Married to Mr. Right Episodes 29&30


Episode 29
***Sometimes in life, you just have to take the other option, no matter how painful it may be***

Ciara's POV
I sat down at the edge of the bed as I stare at Brian. he was sleeping peacefully.
That incident with Janelle just made me think of a lot of things. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice the tears fall freely from my eyes.
I wiped it off from my face when I felt my cheeks get all wet.
My mind played back to when
I walked in on them on the bed. How can a lady stoop so low as to drug someone just because she’s in love with him? She could go to jail for this and I’ll make sure of it.
I just have to be strong. I almost misjudged everything. took me a second to realize that he had drugged.
what if he dies or worse?
Janelle has gone too far and I possibly won’t be calm about this ever.
I used a towel and warm water to clean him up.
I couldn’t even cook breakfast. my thoughts were just on Brian. I couldn’t wait for him to wake up and just look at me.
That intense stare to tell me that everything is okay.
I held his hands and lay down there, on the bed right next to him.
I didn’t know how long I slept in that position until I felt a hand ruffling my hair slowly I quickly open my eyes only to see him fully awake. He was looking at me. he gave me this confused stare that I couldn’t understand.
“Ciara why are you sleeping there” he said and I sit up quickly. “Um… nothing. I just felt like it” I reply with a smile.
“So were you surprised yesterday? I hope you enjoyed your bubble bath?” he asked as a small smile crossed his lips.
surprise? bubble bath? what is he talking about?
oh my goodness, he doesn’t remember that he was with Janelle and not me. he fooled him by pretending to look like me. and he fell for if cause he was drugged. Well yeah I was surprised with what I saw yesterday but I can’t tell him anything. at least not now. he just woke up. he needs to rest and be in good condition to take everything in.
“Yeah I did. the bedroom was nice and the bubble bath was extremely lovely. I enjoyed every bit of it.” I lied. don’t blame me, I had to.
“I knew you would but how come you don’t have the scent from the flower? I was told it was going to last for a long time” he asked
I tucked my hair behind my ears
“I guess it wasn’t supposed to go that long.”
he shrugged
“maybe you’re right. but last night was lovely. I’m not going to forget it for a very long time” he said and I fixed my gaze on his. I faked a smile even though every bit of what he said hurts.
for a very long time?
didn’t he feel it perhaps, that it wasn’t me but his obsessed girlfriend?
“Ciara? why are your eyes puffy? have you been crying?” he said looking worried.
I touched my cheeks “no I’ve not. I just got something in my eyes”
“Does it hurt?” he asks cupping my face with his hands and staring directly at me. I felt the urge to cry my eyes out but refrained myself.
I gently remove his hands from my face with a smile “I’m fine Brian. you must be hungry. I’ll make you breakfast” I said before walking out on him.
I enter the kitchen and the tears fell freely from my eyes.
I couldn’t help it.
I quickly wipe my tears when I heard footsteps behind me.
I opened the fridge and brought out some ingredients to prepare breakfast.
“Ciara are you okay” he asks again
I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.
“I’m fine Brian OK. I’m perfectly okay. nothing’s wrong” I reply
he turned me around so that I was staring at him.
“You’re hiding something from me Ciara. I can tell. you’re not like this. something is eating you up but you don’t want to tell me what it is” he said but I didn’t respond.
“if you really love me Ciara, like you say you do then you’ll just have to tell me what’s going on. please let me in on everything” he demands.
I open my mouth to say something but was disrupted when I heard a knock on the door. I pulled away from his grip and went to answer the door.
I opened the door and there she was again!
She gave me one look before letting herself inside the house. I held her hand and threw her outside forcefully.
“you don’t have the right to do that you know” she tells me pushing me aside. I got angry that I didn’t know how my hands got to her face.
Brian who I assumed heard the noise, rushed to to living room and she faked her pretend face.
“Brian. I just came to tell her that I’m sorry but she slapped me.” she said crying her eyes out
what a witch!
I was so mad that I guess Brian noticed the rapid rise and fall of my chest.
