Married to Mr. Right Episodes 17&18


“Good morning sleeping beauty” I heard Brian’s voice in my sleep.
I opened my eyes to adjust the rays of sun passing through them.
i sat upright on the bed as the blanket fell to the bed.
I had forgotten that I was half naked until I heard Brian Cough
“What’s wrong?” I ask.
he didn’t say anything but pointed at my chest.
I looked down only to realize that I was just in my bra which exposed my cleavages. I quickly pulled up the sheets to cover my body.
I looked at Brian, he turned his head to the other side.
why is he acting like he’s never seen a naked woman before? I’m pretty sure Janelle Walks round the house in nudes giving him a chance to wander his eyes over her body and here he was pretending.
“Good morning” I greeted Brian who placed a tray containing tea and muffins.
“Rise and shine sleeping head”
I grinned, holding my head.
“Are you okay?”
I look up to meet his eyes “yeah I’m fine. I’m just having a migraine that’s all” I explained
“I guess it was the alcohol. you had a lot to drink yesterday” he said placing his Palm on my forehead.
I raised my head to look at him. his eyes were fixed on my head so I stared down.
“Do you want to see a doctor?”
I shook my head no.
he’s acting different. not a bad different but a good one.
I could get used to this side of Brian.
I mean I couldn’t forget the kiss he gave me last night.
d--n! it’s all so complicated
Does he like me?
or a more important question, Am I starting to like Brian?
What if he’s doing all this cause he’s missing Janelle?
or what if he changes when he sees Janelle?
no, I can’t risk it.
I can’t love him
it’s not going to be possible.
I’m sure he’s doing all this cause he feels as if it’s a responsibility and especially cause we’re alone together and that I have no where to go.
But that doesn’t explain the kiss kiss does it?
I scanned my brain for answers
“You need to rest. you’ll be fine I promise” he tells me and I smile.
F--k Ciara, don’t smile.
you hate Brian okay.
He’s not really your husband. maybe he is but it’s just on paper.
I reached for the tray to eat breakfast.
“you made this for me?” I asked a little bit surprised. I wasn’t expecting this at all.
“I did. you’ve been doing all the house chores so I thought I’d do something nice for you. I picked up my clothes from the floor—” he paused and looked up to meet my eyes cause he kinda noticed that I was staring at him.
I looked at the floor to confirm the truth and he was right. there was nothing on the floor.
What is going on?
“You really picked them up? why?”
“I realized that you were the one who normally pick them up every morning” he said with a smile.
I blinked twice, no thrice,
“Brian are you okay? are you sick perhaps? Are you having a fever?” I ask
“You better eat up before it gets cold and don’t get used to it. i might change my mind later so enjoy it while it lasts” he said and walked to the door leaving me completely astonished.
“Is this happening right now?” I whispered to myself “What kind of angel visited Brian Last night” I questioned myself as I picked up the glass to take a sip.
“He even brought me breakfast in bed”
the thought of it made me smile.
I slapped myself countless times to stop myself from blushing.
I woke up from bed and walked into the bathroom to bathe.
After having my shower, I scanned the wardrobe for clothes.
I don’t know why but somehow something in me decided to put on something smashing.
not that its for Brian but a lady has to look good once in a while.
I settled for a flair gown.
then styled my hair and applied some makeup.
“All done” I say staring at the mirror.
“What if he doesn’t like this?” I thought again “he doesn’t have to. it’s not like I’m wearing it for him”
who am I kidding?
“I won’t change it. i don’t care if he likes it or not. I didn’t wear it for him. I wore it cause I like it. that’s right Ciara. he doesn’t love you so it shouldn’t matter to you whether he likes it or not” my mental self slapped me.
I turned to go when I noticed Brian standing there. he looked at me like he’s seen a ghost or someone who’s having a brain disorder.
I cleared my throat “Have you… have you been standing here for a long time?”
he shook his head no.
I nodded “so you didn’t hear anything?
“is there something you wanted me to hear?” he asked giving me the look
“No. nothing at all” I said nervously
“Why are you wearing that” he asked and I became self conscious all of a sudden.
