Married to Mr. Right Episodes 27&28


Episode 27

***It’s better to dream of something you may never have than to lose something you always dreamed of having.***
“I’m sorry”
was all he managed to say after the long silence. I covered my face with my palm and balanced my elbow at the edge of the counter.
I felt so broken. so this is the harsh realization of life?
One minute you’re so happy that you feel you’re on top of the world and the next your happiness crashes down like a broken mirror into million of pieces.
Is this the price i have to pay for love?
“Ciara?” he called again but I still didn’t respond.
I may have acted all tough now but what if I can’t tomorrow?
“Please say something. you can hit me to let out your anger, I won’t mind. it is all my fault, I started it Ciara… ”
“And who said I was angry?” I cut him off but continued “I’m not Brian. in fact I’m perfectly fine” I say trying to fake a smile.
“You know” I paused “I’m just thinking about how I’m going to loose you very soon” I say and his eyes widened with shock. he never thought I could even think of something like that let alone say it.
“Don’t get me wrong Brian. yes I love you but the truth is, whatever I love here” I say pointing at my chest “Always leaves me one way or another”
“I’m not leaving you Ciara.”
“You don’t get it. I… ” I closed my eyes for a moment then gradually opened them with a sigh. “I loved my family so much that even when they were hurting me, I did all I could to please them. then I woke up one morning only to realize that they were never my parents to begin with and that I was picked up from the streets” I tell him “And now, I’ve always wanted a perfect husband. good in every way. that was a dream that just came true and now that I love you this much, what’s going to happen next?” I say tears streaming down my cheeks. he held my hands in his and brought my face to meet his.
“you didn’t loose your family Ciara. they’re right here. I’m right here Ciara and I promise to never leave you. you won’t loose me OK. the issue with Janelle was all my fault. I never knew it would end up like this, but we’re in this together okay?” he said, I just looked at him and shifted my gaze.
“I promise” He said in almost a whisper. I gently nod and he gave me a reassuring kiss on my cheeks.
“So I haven’t had dinner” he said slowly staring at me “would you mind making something cause I’m hungry”
“unbelievable” I muttered
“I’m serious. get up” he pulled me to himself and led me to the kitchen.
I saw the meals that she bought to make dinner tonight. cheap s--t.
Without much hesitation. Brian threw everything inside the Garbage.
“You were supposed to eat that”
“I don’t like food which wasn’t cooked by my wife. I’d rather stay hungry” he says and I laugh.
“She put a lot of thought into that. why hurt the food?” I picked up a pack containing one of the cooked meals. “Barbecued chicken sauce” I thought as I placed it down on the counter.
I brought out some ingredients from the cupboard and placed them on the counter.
Then I chopped the vegetables and made dinner.
I served them on the table and we both sat down to eat.
I already lost my appetite so I couldn’t eat much. I just drank some milk afterwards so I would be able to sleep. I didn’t say much to Brian cause I didn’t feel like it. I was down and he knew that too.
we just layed down the bed to sleep till the next morning.
I woke up at exactly 6:30am and rushed into the bathroom to have my bath.
After bathing, I applied my lotion and put on a light dress.
Brian was still sleeping peacefully.
I sigh, he looks so cute.
I made my way to the kitchen when I heard the landline ring. I quickly rushed to pick it up.
“Hello good morning” I heard a voice at the end of the line. no doubt it was Alex.
“Hi sweetie” I reply
“How are you doing sleeping beauty? did your prince Charming wake you up with a morning kiss?” she said with a laugh
“how’s that line working out for you?”
“perfectly okay”
I shrug
“So I’m going shopping today so just wondering if you would like to come” she said
I needed a bit of fresh air, at least to clear my head.
“Alright I’ll come”
“great. we’ll have a girls only day”
. the name sounds stupid. it still needs work.
“whatever you say. meet you later” I say before hanging up.
I proceeded to the kitchen to make breakfast, and that was when Brian woke up.
“Morning honey” he says kissing my lips and I smile
“Morning. I’ll be going somewhere with Alex so hope you can manage when I’m gone?” I ask
“alright. when will you be back?”
“maybe later but I promise I won’t be late” I tell him as I brought the food to the table.
It was toast with peanut butter and tea.
“Alright then I guess I’ll see you later?”
“Sure have a nice day. I love you” he called after me
“love you too” I say before picking up my purse and heading out the door. I waved him a goodbye before walking down to Alex’s house.