“Ciara. she means no harm. she came to give me some company papers yesterday and apologize to you but you weren’t here” he explains
“really Brian. was that all that happened yesterday. was that all she told you? why don’t you ask her why she wants to break our marriage? can’t you see she’s just so obsessed with having you that she drugged you so she could have sex with you” I let the words fly out my mouth without giving it a second thought. I closed my eyes when I realized what I just said.
“What did you say?” he asked staring at Janelle and then right back to me.
“You’re so convinced she gave you papers right? wait here” I say before heading inside and coming out with the file which I assumed she brought yesterday to carry out her dirty plan. I saw it lying on the table after I threw her out of the house. The papers weren’t legit. they’re not even legal papers, she just used that as a motive to come here and see Brian.
“Here” I say handing the papers to him and he glanced. the expression on his face told me everything.
“she brought you papers right? that’s the papers.” I tell him
“Janelle these are last year’s papers for the business we signed with our Russian investors” he tells her but she couldn’t respond.
“That means the drink… ” he started off
“was drugged by her, she had the bubble bath you kept for me, Dyed her hair and wore my clothes just to look like me so she could have sex with you without you knowing” I yell
“you’re saying that you weren’t the one with me last night?”
“Ask her. maybe she can fake the truth too” I said mockingly
“I love you Brian. you wouldn’t want to be with me after everything I’ve done for you. I only did that cause of the love I have for you can’t you see” she said with pleading eyes.
“Get her out of this house Brian or I will call the cops to do it themselves” I threaten
“Go ahead miss goody shoes. call the cops but Brian will have to decide between you leaving this house or the abortion of his only child” she yells
Child? what child is she talking about? I blink my eyes twice.
“What are you saying Janelle?” Brian asks her. she only smiles
“Since you’ve decided not to love me then I can live with that but will you also throw out the woman carrying your baby?” she asks and I weakly fell down to the couch.
My eyes were already wet.
“I am pregnant Brian. I am carrying your baby” she half yell.
I was dumb folded.
“I don’t believe it. you’re only saying this to break my marriage but it won’t work. I am not the father of that baby”
“so what are you trying to say? you’re the only guy I sleep with. even your dumb wife knows that. so who’s the father if you’re denying the fact that the baby isn’t yours?” she asks and I glance at Brian, who was looking as confused as anyone can be.
“here” she said handing an envelope which she brought out of her small purse to Brian. he quickly tore it open and read the words inscribed on it.
“What does it say?” I manage to ask but didn’t get any response.
I quickly took the paper from Brian and read it for myself.
And there it was, written in bold letters that Janelle was a month pregnant and no doubt that it was for Brian.
“No… it’s not true” I said and cried more
“oh stop wailing and get your sorry ass outta my house” she said in a harsh tone
“don’t you dare talk to my wife like that Janelle or… ”
“or what? are you gonna kill me? don’t forget that I am carrying your baby Brian and if she doesn’t leave then I’ll kill this baby” she threatened. eyes turning red. she meant it and she was going to do it.
“Go ahead Janelle.”
“Fine” she said and rushed into the kitchen
“Brian stop her.” I beg “don’t let her murder an innocent child for something it doesn’t know about”
I continued but he wasn’t listening
she came back with a knife and pointed it straight to her stomach.
“Brian do something. please Brian” I beg crying my eyes out. he gave me this looked which told me that he was sorry and regretted everything.
“are you going to accept this child or do I have to kill myself and the baby?” Janelle said again.
“Janelle stop all this please” Brian begs.
“No Brian. you have to choose between your baby or your precious wife”
“Don’t choose me Brian” I say. he looks at me like I’ve just read his mind “You have to choose your baby. you need to. that’s what important” I tell him
“I don’t have to Ciara”
“Yes you must. I won’t let you loose your baby because of me Brian.” I say with tears in my eyes
“Ciara I won’t…”
“if you ever loved me like you say you do then you’ll just have to listen to me”
“you don’t have to do this Ciara”
“yes I have to cause it’s your baby. I love you so much Brian but I won’t let your baby die cause of me” I sniff wiping my tears
“I’m sorry Ciara”
“shhh it’s okay.” I say and he kisses my palm.
“One more thing” I hear Janelle voice as I look at her.