“You mean this?” I said pointing at the dress
“you’ve never worn something like this before. do you have a date with someone?”
“No I—”
“its okay. you don’t have to explain anything to me. you look actually different but in a good way. you’re pretty. whoever you wore this for, the guy must be very lucky” he said before walking out the door.
I should’ve known. I was such a fool for thinking that he’d actually like it.
I better change. I don’t want to look like an idiot in front of him again.
I can’t believe he doesn’t like it.
oh Ciara. how could you be so stupid?
I was about taking it off when the door flew open again. it was Brian I know so I didn’t bother to look.
“why are you taking it off?”
“I don’t like it” I simply replied
“But you looked good in it”
“no. don’t flatter me. I look terrible in it. which is why, I’m never wearing it again” I remark
“what if I say you should wear it?” he asked and I turned to look at him.
“Not that I’m stopping you. I wanted us to go out and explore this place and it looks suitable for the occasion.” he said running his hands through his hair
“You want us to go out? like on a date?”
“Um… yes if you call it that but if you don’t want to then its completely fine”
I smiled “I would love to go”
“Then don’t change. I wasn’t lying when I said you looked really pretty in this. I’ll wait for you in the living room” he said before closing the door.
Brian actually called me pretty? he thinks I’m pretty?
I decided not to take it off and went out to meet him.
“So are you ready?”
“Yeah but what about Alex and Jake? won’t they be joining us?”
“Maybe next time. they’re sleeping in today so they said it’s fine if we go on without them” he said and I nod
“Here. wear this” he said putting a sun hat on my head and a shawl round my neck.
“So where are we going?” I ask
“I don’t know. wherever the road takes us” he said with a grin on his face.
“okay” I say and we both head out the door.
We took a cab to a restaurant and got inside.
we sat down and Brian took the menu card while I just stared at him.
“Aren’t you going to order something?” he asked
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was supposed to” in said picking up the card. he only smiles.
“Haven’t gone out on a date before?” he asks
“This is my first date.” I say staring at the menu.
“Your first date?”
“you mean you’ve never been asked out before? so you never had a boyfriend?” he gave me a puzzled look
“I have been asked out before. I just wasn’t ready. I had to work for my family so I never really gave it a thought” I said
“so you mean I took your first kiss? you never even kissed in high school?” he asked
“I guess some people has other things in their lives which are more important than a romantic relationship don’t you think Mr Salter?” I ask still not looking at him
he didn’t respond.
“You never really had anyone to care about your needs so you took it all on yourself didn’t you?” he asked and I couldn’t respond “don’t worry I’ll take care of you from now on okay?”
“you’re not serious”
“I am. let’s start by knowing the things you love. so what’s your favorite color?”.
” yellow?” I respond
“Favorite ice cream?”
“Vanilla” I reply
“favorite song?”
“I don’t really know”
“okay” he reply.
he called the Waiter and whispered something to her ears. is he flirting with her?
She smiled and walked away.
I guess people don’t really change.
She returned later with a huge glass containing vanilla ice cream.
I smiled trying to take it in.
“Is this what you were whispering to her?” I asked still smiling
“Yeah. you thought I was asking her out?”
“No I didn’t”
“thank you” I say and he nods.
We finished eating and bought some for home.
“Thank you for today” I say but he didn’t say anything.
I walked up him.
“Brian?” I called and he turned to look at me
I kissed him on his cheeks.
I don’t know why I did but I just felt it was right.
He walked towards me and I took a step back till I hit the wall.
He caged me in still staring at me.
he tucked a strand of hair behind my ears and brought his face down to mine.
I closed my eyes as I felt his breathe on my face.
He was about to kiss me when suddenly the door flew open…

Episode 18

“Hope we’re not disrupting anything”
I heard Alex voice and quickly pulled away from Brian.
I was trying to compose myself but heaven knows it’s not working. I’m sure Alex saw everything but pretended as if she didn’t.
“Hi.” I called
“Hello” Jake said holding Alex by her shoulders and pulling her closer to himself.
“How are you guys doing?” Brian asked shaking hands with Brian while Alex smiled at me.
“We’re cool. sorry for today. Alex was really down so I had to take care of her.” Jake explained
“no it’s okay”
“So how did it go?”
