Married to Mr. Right Episodes 31&32


Episode 31

I stepped down from the cab and took my luggage I kept at the back seat. After paying the driver, he zoomed off while I stood there staring at my house which was just across the streets.
what would I say?
what am I going to tell them if they should ask about me and Brian. dear Lord, please help me. I crossed the streets and walked down the porch to my little house. I gently knocked on the door after some minutes of standing there, cooking up more excuses in my mind.
I heaved, when I felt the door knob being twisted from inside.
The door opened, and Ben was the first person I saw.
“Ciara… is that you?” he asked like someone who’s seen a ghost.
I smile
“yeah it’s me” I say playfully hitting his shoulder. I was trying to act as cool as I can possibly be so that they don’t suspect a thing.
“So you weren’t even missing me?” I asked and he pulled me in for a deep embrace.
I hugged him back. I’ve missed him so much.
“Come inside. I can’t believe Brian allowed you to visit us” he said and my heart sank.
why did he mention his name so soon.
I took a deep breath before walking inside.
“Mom, dad Ciara’s home” he yelled and dad stepped out from the bedroom.
He gave me this look I couldn’t understand.
“Ciara?” he finally called “is that you my child?”
I simply nod.
he walked up to me and took my face in his hand. I was already crying. f--k!
I promised myself I wouldn’t do it.
He hugged me and I did too.
he was my father anyway and I loved him no matter what. he practically raised me even though I wasn’t his daughter. he didn’t leave me on the streets to die.
Even though he was mean to me, I still can’t bring myself to hate him.
I open my eyes and found mom at the entrance of the kitchen. she had tears in her eyes as well.
“How are you feeling? have you been good?” I ask after dad disengaging from the hug.
he took my hands in his. I saw the tears glistening in his eyes.
“I’m OK. can’t you see?” he turned around so I could take a closer look but it was funny so I ended up laughing.
“Dad. you’re too cheesy” I comment
“I’m very fine dear. Brian has been taking very good care of us. he sends us monthly allowances and foodstuffs almost every week”
my eyes flew open
“Brian?” I ask not sure what I heard
“Yes. he gave Ben a job in one of his company as a manager, can you believe that?”
when did he do all of this?
he never mentioned any of this to me. he’s been taking care of my parents and I never knew.
“You know Ciara, when you actually signed that contract to marry him, I was so afraid of what would happen after that but my heart kept on telling me to trust you, that you would actually change Brian for the better. I believed in that cause my daughter is so smart and I’m very proud of you” he compliments
I smile and hug him again for the second time.
he’s never told me this before and it’s nice hearing it from him.
“By the way, where is Brian?”.
The question came like a shock as all eyes were on me expecting a reply.
” Um… he’s okay. he’s just a little busy with work so he asked me to come visit and spend some time with you” I lied
“That’s nice dear. you need to rest. Brian wouldn’t like it if his precious wife looks too skinny from what he sent to us” dad said causing us to laugh.
“Alright dad” I said
Ben helped me with my luggage into my room.
“have some rest ok. I’ll be leaving for work very soon but I’ll see you later when I get back alright?” he ask
I nod
he placed a light kiss on my forehead before heading out the room.
I sat down on my bed and unpacked my stuff from the box.
After arranging my room, I lay down on my bed to have some rest.
But I couldn’t sleep, I kept on thinking about Brian. all my thoughts were on him. how did I think I would sleep when everything is not okay.
The door flew open and mom walked inside.
“Are you ok?” she asked and I nod.
“You look like someone who’s got a lot on her head”
“how can you tell?”
“Cause I’m your mom. and mom’s know everything” she reply
I gazed at her. she called herself my mom. that’s a first.
“Are you sure you know who you’re talking to?” I ask cause maybe she thinks I’m someone else. I just want to let her know that I’m Ciara.
“Ciara I know you’re mad at me. I don’t even deserve to be called a mother after everything I did and said to you. I’m truly sorry and I want us to start afresh please” she begs.
“Mind if I join you?” she ask pointing at the bed and I move a little to the other side so she can sit.
“I know something’s wrong Ciara. your smile is trying to hide all the pain. please talk to me” she begs and before I knew it, I had already started to cry.