We halted a cab and made our way to the mall. I’m just glad Alex decided to take me out. she just saved a life. hope Brian would be okay till I get back.
*Brian’s POV*
(we’ve not really had Brian’s POV. let’s see his thoughts too. I mean the guy could possibly have a lot to say)
I stare at the door after she left. she looks worried, even i can tell. I started all of this and I have to figure out a way to end it all. Ciara deserves more than she’s expecting and I’ll make sure she gets it. This whole Janelle thing has caused a break in our marriage. Not all women can be like Ciara, she’s really trying her best to see that we’ll be together no matter what.
I don’t deserve her. simply put, she’s the best and I love her so much. I’ll do everything in my power to make her happy. that’s a promise.
I felt a vibration in my pockets, I brought out my phone to look at the caller id. it was Janelle. d--n! what does she want?
I ignored the call but it continued for minutes so I placed it on silent.
She just has a way of ruining someone’s morning. I hate that!
I thought of a way to make it up to Ciara. she needs something to get her mind off whatever is happening now. so I thought to surprise her.
Maybe decorating the house and making dinner won’t be such a bad idea. I thought!
I made for the bedroom and tried to put things in order but failed miserably.
I had to call an expert to help me with the interior design of our bedroom.
I wanted everything to be perfect for my dear Ciara.
She arrived some minutes later and set to work.
in less than an hour, she was done. following my instructions of course.
“Can you write “I love you Ciara” with the rose petals?” I ask and she simply nods.
Ciara is so going to be surprised.
she changed the sheets and put on a new one. Placing flowers from the entrance of the house down to the bedroom.
when it was almost noon, I made Ciara a hot bath with scented flowers and placed candles round every corner of the house. then I drove to a restaurant to order meals for dinner since I was a complete fail when it comes to cooking in the kitchen.
I bought the food and drinks and drove back home.
I opened the door and the familiar scent hit my nose. not bad.
I placed the packaged food in the kitchen and when it was almost evening, I had my bath and sat down waiting for my Ciara. and that’s when I heard a knock on the door. who could that be? I didn’t think anyone would come visit now.
maybe it’s Ciara, she’s a bit early. I guess she missed me too much and had to come back.
I twisted the door knob and opened the door only to get the shock of my life. Janelle!
She looked somewhat lost and had this expression on her face that I couldn’t comprehend. her eyes had bags hanging from underneath. her hair was scattered and she looked like she had been crying.
I wasn’t expecting this now or ever.
“What do you want. can’t you see you’re only hurting yourself?” I ask after several minutes of silence
“You need rest Janelle. just go home and never come back here again. I don’t love you don’t you at least understand that fact?” I said and she sniffed
“I know you don’t love me and that I’ve lost you forever Brian. you don’t need to remind me how stupid I am over and over again.” she wiped a tear off her face with the back of her palm.
“Good, now get the hell out of here, my wife would be back soon and I don’t want her to meet any of this drama again” I point out to her.
“I know I’ve hurt Ciara and I didn’t come here to rub it on her face. I came to give you this” she said as she unlocked her bag, bringing out a stacked file.
“I just worked on these. your said I should give it to you. you need to review and sign them. that’s all” she handed it to me and I took it.
“You can leave now, thank you”
“Tell Ciara that I’m very sorry for everything I’ve caused her and that she should please forgive me for everything I said and did. that’ll be all, I’ll be going now” she said and turned around to go. she walked a few steps and stopped, holding her head with both hands. she took one step before she fell down to the ground.
I quickly rushed to where she fell and tried to get her up while calling her name but she didn’t respond.
**Janelle’s POV**
(All witches have POV, that’s how we know what’s going through that mind of theirs)
I felt his hand under my thighs as he carried me from the ground into the living room and gently placed me on the sofa.
I took a peek and saw him rushing into the kitchen but closed my eyes when I heard his footsteps coming back.
He sprinkled some water on my face and I tirelessly open my eyes to meet his gaze.
I knew for a fact that he was going to come for my rescue. they own a charity organization so what do you expect?
I groaned and sat up.
“what happened?” I managed to ask
“you fell down. luckily you hadn’t walked far when you did” he tells me.
of course honey, luck!
and that’s all I need. and I’m going to get you back with that same luck of mine.
“You need to rest Janelle” he said breaking into my thoughts
“I’ll be fine, I just need to take my pills. help me with a glass of juice please” I say wearily and he walked into the kitchen.
I scanned round the house only for me to see decorations everywhere. he was planning a surprise for her?