“It was alright.” I said smiling sheepishly.
I was thinking about everything that happened earlier before they arrived.
Alex excused herself from Jake and walked into the room with me while the guys talked about random stuff.
“So.. ” she trailed off after shutting the door behind her “how did it go?”
“it was alright. how are you feeling now?” I ask
“I’m good. I am never drinking again”
“Classic” I teased
“I feel so sad that we missed today’s fun. I wanted to come but Jake insisted that I stay” she say.
“it’s okay. he’s only looking out for you?”
“I feel like a child” she whines
“Of course you are. To Jake” I say and he smiles
“I know you guys had fun last night. the alcohol was literally in your head” she say causing me to laugh.
“I wish that happened cause we didn’t.”
“He didn’t touch you?” she asked
“Sex? No. I don’t think I’m ready for that” I say.
“But you guys are married. you should be planning on having kids or aren’t you?”
“Nope we’re not. at least not now. you see Brian was a bit of a player before we got married. I don’t think he’s changed” I tell her
“so you mean you don’t know that he likes you?”
“Likes me? what are you talking about?”
“Haven’t you noticed the intense stare he gives to you or the way he behaves. he likes you” she tells me.
“Alex I think I’ll know it when I see it. I’m scared of opening up and getting my heart hurt in the process. I don’t want to experience that kind of pain” I explain to her
“I hope you’re right. For all you know Brian could be your MR RIGHT. ”
“I doubt that” I say and just then we heard a knock on the door.
“Who is it. we’re having a girls party in here” Alex half yells while I laugh
“Oh sorry but I think your husband is going to suffer a heartache if he doesn’t see his wife soon” Brian says and she quickly gets up
“Alright we’re coming” Alex says pulling me up from the bed “Let’s go” she orders and I follow behind her.
We arrive at the living room where the guys were obviously having another drink without us.
“Hey” Alex shouts grabbing the glass from Jake “You forgot about me”
“Not really” he says taking it back “I just don’t want you getting drunk. you barely survived yesterday’s round” Jake teases causing us to laugh.
My eyes caught Brian’s and he was giving me multiple signs I couldn’t understand.
First he would grab his hair and Pat a seat next to him.
I nodded no after realizing that he actually wanted me to seat right next to him on the couch.
What’s wrong with him.
I sighed and glanced at Alex or Jake to see if they were watching the drama but thankfully they were lost in their romantic conversation.
“Come here” Brian whispered softly to me.
“No I don’t want to” I whispered back.
this was turning to a whispering competition.
“don’t make me kiss you” he threatened
“Duhhh as if” I said sticking out my tongue like a three year old.
“please Ciara or I’m gonna—” he said holding onto his throat as if he’s gonna strangle himself.
I started smiling sheepishly.
like a little girl who’ve just been offered candy.
“Why are you smiling?” Alex asked breaking Into my thoughts
“Nothing” I lied
“So” Jake trailed off “How about we go hiking in the woods for a couple of days, maybe two”
“Hiking???” I half yell “Why do we need to go hiking?”
“to spend some time in the wild. trust me you’re gonna love it” Alex adds
“Not unless you’re stuck with the heat and all the freaky bugs” I tell them.
“I love it. the idea of being in the wild is going to be amazing, right Ciara” Brian asks.
can’t he just say no.
what’s his problem.
I hate him.
“Okay then I’m coming too.” I say
“So when are we leaving?” Brian asks
“Tomorrow and don’t try to chicken Ciara. you’ve got us” Jake tells me and i smile
“Thanks Jake” I say
“welcome. we’ll be going now” Alex says before finally shutting the door behind her.
I was already feeling uncomfortable again. is he going to kiss me again? What if he tries to?
He stood up from the couch and my heartbeat has increased ten times the normal rate.
He walked towards me and I tried to hold it back together and just then he walked inside like I was invisible or something.
Is he mad because I didn’t sit close to him like he wanted?
I really wanted to but I wasn’t sure. I’m really not used to this side of Brian at all.
It’s too different for me and everything is moving so fast and it’s seems as if I’m falling for him. And I don’t want him to think that or he’ll end up using me just like the other girls he had dated.