“oh mom. I’m ruined” I sobbed more.
she drew me closer to her and patted my back softly as the tears fell freely.
“shhh… it’s okay” she cooed but she was wrong. it’s not okay. it’s never going to be okay.
I narrated everything in details to her. from the day I met Janelle to what happened yesterday before I got here.
“It’s all my fault, if we only tried to listen then all this wouldn’t have happened in the first place” she tells me
“Don’t get me wrong mom. I love Brian. I love him so much but what could I have done. we’re talking about his child here.” I said amidst sobs.
“Stop crying Ciara”
“I miss him mom. it hurts you know” I say wiping the tears that were already forming at the corner of my eyes.
“I know it does but you’ve got to put yourself together. you’ll have to be strong honey okay?”
“Okay mom” I said hugging her again.
After out little chit chat, mom left me to rest which I did.
I don’t know how long I slept but when I woke up, it was already dark. I was already feeling dizzy and my head was aching so badly. I think I’m coming down with a flu. this is what happens when you miss someone too much.
I checked the time. it was six already.
I pulled off the sheets from my body and headed to the kitchen to make dinner.
I found mom there already with Ben’s wife.
I thought she already left.
“can I help?” I ask
“you should be in bed Ciara. not wandering around the house” mom tells me
“I want to help with dinner. I’ve already rested enough”
“ok suit yourself”
“Let me help with this aunt. you can go and rest in my place” I say and she smile patting me on my cheeks.
“It’s so nice to have you back. did I mention that I missed you” she said before walking out of the kitchen.
mom chuckled.
“You can put the turkey in that bowl and chop the vegetables” mom tells me and I nod
I did as instructed and set off to chop the vegetables but I suddenly felt the strangest urge to puke.
I tried to swallow it back in but I failed miserably.
I quickly located the sink and threw up inside.
mom patted my back as I kept on making puking sounds.
“Are you okay?” she asks immediately I washed my face and mouth.
“I think so”
She placed her palm on my neck.
“you’re burning with fever Ciara.” she put down her apron and led me into the sitting room.
I sat down.
“Now stay, don’t come into the kitchen”
“but mom—”
“we’re going to see the doctor after dinner so stay here till I’m done”
I nod “okay”
After serving dinner, she changed her clothes so we could go.
Ben walked in few minutes later.
“why are you dressed?” he asked mom
“Your sister here is sick but doesn’t want to admit it so I’m taking her to the doctor” she tells him
“Are you okay Ciara?”
“She isn’t” she interrupts before I could respond “I guess something big is on its way”
what does she mean by that? I don’t understand
“maybe fever. alright mom. make sure she gets meds okay”
We halted a cab and drove off to the hospital.
We arrived there and walked inside the building alongside mom.
“Are you ok?” she asks when she noticed how pale I looked.
“I’m fine mother” I tell her
“don’t be scared. we’ll just see the doctor and after that we’ll get some meds okay?” she asks and I nod
“that’s a good girl”
We walked to the counter where the nurses attends to patients. and after stating our business, we were led to meet the doctor in her office.
Apparently she’s a woman.
“Good day ma’am” mom greeted
“Hi. have a seat” she said and we sat down facing her.
“What could be the problem?”
“My daughter here is running a fever and just this night she vomited. we’re just here to buy some drugs to stop the fever” mom tells her.
“how about I run a test so we can tell what’s actually wrong with her?” she asks
“that’ll be great”
“come here my dear” she said to me and I stood up.
she walked me to a ward and she took my blood sample.
When she was done she gave it to a nurse and led me back to mother.
“How was it?” mom asked the minute she saw me.
I tilt my head to one side “I don’t know mom. I guess we’ll have to wait” I tell her.
we sat down for a couple of hours before the doctor walked in with a paper which I assumed was the result.
She put on a smiling face which indicated that she was happy. but for what?
“How was the test doctor?” mom asked the minute she sat down.
she glanced at my direction “congratulations Ciara. you’re three weeks pregnant”
it came as a bomb.
I held onto my stomach as my face turned into a, frown.
was all I could mutter, it came like a whisper.
I couldn’t sleep.
I can’t sleep
I need to see Ciara. I need her or I’m going to die.
I came back from the hospital only to find out that Ciara was gone and all her luggage as well.
my guess is, she might have gone back home.
