Married to Mr. Right Episodes 19&20


“I believe you owe me a kiss now” he says while I stood there like a statue staring at him in disbelief as he started laughing hysterically.
“A… a kiss?” I stuttered causing him to laugh really hard. is the kiss really that funny?
he cleared his throat “don’t worry you can do it. it’s just a harmless kiss and we’ve kissed on countless occasions before right?” he asked but I didn’t respond. just then he leaned forward “are you scared Ciara?”
he seems to be enjoying this. I bit my lips as I weighed over the pros and cons in my mind.
why is he asking me to kiss him?
he’s never done something like this before.
Maybe it’s one of his tricks to see if I’ve finally fallen for him.
He must think I’m crazy. well I was actually crazy to make a bet With a guy like Brian.
Who does he think he is to ask me to kiss him.
I let out a breath as I stared at his face.
I took a step closer to where he stood.
it’s now or never Ciara.
I wrapped my hands around his neck and drew his face closer to mine.
I brought my lips closer to his and when I saw that he was already in the mood for the kiss, I shifted my lips and kissed his cheeks instead.
I let go when I was done.
“Wait I don’t understand”
“Understand what?” I ask
“you were supposed to kiss me” he said giving me an intense stare.
“and I just did”.
” that was a peck on the cheeks” he countered
“Since when did you care about kissing me?” I asked “it’s all so very strange” I said silently to myself
“But you didn’t play fair”
“Fair? and how do I know that you’re playing fair? There’s no guarantee to that. And besides, a kiss is a kiss irrespective of where my lips touch” I said suddenly feeling bold and proud of myself
“Just look, my candyfloss is all melted” I whined
“Well my heart just melted” he said quietly but I really heard him. “so I won’t get my meal too?”
“of course. what would you like?”
“I don’t know. surprise me” he said and turned to go.
“Surprise you? you have got to be kidding me Mr Salter” I said grabbing his arm. he turned to look at me. I took my hands off his arm when I realized what I just did.
am I mad? how did it get up there?
I have to put myself in control otherwise he’ll think I’m falling hard for him.
I was lost in my thoughts that I missed my step on a rock and fell down.
“Ouch” I cried in pain
Brian stopped and ran back to meet me
“Now what did you do!” he asked feeling a lot concerned. don’t mind me. I think it’s the candyfloss talking.
“Does it hurt” he said touching my feet and I winced.
“A lot”
“Guess we’ll have to see a doctor tomorrow. get up” he said holding my hand.
“Try taking a step” he told me but I couldn’t. the pain was too much for a light fall.
“Come on get on my back” he ordered
“Another piggy back ride?”
“you want to get on or stay here for the rest of the night asking questions?”
“getting on would be a much easier option” I said and got on his back. no complaints. I got on and he stood up for home.
“Stop shaking. you’re more heavier than an elephant” he teased. I know he did cause I could hear him laughing.
“I’m not shaking’
” You know what Ciara, you shouldn’t have faked the fall. you would’ve just told me to carry you and I will. you see there’s no reason to pretend ” he smirked
“Pretend? And why would I do that? there are tons of guys who would be lining up to carry me. don’t get way over your head” I said pinching his ears and he winced
“Ouch it hurts”
“Doesn’t hurt as much as mine. one more word from you and you will regret it”
“OK ma’am” he replies making me bite my lower lip to hold in my laughter.
I don’t know what’s wrong and why I’m laughing but everything seems strange and different.
I couldn’t help but reminisce about everything that brought Brian and I together.
I don’t want to say it but I don’t think I regret signing those papers.
Maybe this was fate’s way of bringing us together.
“Um… ma’am, we’re home” he said disrupting my thoughts.
“um thanks” I said and rushed into the house.
“it’s getting late so let’s watch a movie, I’ll go shower first” he said before walking inside the house and straight to our room. I can’t believe I just said that.
I quickly thought of making Popcorn for the movie. He came back some minutes later wearing only a pair of shots.
Must he always try to seduce me with his incredible, beautiful and gorgeous body. I couldn’t help but stare—I think I was drooling.
“come sit” he said tapping a space next to him on the couch. I sat down and passed the popcorn to him. I was getting used to all the attention these days.
that reminds me, Brian hasn’t called Janelle for a long time, I wonder why.
I watched him put the popcorn into his mouth and crunched on it. I stare at his hands then to his lips.
F--k! he’s d--n handsome. I mean I know he his but I haven’t noticed it till now. I guess it’s cause we’re always fighting. what’s wrong with you Ciara? you don’t love this guy… do i?
“He can’t even propose properly” Brian says and I turn to look at the TV.
The guy on the screen was looking kinda confused and was already sweating. I wonder why Brian played this movie. he was the horror guy and I was the romance girl.
the scenario of the movie caused me to laugh really hard making Brian think I’ve gone nuts.
“why are you laughing?” he asks
“he looks stupid” I said pointing to the TV.
“not everyone is good at asking OK. don’t make it such a big deal’ he said trying to defend the character.
I laughed really hard but stopped when I heard Brian say ” Although I’m better than him ”
“Says who” I was forced to ask “you never asked me to marry you let alone propose to me”
I wonder why I said that.
“there wasn’t any reason to” he said obviously trying to end the conversation.
I hissed feeling angry all of a sudden
“and” he continued “we weren’t in love and I never thought I would make it this far with you Ciara.” he said but not in regret rather in sheer happiness.
I think Brian is feeling something about our marriage and not just me.
I turn to look at him.
“Do you regret it?” I ask expecting a sincere reply.
he scratched the back of his head trying to think.
“I don’t know. You?” he asks
“I don’t know too” I say and he nods.
“you know” I started “I’ve always wanted to have a perfect relationship with the man I marry. I’ve always fantasized just being the only woman he’ll stare at, the only one he’ll ever love and be with for the rest of his life” I sighed “but then I got stuck with you”
“Don’t make it sound like it’s a bad thing”
I giggle
he stares at me.
“Ciara can I be completely honest with you?” he asks and I nod putting a popcorn in my mouth.
“You know ever since we became this close, I don’t know but I feel like… ” he paused staring deep into my eyes.
“like what”
he closes his eyes for a moment before opening them again.
“I think I’m falling in love with you” he says and just then my heart skipped a beat.
Episode 20