“What other condition could you possibly have”
“You’ll have to leave Brian and never come back. he’s going to sign this paper stating that I am now his wife and no longer a mistress. You once said I’m desperate so yes I am and this desperate woman is going to make sure you don’t come back to this house forever” she said and I simply nod.
if that’s what it’s going to take to save Brian’s baby then I would do it without hesitation.
I love Brian and this is this sacrifice I’m willing to take for him as my husband. Even though we’re not going to be together, at least, he’s going to be happy with his baby and that’s all that matters…
Episode 30

“you have to sign the papers” I tell Brian even though I was hurting inside. “I don’t want to sign those papers Ciara.”
“So what do you want to achieve by being so stubborn” I ask not expecting a reply.
“Just do as she tells you Brian. you don’t want to live with the regret of loosing your only child” she says through gritted teeth.
“I’m not the father of that d--n thing. yes I admit that we’ve slept together countless times but what if the baby isn’t mine, that is if you’re really pregnant as you claim.” he says and walks to Janelle.
” Don’t come close to me Brian” she yells but he didn’t listen. she struggles with him until he manages to pull the knife off her hands.
“You’re pregnant right?” he ask but she doesn’t respond
“we’ll see about that” he says and drags her towards the door.
“where are you taking me?” she asks hitting and screaming at the same time.
I didn’t say much but I simply followed.
“let me go Brian” I say cursing at him.
He held her hands and walked outside then opened the car and shoved her inside. she winced like someone in pain.
He took one look at me before opening the door to the front seat.
I gulped before getting in.
he turned round and opened the door to take the wheel.
I was feeling nervous.
he held my hand when he was fully balanced on his seat and glanced at my direction.
I could tell he noticed the confused look on my face, but he gave me a reassuring smile as if to tell me, that it’s okay.
He started the engines and drove off.
All through the drive, everyone remained silent. no one uttered a single word.
The atmosphere was a calm and tensed one.
I was tensed cause I had zero idea about where he was taking us.
We drove for about twenty minutes before arriving at a building. I looked around before I realized that we were at a hospital.
“A hospital?” Janelle blurts out “what are we doing here Brian” she asks but he doesn’t respond. instead he stepped down from the car and opened the door for her to come down as well.
I came down and we all went inside the building.
“Brian what are we doing here?” I manage to ask
“We’re here to find out if truly Janelle here is pregnant with my child” he reply
We waited for our turn until we we’re attended to by a nurse.
After some minutes, we we’re told to see the doctor and we did just that.
After stating the purpose of our mission. The doctor concluded that they conduct a test to see if Janelle was really pregnant.
we agreed and she was led away by a nurse.
We sat down for hours, waiting for what could possibly be the outcome of the test. All through, my heart thudded against my chest.
I was beyond scared.
“what if it comes out positive?” I ask Brian who was lost in his own thoughts. he turned to look at me.
“Why would you say that?”
“Because it might. I’m scared Brian. For all we know, she could be pregnant”
“For all we know, she could also be lying”
“And what if she isn’t?” I ask, tears trickling down my cheeks.
“let’s not think about that for now Ciara.”
“I’m trying to but it’s difficult. do you even understand what is going to happen if she really is pregnant? we’re going to be separated, forever” I tell him
“It won’t come to that Ciara. trust me”
trust? is he being serious?
“She’s right you know. you’re the only guy she’s ever slept with”I say. he sighs and slumps to the chair.
” I’m sorry ” was all he managed to say after some minutes of silence
“For being the worst husband you could possibly have. I don’t deserve you Ciara and I don’t know why I got stuck with a woman like you despite all the things I’ve done” he said. I notice his eyes turn red. he was trying to hide the pain but somehow, deep down, I felt it.
I sat down next to him and took his hands in mine.
“If it comes out positive, you’ll just have to be with her Brian. For your baby. I know it’s going to be hard… ” I said sniffing. I was already crying. I felt so broken “but that’s what right. I just wish all of this is just a dream and that I’ll wake up soon”
“Me too”
Just then the door flew open and they walked in.
The expression on their face was emotionless and I became tensed all of a sudden.
Somewhere in my heart, I hoped it wasn’t what my mind was telling me.
Janelle stood next to him. she looked like someone who’s ready to get everything over with cause she was also expecting a reply from the doctor.