I can’t stay here if she isn’t here.
This house is filled with all her memories and worst of all, the honeymoon is officially over cause I can’t spend one minute in this house with Janelle. it would be like ruining a place kept for a goddess.
Only Ciara can bring me back here. and if not her then no one else.
I booked our flight ticket to leave Hawaii back home.
I quickly packed my things and that’s when the witch came in.
“I cooked lunch. let’s eat” she announced
“I’m not hungry”
“but why. it’s your favorite.”
“I’d rather starve to death than eat any food cooked by you cause who knows what conspiracy you have planned out already. maybe to have me dead” I tell her
“I would never do that to you Brian i—” she paused when she saw my things scattered over the room
“what are you doing?’
‘going home’ I tell her
” but why?”
“instead of asking questions, you should be doing the same or else get ready to stay here alone. I’m going to see my wife” I say, and immediately her face went sour
“that again? you signed a contract. she’s no longer your wife. I am” she yells
“And who told you that you can be my wife?” I ask
“Ciara is and will always be my wife and the woman I will always love. the sooner you stick it into that stupid head of yours, the better. now get packing Janelle or else” I threaten
“Or else what?” she fires back
“you really don’t wanna know” I say before heading outside the room.
After arranging my stuff, I left the house with Janelle to the airport.
I’m coming Ciara.
I’ll be there with you soon.
Episode 32

“Ciara you’re pregnant” mom announced again and that’s when I realized that I wasn’t dreaming.
I’m carrying Brian’s baby.
But what’s the essence of being happy when the person who’s supposed to share in this happiness, is not here with me but with another woman.
“Are you okay Ciara?” The doctor asked me. she must have noticed how worried I looked.
“aren’t you happy?”mom asked and I raised my head to meet her gaze. she could see the tears glistening in my eyes.
“Hey it’s okay. this is good news and you’re not going to ruin it by being such a cry baby” mom said using her face towel to wipe the tears that were already forming at the corner of my eyes.
I immediately stood up from my chair and walked out of the office. I was hastily towards the exit when I heard mom yelling my name from behind.
I turned to see her gaining on me so I quickened my steps.
I pushed the door to leave the building when mom grabbed my hands.
“What are you doing Ciara? tell me what’s going through that mind of yours?” she asked and I broke down.
“I don’t want to carry this baby mom. Brian isn’t with me anymore and this baby will only remind me of him and what happened between us. He’s never going to come back mom. so why should I keep it” I ask
“So you want to have it aborted?” she asked but I couldn’t respond
“Answer me Ciara. do you want to have this baby aborted?”
I closed my eyes but couldn’t utter a single word
“Fine then” she said and dragged me inside the building. she led me to the doctor’s office.
“We want to have an abortion” mom announced the minute we walked in.
I looked at me and the doctor. the doctor seemed confused just like I was. Mom was very serious and it made me scared.
“mom what are you doing?” I ask amidst sobs
“the same thing you also want, getting rid of the baby” she snapped
“No… I won’t do it mom. I can’t kill my baby. it’ll make me just as worse as my parents” I tell her and she became sad.
“Ciara, I know you must be having problems but you’ve just got to get a hold of yourself cause abortion isn’t really the answer. your baby needs you now, all the strength and energy you can offer” the doctor tells me “I’ll prescribe some meds for you to take that’ll help OK” she said and I nod.
She left the office.
“Ciara my child, you’re going to be a Mom very soon and I just can’t express how happy I am right now” mom smiles “this baby could be the bridge between your marriage”
Just then I thought of Brian’s mom. she made that exact statement when we had dinner at their house that evening.
“just wait till Brian hears the news” mom said and my eyes flew open
“no mom, we cannot tell Brian” I countered “He doesn’t have to know. I don’t want to add to what he’s going through now. please you cannot tell Brian. just let him be for now”
“You think he won’t accept the baby?”
“no mom, he will.. I just” I shut my eyes then opened them again “he can’t find out and even if anyone has to tell him then it must come from me”
“Your choice”
“thanks mom.”
I’ll try my best to raise the baby on my own. I’ll look for a job so that I don’t depend on Brian for everything.
Maybe it’s best if Brian doesn’t find out.