“I… I don’t understand what you’re talking about” I say feeling nervous and scared at the same time.
why am I feeling so hot? where did all the cool air vanish too. oh dear Lord, what is happening now?
“Ciara” he calls holding my hand but I suddenly flinched leaving him confused and worried at the same time.
“I’m… I’m sorry”
“It’s okay. I didn’t mean to shock you like that”
“Brian… ” I say and closed my eyes for a minute or two
“I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s possible” I say after giving it some thought.
“what’s not possible?”
“you and I in a romantic relationship,” I say in a low voice like someone who’s about to cry.
“I don’t think it’s ever going to work”
I breathed hard.
“And why not?”
is he asking me a question that he also knows the answer to, to prolong the argument.
“I mean we’re both married”
“Signed a contract” I correct him
he rolls his eyes and continues “we live under one roof and we’re both in love with each other” he says and my eyes suddenly flew open.
“we’re in love?”
“I know you love me Ciara” he says stating the obvious
“I don’t love you Brian”
it came as a shock even to me.
“Ciara you’re lying and you know you are”
“So what if I really do love you? what’s the guarantee that you won’t just leave me when you feel like? what if it’s just a bet between you and Janelle to see if I’m completely head over heels for you?”
“There’s nothing between Janelle and I” he points out
“True but she was once in your life Brian. she was your sex machine and you both have history together and… ”
“Forget about Janelle” he cuts me off “I’m talking about us and not Janelle. make the conversation about us. why can’t you give me a chance. let’s sort this out”
“Brian I can’t”
“Because I know the kind of guy you are. I don’t think a man who constantly have sex on our matrimonial bed can be a good husband and love me the way I want him to. cause one day he’ll get tired and repeat the shit again” I say standing up .
I turn to the direction of the bedroom.
“So you’re just going to leave?”
“yes. I’m going to leave and please don’t say this ever again.” I say and turn to go
“Ciara please let’s just talk about this”
“there’s nothing to talk about Brian. it just won’t work out. You’ve always made me cry. you stopped me from seeing my family and I don’t even know if they’re dead or alive. I stopped working because of you. I had to put my dreams on hold because of you. And now you’re saying this is going to work? how? we can’t just start being romantic because you’re asking for it now.
I’m sorry Brian but I don’t think whatever I felt or feeling for you right now is love. it’s stupidity and I’m a fool to fall in love with you despite everything you’ve put me through. please just stop cause you’re hurting me by saying all this. this isn’t love OK.” I say before finally walking out on him.
I gently close the door to the bedroom and slump on the bed. what was he thinking saying all those things to me? I know I’m falling for him but I just can’t trust him. I don’t think he’ll ever remain faithful to me. He has been a flirt for the greater part of his life and I can’t deal with that right now.
Brian didn’t sleep on the bed that night, I knew cause each time I open my eyes, he’s spot was empty and I started to miss him even though I was a fool to admit it. the night was quite cold.
I woke up quite early and decided to have a glass of water from the Fridge.
I walked past the living room and my eyes caught Brian at the far end of the couch. he was shivering really bad.
what’s wrong with him? I wanted to ignore but my heart was in complete control of my entire body.
“Brian” I call but no response. I rushed to the room and grabbed the sheets from the bed. I quickly pulled it up on his body.
this is all my fault.
I guess I’m the reason why he’s like this.
I stood up to go but he held my hand so I had to stay right next to him.
“Don’t leave me Ciara” was all he kept on saying.
“shhh I’m right here” I said kissing his forehead as I laid there, right next to him.
The couch was big enough two so I snuggled up right next to him. at that moment, I forgot all the hurtful things I said to him. I only just wanted to be right next to him. It’s crazy when your heart decides to fall in love isn’t it??.
