled and took a seat next to me.
I felt his arms rubbing against mine occasionally.
It felt pretty nice.
“It feels great to be here again” he said in a low voice
“Be here again? what’s that?”
“This is my parents house. they built it. mom always wanted me to come here on my honeymoon when I got married” he explained
“To Janelle” I ask
“Mom doesn’t know about Janelle. she’s just a fling”
“okay. you’re very lucky you have a family to love you like yours do.” I said
“What about your family. I’m pretty sure they care unlike mine”
“your parents love you Brian. they do. I saw it for myself. you’re just getting it all wrong. I found out that I wasn’t even a part my family. it was pretty hard. I tried to impress them. be the daughter they would be so proud of only to wake up to the reality that I was picked up from the streets. it was painful” I buried my head on my legs as the memories flooded through my head.
“I’m sorry”
“it’s okay. I realize that you can’t really miss the things you never had right?”
“I guess”
I yawned
“Ciara I… ” he trailed off but I was practically dozing off.
He guided my head and placed it on his shoulders and I drifted off to sleep…

To be continued

Written by Jackie

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