The doctor arrived with my meds and encouraged me to bring me to the hospital every week for check up so I don’t run into any complications regarding pregnancy.
mom agreed and that’s when we left the hospital for home.
We arrived and mom couldn’t wait for a second to give everyone the news that I was pregnant.
Everyone was happy for me especially Dad, mom and Ben.
Mom quickly served me my dinner and gave me my meds. I hated being treated like a child and that’s what everyone is doing to me now.
“You need to get some shut eye Ciara. it’ll help” dad tells me immediately he noticed me perfectly rested on the couch.
“but I want to watch a movie” I whined
“Alright but don’t stay up late. remember there’s more of you now” he teased
“oh dad”
he laughs and I switched on the television when I noticed him enter his room.
I tried to watch but then the movie was kinda boring, I became agitated when they arrived at a sex scene which reminded me of Brian. I switched off the TV and retired to my room.
I lay on the bed and at that moment, everything I could think about was just Brian, Brian, Brian. it’s like he’s a part of my being.
I stared at the ceiling and before I knew it, I was already in Dreamland.
I woke up the next morning and had my bath, I applied some lotion on my skin and wore yellow flowered gown.
I wore my slippers and styled my hair.
I was going to look for a job today no matter what.
“Morning mom, hi dad,” I say kissing their cheeks
“morning sweetie, sleep well?” mom ask and I nod
“yes and I’m very hungry” I tell her. she smiled and served me breakfast.
I munched on it and asked for more.
mom giggled.
“what is it” I was forced to ask her.
“You look like someone who’s going to devour this house in a matter of seconds”
“I’m just so hungry”
“I know and it’s completely normal” she tells me “Are you going somewhere today?” she asks. Apparently, she noticed my outfit.
“Yeah. I’ll just stroll to the park to get some fresh air” I lied. mom would never agree to letting me work.
That’s for sure, but if I got the job then there’s no way she could say no either.
“Alright but be careful. the neighborhood’s not safe these days”
“Sure mom. thanks I love you” I said all at once.
“love you too”
immediately I finished breakfast, I put my CV into my bag and head out for my job hunt.
I arrived at a company which I saw a flier stating that there’s vacancy to apply for a job.
I entered the building and after stating my purpose, I was led straight to the manager.
“Hi have a seat” he tells me the minute I walked in. He’s polite so I’m guessing, it’s going to be a bit easier to talk to him.
I sat down.
“Good morning, my name is Ciara Smith… ” I paused immediately I realized what I just said. I’m no longer using Brian’s name. well it was stated in the contract that I’m no longer his wife so I’ll try not to feel bad about it.
“Oh forgive me I’m sorry. I’m here for the job. I’m very hardworking and I promise to do my best to make this company very successful too” I said with a smile.
he glanced through my CV.
“Nice” he muttered and I could feel the smile spreading across my lips. I guess he’s impressed.
“Ciara…?” he paused and took one look at me then back to the papers.
“Aren’t you Ciara Salter? wife of Brian Salter? that Ciara?” he asked
“Um… yes I am but we’re no longer married”
“I see” he mumbled “Well your CV is perfect so it’ll be best to hire you but… ”
my smile turned into a frown
“but what sir”
“you see. before I give you this job, I need a little something from you in return”
“something like what?” I was forced to ask
“Don’t get me wrong but you see your husband is one influential man in the country and having him as a partner in our business would really make us have a lot of investors and connections with other companies” he said
“I don’t understand, where are you going with this?”
“listen to me honey, all I want for you to do is make your husband sign some papers stating that he’s agreed to be partners and do business with us” he said with a smile.
I looked at him in disdain. I felt the urge to smack him hard on the cheeks.
“Are you mad?”
“excuse me,” he said with a frown and stood up from the chair
“who gave you that right to ask me to blackmail someone all because you want to bribe me with a job” I yell
“So who do you think you are then? mother Theresa? Everyone does things like this to succeed so it’s nothing new”
“to you it isn’t but to me it is. and if that is what will cost me this job then I don’t want it anymore” I said with all boldness and finality.
“Fine then I suggest you leave my office”
I stood up and turned to leave when I heard “Shameless woman. no wonder she got divorced by her husband”
I clenched my fists at those words. I turned back to face him and slapped him hard on the cheeks.