I wake up the next morning but couldn’t find Brian next to me. where did he go?
I call walking into each room but he wasn’t there.
I finally heard his voice from outside. He was talking to Alex and Jake I guess.
“Hi” I say coming out to meet them. Brian gave me a look I didn’t understand.
“Hi honey” Alex says giving me a hug “we’ve missed you”
“where have you been? both of you?” Jake asks
“We’ve been around”
“So are you both ready for the hike trip?” Alex asks and I gave a slight nod.
“Great but we’ve decided to do it outside the house since Ciara is scared of the wild”
“Thanks a lot jake”
“So we’ll go camping in the woods and eat out here” Alex says and all these while, Brian never uttered a single word. was I that harsh?
“Alright. we’ll go get ready” Jake says and Alex follows. I turn to go inside only to notice that Brian has left without me.
I heaved and walked inside.
“Are you hungry?” I ask but no response “Is there anything you’d like to have? oh I forgot, I haven’t prepared your meal for you so if you want to then I think… ”
“Stop trying Ciara” he cut me off
“excuse me”
“stop trying to act like you care. if this is all just a game to you then just stop please” he begged
“And who said anything about playing games? I’m only trying to… ”
“I know. to make me feel better. to make me feel like you care. I know you’re only doing this out of pity. you just pity me don’t you?”
“that is not true” I half yell
“yes it is. you don’t want me to feel bad and that’s why you’re acting like this. I know you don’t love me but don’t pity me. because when you do that,” he paused staring intently at me “then you’re no different from my parents. so just stop please” he says before finally walking out. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks. the only thing I’d hate now is to Brian this mad at me. I don’t want him to think that I’m a bad person.
I had my bath and stood in front of the mirror to wear my clothes but then I had a problem with the zipper.
it was refusing to go up.
I tried tying my hair up but it was no use.
why now of all days?
F--k! I hate my life.
“Come on please just work” I said biting my lips in frustration.
just then, I felt a hand on my back. I looked at the mirror only to see Brian standing behind me trying to zip up my dress. a smile played on my lips. he wasn’t that angry with me at all.
“Thank you” I say when I felt him remove his hands.
He nods and walks away. he was tying his towel so I assumed that he just finished having his bath. he walked to the wardrobe, opened it and the next thing I saw was that he kept on throwing his things on the bed at the same time muttering things that I couldn’t understand.
“this one looks nice” I say but he clearly wasn’t paying attention.
he settled for a Plad T-shirt but one button was missing.
he wanted to take it off but I stopped him.
“wait, I’ll fix it” I say pulling a thread on the needle. I stood in front of him and fixed the button on his shirt perfectly.
“There all done. now you can fasten it” I say but I notice that he was just staring at me so I did it myself.
“I’ll wait for you outside” I say but he pulled me back to himself.
my breath hitched. they were coming in pants.
“This is what you do to me everytime Ciara” he tells me but I didn’t utter a single word. “if you don’t love me then why do you keep on coming close to me?”
“because I… ”
“just tell me Ciara, tell me. stop hiding your feelings from me” he yells
“Alright fine. yes. it’s true. I do love you Brian and it’s also true that I’m hiding my feelings away from you because I’m scared that you can never be mine” I said. my voice almost breaking.
“you don’t have to be scared Ciara cause I will never leave you. I promise” he says pulling me close for a hug and I reciprocated.
He brought my face to his and kissed me like his life depended on it. the kiss was hungry, wet and wild…
“Ciara” I hear my name and I open my eyes to see Brian in front of me.
“Um… i… I was just um… ”
“I don’t care. let’s go. they’re waiting for us” he says walking past me.
So it was all just my imagination?
F--k Ciara. you’re wasted!

To be continued

Written by Jackie

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