I’ll be the one to ruin it. She won’t be with Brian and I’ll make absolutely sure of it.
He arrived with the glass of juice and I took it from him. I opened my bags and brought out my pills. they’re just blood meds. nothing harmful.
I swallowed it and gulped the juice down my throat.
“I see you’ve arranged a surprise for Ciara” I say and he blushes.
He’s really into her.
“I better leave so I could give you space cause I’m not sure she’ll be very happy to see me here. I don’t want to ruin the surprise” I say regretfully
“I shouldn’t have come here to begin with”
“It’s okay and thanks for understanding OK” he says and I nod “I promise that you’ll find someone who will always love you forever”
I don’t want anyone. I want you! pervert!
I nod.
“Let’s have a toast then. as exes and just friends who’ll support each other” I say and he laughs
He brought a bottle of wine and opened it.
“I’ll get the glass” I say walking to the bar in the most sickening attitude I could muster.
I brought the glass and he poured for the both of us.
“To Brian and Ciara to love each other forever no matter what” I say and we clink glasses.
I drank mine and so did he.
a small smile played on my lips as I watched him.
Go on baby. I’m here to catch you if you fall.
Cause we’ll be wrapped up together after this. My Brian.
Episode 28
***A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage… ***

©Ciara’s POV©
We arrived at the shopping mall and i followed Alex round the buildings as she picked up dresses, admiring and criticizing at the same time.
I just smiled each time she made a comment.
Funny enough, Alex has a high taste for clothes and nothing seems to please her like she wanted it to.
she reminded me of Brian’s mom. speaking of Brian, I haven’t called to know how he’s faring. what if he hasn’t had lunch yet? I don’t even have a cell phone to call him. Gosh! what am I going to do?
I quickly turn to Alex “Um… Alex can I borrow your phone to make a quick call?”
“Yeah sure” she said dipping her hands into her purse. she brought out her phone and handed it to me “knock yourself out” she says and I smile
“thanks hun” I say and move a bit further from where she stood and dialled Brian’s number.
It rang but he wasn’t picking up.
why isn’t he picking up? he’s never ignored my calls before, no matter how busy he was.
I was already feeling restless, worried was an understatement.
I tried calling again but no answer. what could be going on now?
I was no longer having the the feeling to shop with Alex. I wanted to go home, I need to see Brian. what if he’s in danger or worse? what if he needs me? what if he was kidnapped or… Breathe Ciara, you need to calm down.
I quickly rushed back to Alex
“Alex I have to go home” I hastily let the words fly out of my mouth. she looked at me in utter confusion.
“Why? we’re not done yet. is everything OK?” she asked in a concerned tone
“I… I don’t know. I mean I think it is but I’m not sure and… ”
“Shhh… breathe darling” she said and I heaved
“it’s about Brian right?” she ask and I simply nod.
“Yeah. I called but he isn’t picking up which is something he hasn’t done before and I’m really worried” I blurt out and she tapped my shoulders lightly.
“He’s fine trust me. maybe he’s just caught up in something. alright you’re free to go home and check up on him” she said with a smile.
“really Alex. are you sure? will you be able manage…?”
she cut me off “How many things are you possibly going to be worried about? you’re worried about me and Brian at the same time. you’ll get stressed honey. go home. I’ll be fine. this isn’t my first shopping alone. and I can’t stop a heart which is constantly beating for the other” she said but I was too worried to smile. a lot of things are going through my mind right now that I can’t even comprehend.
“I’m so sorry I have to leave” I said giving her a hug “I promise I’ll make it up to you okay?”
“Sure honey. I’ll try to get you a dress, that is if it matches my standards” she points out and I simply nod
“Thanks Alex. bye love you” I said before rushing out the door and quickly halted a cab. I gave him my location and he drove off. I just hope everything turns out fine. I just hope that my instincts turn out to be wrong and that Brian is okay because I don’t want to loose him.
©Janelle’s POV©
I watch as Brian lay helplessly on the couch after taking the last sip of the drink.
He started acting funny after the first three sip of the drink. He was tipsy and I smiled knowing that I’ve finally gotten him right where I wanted him.
I helped him to the couch and lay him there. I ran my hands through his hair. he was breathing so beautifully. how could a guy be this cute?
I tried touching his chest but he held my hands stopping me.
“Don’t do this Janelle. I don’t love you” he said over and over again. those words broke my heart.
how can a guy who I’m willing to die for not even notice me at all. and even at his drunken state, all he could think of is that good for nothing Ciara.