He flared up. eyes turning red.
“You should watch the words that comes running out that mouth of yours. you have no right to disrespect a lady simply because she didn’t give into your selfish demands. this should be the last time, you speak so rudely towards me or I’ll make sure my husband locks you behind bars. Some manager you are” I scoffed and picked up my bag.
he was holding onto his cheeksI quickly head out his office and out of his company. I can never work in a place like this with selfish, shameless people.
I left his company and went in search of other job opportunities.
The Job hunt wasn’t an easy one cause all the places I’ve been to want to use me to benefit from something else or to get something in return.
I walked to an empty space and sat down on a bench.
I was f-----g tired and famished as well.
What am I going to do?
I can’t work and I can’t do anything else.
I sat there for hours thinking of my sad and miserable life and before I knew it, it was almost getting dark.
I need to go home now.
I stood up and left the park to get a bus for home.
My head was aching so bad and my feet were wobbly as well.
I need to go home home.
I waved at a cab but none was stopping.
I tried calling mom but her phone wasn’t going through.
Just then a car stopped in front of me and someone stepped down. The lights from the headlights were shining so bright that I couldn’t see his face until he was standing in front of me.
“B–Brian?” I stuttered “What are you doing—”
He cut me off by pulling me in for a long embrace. I missed him so much. I resisted the urge to hug him back.
“I’ve missed you so much Ciara. you just left me. didn’t you even stop to think how I’ll be without you?” he asked but I didn’t respond.
“I need to go” I announced. I turned to leave but he grabbed my hands.
“You’re going to leave me again?”
“You just have to stop and let go Brian. you and I can never be together remember? Janelle is–” I start off
“you just have to stop saying that f-----g shit about Janelle all the time. can’t you ask me how I’ve been? I left Hawaii just so I can see you. I haven’t eaten all day and all you can think about now is Janelle?” he asked banging his fists on his car.
“it’s not my fault you know. I’m trying to be sensible. you think it’s easy for me?” I ask feeling a lot irritated
“I know it’s not but that doesn’t mean I can just let you go Ciara. I love you can’t you see how crazy I am right now?”
I was almost on the verge of crying
“Stop it. you’re making it hard for me. you think it was easy letting you go? it wasn’t Brian and ever since it happened, I can’t even think straight.”
“please Ciara let’s make it work please”he begs
“And what about your baby? please don’t choose me Brian. your baby is very important right now and not me so leave me alone” I said and started walking away but I felt dizzy all of a, sudden.
“Ciara are you okay. I’ll drive you home” he proposed
“No I’m fine. please just go” I tell him and kept on walking but I couldn’t and fell to the ground.
@@@ Brian’s POV@@@
“Ciara?” I call as I shook her violently.
Always being stubborn.
God, this girl is f-----g gonna ruin me.
“wake up Ciara” I say but no response.
I quickly carried her and placed her gently inside the car. I was d--n scared. What is wrong with her?
Hope it’s not something serious or I will kill myself.
I drove her to a nearby hospital and the nurses rushed her inside the ward.
“You’ll have to wait here sir” one of the nurses tells me, stopping me from going in.
“I need to be with her”
“she’ll be fine but we can’t let you in I’m sorry. you’ll have to stay and fill in the formalities thank you” she said before shutting the door.
The doctor walked into the room where Ciara was.
I filled the paper and signed it. I kept on pacing round the hospital. I need to know if she’s okay.
Few minutes later, the doctor walked out.
“How is she doc?” I ask
“not too good, is she your wife?” she asks
“Yes she is”
“Well she’s feeling stressed out lately. I don’t know but has she been engaging herself in any strenuous activity?”
“I don’t know… I mean I’m not sure” I tell her sincerely
“She shouldn’t be over working herself, it’s not good especially at this time” she snapped
“what time?” I asked not understanding what she meant
“Her early stage of pregnancy” she tells me
“I don’t understand”
“You don’t understand that your wife is carrying a baby?”
“you mean my Ciara is pregnant? are you serious doc?” I ask, as a smile crossed my lips
“Yes sir, your Ciara is pregnant” She said again and I couldn’t help but scream my lungs out.
I don’t believe it. I’m going to be a dad!

To be continued

Written by Jackie

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