For all I know, He could be in love with Janelle.
Should I fight for Brian? is he worth it? I know I have all the right in this world to do so cause he is my husband but what If???
He walked out of the room and came back sitting on the couch.
“Brian?” I call
“Should I make you dinner? are you hungry?” I ask
“Not really?” he replied then looks at my face like he’s forgotten something.
“What’s wrong?”
“Come on. let me show you something” he says grabbing my wrist in one hand and his jacket in the other.
We head out the door to a place only he knows where.
We arrived at the beach and sat down on the sand.
The place was a bit dark. I was scared that Brian was trying to kidnap me. Although I saw some human figures walking too.
“Is this what you wanted to show me? The water and the sand?” I say in a, sarcastic manner.
“Okay I need you to close your eyes.” he tells me
I gave him the close-your-eyes-for-what look but he only smiles
“you’re going to love it trust me” he tells me and I close them.
“Now can I open them?” I ask but he replys know
“Alright you can open them now” he said giving me a light shove on my elbow and I let out a laugh before finally opening them.
was all I could say. the entire sky was filled with fire crackers that reflected numerous colours in the sky.
“You like it don’t you?”
“I love it. look at that one over there” I say pointing at the sky.
“it looks more like Ciara” he teases and I gave him a, slap.
“Oh look there’s a shooting star” I say “let’s make a wish” I tell him
“Wishes don’t come true. it’s pointless” he says lying down on the sand.
“Okay to make it interesting. Whoever’s wish comes true owes the other a free meal” I say and just then I noticed a smirk on his face.
somehow I’m regretting what I just said
“I like that but to make it more interesting, the loser has to kiss the winner” he says
“Alright” I nod in agreement
“Great. here’s comes another shooting star” he says pointing at the sky and we both close our eyes to make our wishes.
“What did you wish for?” he asks me
“You can’t ask what I wished for or it won’t come true” I say
“Have it your way then” He says standing up and pulling me up as well.
“Let’s have dinner” he tells me and we walk into a restaurant to have our meal.
After eating, we decided to go back home.
On our way, Brian bought me the biggest candyfloss I’ve ever seen.
We walked to the direction of our home when we saw a cart on the roadside.
There was a lady selling different kinds of Jewelries and accessories.
Most people stood there to buy one thing or the other.
Brian decided that we take a look.
He scanned the entire jewelry and settled for two matching necklaces.
“Give that to the person you love and you’ll be together forever” the lady tells him.
He pays for it and takes both.
He wore one and put the other one in his pockets.
“Let’s go” he tells me and I nod.
Who’s the other one for?
Is he in love with someone else?
Is it Janelle?
I mean it has, to be right. he’s even thinking of how and bought matching necklaces for the two of them.
I should’ve known.
Am I getting jealous?
“Ciara?” I heard him call
I stopped licking the candy and looked at him.
“come here” he ordered
I walked up to him. I couldn’t believe he’s walked that far.
“Hold up your hair” he tells me and I did.
He stood at my back and the next thing I knew. He wore me the necklace and hooked it on my neck.
I opened my mouth to say something but words weren’t coming out
“I’ve not seen the person I want to be with yet so please hold onto it till she comes” he tells me
I couldn’t help but smile
“Thank you” I tell him “And thank you for also bringing me to watch the crackers that lit up in the sky” I added
“You’re welcome.”
I can’t believe this is happening
“Yes Brian” I reply.
He didn’t say anything but came closer to me. He leaned foward and placed his lips on mine while pulling me closer to him.
We finally pulled away.
I didn’t say anything cause my cheeks were turning red.
“Looks like I won” he muttered amidst laughter
“Won what?” I asked clueless of what he was talking about
“Our bet. my wish was to kiss you and I finally did so you owe me a kiss and a free meal as well”
“That’s… that’s not possible. for all we know, you could be lying”
“That’s why I asked you to tell me what you wished for but you said it won’t come true and looks like I won so Mrs Ciara Salter. I believe you owe me a kiss now” he says while I stood there like a statue staring at him in disbelief as he started laughing hysterically…

To be continued

Written by Jackie

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