I hate her. even the letter of her name makes me sick.
How can he fall in love with her in such a short time?
who does that?
he kept on mumbling her name and it got me so pissed off.
Fine, if you don’t love me as me then you’ll just have to love me as Ciara.
I smirked and made my way to their bedroom. it was beautifully decorated. he did all this, just for her. no I won’t let it happen.
“I love you Ciara” was inscribed on the bed.
I felt so jealous. my blood boiled to a hundred degrees.
The petals was neatly scattered all round the room.
Very soon everything will be mine. The love, the attention, everything. I would be known as Janelle Salter. dearest wife of Brian Salter.
I twisted the door knob and saw the hot tub bath, Brian prepared for her.
Why does he want to break my heart like this?
Well, at least it’s here so it’s not bad trying it out.
I quickly pulled out of my clothes and got into the hot tub. after bathing, I let my hair fall loose on my shoulder.
Ciara has brown hair so Brian won’t mind if I look like his dear wife today right?
I took a dye and massaged it through my hair until it was completely brown.
I step out of the bathroom when I was done and opened the wardrobe. I scanned for clothes. I hated all that I saw. she was really bad when it comes to dresses so I just pick up a black sexy gown.
I saw her wear this at the company’s party back home.
I wore it and walked out to meet Brian at the living room.
I sat down next to Brian and ran my fingers down his abs to his torso.
“Brian?” I called in the most sexist Ciara tone I could mimic
he slowly opened his eyes to look at me.
The drug is really taking effect on him
He used his hands to touch my cheeks down to my boobs. I moaned when I felt his hands there. I’ve missed his touch so much and I don’t mind having him here.
“Ciara. you’re back. you smell nice too” he said smiling like a guy who’s gone completely insane.
For the record, he is insane.
“I loved the bubble bath” I comment and he brushed his lips on mine.
Gosh! Everything about this guy turns me on instantly.
I kissed him passionately on the lips and he reciprocated holding my head to his, not willing to let go.
“I love you” he blurts out
“I love you so much too” I tell him and we resumed the kiss.
I helped him out of his top as I ran my fingers down his pants unbuckling it as fast as I could.
I needed him now and fast.
He reached for the hem of my gown and ran his hands up my thighs as he nibbled on my neck.
I moaned in pleasure when I felt his fingers inside me.
“not here” I told him as I led him into the room. that bed is going to be laid on. we’re gonna enjoy ourselves on that bed.
he pushed me to the bed as he hovered above me resuming the kiss.
He took my gown off, and reached for my boobs sucking hard. I cried in deep pleasure. Even if he thinks I’m Ciara. I don’t care as long as, he continues whatever he was doing. I pulled down his pants and we both lay there unclad in each other’s arms.
I felt him at the entrance of my legs. he was about to t----t inside me when the door flew open.
I smiled and continued kissing him. She rushed to where we are and pulled me out of the bed before lashing her hands on my cheeks.
@Ciara's POV
I arrived at the house and the minute I opened the door, I heard moaning sounds coming from the bedroom. my bedroom.
I quickly rushed there only to get the shock of my life.
there she was, on my bed, unclad with my husband and having an intimate time with him.
I pulled her out and slapped her hard on the cheeks.
“are you done? is that all you can do? go ahead and hit me if that’ll make you feel better. I told you that Brian has eyes for only one person and that’s me. So did you enjoy it? how does it feel to know that you’ve lost to the cheap mistress now?” she said and I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks.
“are you crying Ciara? don’t cry. Brian didn’t regret it so neither should you.” she said and I glanced at Brian.
He just kept on mumbling my name.
I pushed Janelle aside and walked up to him on the bed. And that’s when it hit me. he was drugged. she drugged Brian so she could do all this rubbish with him.
She even dyed her hair to be just like mine. she wanted to be just like me so Brian would accept her.
I covered him the sheets and walked her out of my house. I threw her out with her clothes in her face.
“Don’t you dare show your face here Janelle or I will kill you and that’s a promise” I say before slamming the door hard on her face.
“Ciara?” Brian called again
“I’m here sweetie. you’ll be fine I promise, nothing will happen to you alright” I say kissing his cheeks as lay beside him. I couldn’t help but cry my eyes out. What am I going to do now?
so how did you see this chapter?
So what did you think of Ciara’s attitude? was she right or wrong?
And how many ladies can act the way she did. remember trust is a necessity in every marriage. Ask questions before jumping into conclusions…
To be continued

Written by Jackie

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