“So how did it go doc?” Brian ask the doctor who adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat before saying.
“We’ve conducted the test and…” he paused, glancing at me then back to Brian.
“It appears from all ramifications that Janelle here is four weeks pregnant.” he concludes and as if reading our expressions he said “I’m sorry” before heading out the door.
“so are you ready to finally sign the papers?” she ask “you brought me here thinking I was lying and that the baby isn’t yours. wow Mr Salter, how embarrassed are you feeling now?
He took one look at me and I nodded yes. it was for the best and probably the right thing for him to do.
She handed him the paper and a pen. He signed the papers and returned it to her.
she smiled.
Janelle's POV@
I’ve gotten you exactly where I wanted you and all to myself. Now your Ciara Will have to live us to spend the rest of our lives together.
I never thought I could pull this off but luckily I did.
“You don’t have to waste your precious time doctor, I’m not pregnant. I faked those papers” I tell him as I lay comfortably on the bed. I look at him before closing back my eyes. “Then why didn’t you just tell them?” he asks
“I love him but he doesn’t love me so I’ll have to get him one way or the other right?” I ask but he doesn’t respond. I open my eyes to look at him “and you’re going to help me get him”
“Are you crazy?” he asks
“Yes I am. crazy for love. I’ll pay you as much as you want me to. just say the word”
“I’m sorry young woman but you can’t pay me off” he said as he turned to go.
“Let’s do this the hard way then. shall we Mr Wilbur?” I ask and he turns to face me.
“How do you know my name? who are you?”
“You don’t have to know. I’m not so sure your wife knows how many women you’ve slept with. I’ll quickly send her a video and we’ll see what will happen after that. or you don’t believe me?” I ask. he couldn’t respond. I only smile.
“you know” I continued “One of your nurses made this papers for me and they were just talking about how bad you are to your poor wife and I couldn’t help but wonder why a doctor like you could be so mean.” I said “so I was just thinking about what would also happen if the police found out that your hospital has been into illegal forging of papers for money, how sad. should I say more?” I ask, “or I could pick up your precious daughter and you probably don’t see her till eternity. the choice is yours Mr Wilbur”
“What exactly do you want from me?”
I smirk
“You know what I want. so just implement it” I tell him “I couldn’t give up my love for him and you can’t give up your love for your family or your company. so you’ll do anything. that’s how crazy one can be and that’s the extent one can go to keep something that is theirs. so what do you say doctor” I laugh at my words.
“Fine I’ll do it”
“Great. then we have a deal” I say and heaved before closing my eyes.
Now you know what I can do for you Brian.
I can never leave you forever.
“Thank you Br… ” I made to hug him but he pushed me off him
“What’s that? you’ve already signed the papers”
“But I never agreed to your conditions. I’ll stay with you because of the baby and not cause I’m in love with you. there is no us, and there can never be one so just forget that we ever know each other cause you can’t and will never be my wife” he said with finality
I don’t care Brian. as long as we’re together then anything is possible. you’ll learn to love me. you’ve loved me before so it can still happen again.
“Fine. I’ll respect your decision so you’ll have to respect mine too”
I say and turn to her
“What are you still waiting for? An invitation?” I ask “I’m sure you know what you have to do right? leave our lives” I yell
She simply nods.
I love how weak and vulnerable she is now.
“I’ll go” she says and turns to go but Brian holds her hands.
what the f--k!
She smiles and pulls his hands off her before heading out the door.
©Ciara’s POV ©
“we’ll finally be together Brian” I overheard her say before I ran out of the hospital.
I was crying pretty bad.
how did I get tangled up in all of this mess?
I halted a cab and drove back home. I quickly picked my clothes and placed them inside a box.
I can’t stay here anymore. I’ll have to go home. I’ll have to leave before they get back.
I took all my box and headed straight to the airport. I booked a evening flight and we set off at midnight due to some weather conditions.
I couldn’t sleep.
I am going to miss him really bad. I couldn’t help but wonder how he is now. tears poured from my eyes when I thought about everything.
I just hope he’ll be fine.
cause we probably won’t see each other, forever.
To be continued

Written by Jackie

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