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I was discharged 6 days later, my mother never came visiting. As I left the hospital, I went straight to the village elders, explained in simple terms to them, that it was a case of Ifakolade not fully fortified for the job I gave him… The elders told me, I had to step in to start taking care of Ifakolade’s aged mother, which I agreed to… That was the least of my troubles. I promised to send her money on a monthly basis…Money was not a problem for me… Early, the next morning, I packed my stuffs, with my vehicle I left Igbonla for good… If only I had listened to Saawawi just two months earlier, I won’t have been in all that mess… Where was I going? I was going back to my “Bethel”. The First place, I encountered God… The place where God spoke to me when I was just 13 Years old. I set out on a journey of redemption, but my redemption story was not the usual. My redemption story is another great chapter of my life… I arrived at the prayer mountain, with my baggage… I went in search of a man who used to pray for me back then as a teenager.
 The prayer mountain was a place you had to tread carefully, because there were a lot of fake prophets hanging around the mountain, looking for who to swindle, so I was looking for someone I knew and trusted.
 His name was “Baba Prayer”. I was silently hoping he was not dead. As I walked around on the prayer mountain searching for him, I noticed people were not waving at me… Was it that people didn’t recognize me anymore?… This was still baffling me, when I heard… “He told me you were coming!” I turned back and I saw Baba Prayer, I ran towards him and hugged him like a daughter would hug her father… Women and men were not allowed to hug themselves on the prayer mountain, but Baba Prayer knew, I needed a fatherly hug, I was broken, shattered and seeking repair… “Your glory has been taken away, that is why people don’t see the need to celebrate you like before” Baba Prayer told me, when I mentioned people not warming up to me as before… “Daughter, what you are going through is as a result of a conspiracy against you, it is not ordinary, you are going to stay with me on this mountain for 2 months without going anywhere… Right now you are in the Spiritual Intensive Care unit… I agreed to stay, as I wanted God back… It wasn’t easy, because right from the first week, I was told to just keep asking God for Mercy for committing adultery and Murder… I was on a water fast for the whole week… On the seventh day, Baba Prayer called me, and prayed for me for an hour. Thereafter, he asked me to go to sleep as the Lord was going to show me a great secret… I went to rest in a corner on the mountain and I had this great revelation…It was a great revelation indeed… I saw myself in a large conference hall, with over a thousand delegates. There was a meeting going on, I saw Different people coming in; beautiful and stylish women, well dressed Men, of different colors, white, blacks, Indians, Japanese…etc., I seemed invisible as people were passing through me, the people there didn’t know I was present… The chairman of the board meeting was speaking, he was a White man “We have a serious matter arising, there is A Star rising in Africa, In particular Nigeria in West Africa. Our Star detectives brought the shining of this particular star to our knowledge…Detective Bird, can you fill us in…” A lady who obviously was Detective bird, walked to a projected Screen “We discovered this star about two months ago, it was shining so bright it attracted a lot of people to its light. Her name is Grace…” My Jaw literally dropped when I saw my face on the projected screen… Who were these people and what business did they have with me? “She is a gospel musician, she is changing a lot of lives through her music, her light is showing people the right way to go, so if we are not careful, this star May become a full blown Sun that will shine all over the world…” she said as videos and pictures of where I had ministered was projected on the screen. “Thank you Detective Bird, so from your findings, what can be used to stop this star from shining?” “The research was highly intensive as she is a righteous person, but we were able to get a loophole, a way of getting her…” “Which is?… the chairman asked “She doesn’t love her husband, Adultery will be a good way of trapping her down” Detective Bird said “But you said she is righteous, she can’t fall for adultery” someone said from the crowd “I went through her thought pattern and realized, she fantasizes a lot about wishing she was married to someone else. So, she is yearning for love”… “Hmm… So we just need to plant a male agent in her life…” the chairman said while reasoning it out “With due respect I would love to suggest that we do not use an agent, because she is spiritually sensitive, she will figure the agent out in no time”…Detective Bird said “So what exactly is your way out? The chairman asked “I want us to look for an ordinary person, a neutral individual who is not a Christian but matches the type of man she would love to marry. We will work things around to make that person close to her… That person will also fall in love with her, and the moment they commit immorality, we will ensure she becomes pregnant, that further traps her, because she may want to commit abortion…. From there, the chain continues… I stood transfixed on a Spot as they were deliberating my issue, they couldn’t see me… “That means Larry was just a victim like me, he was a tool in the hands of the devil…”I thought to myself Just as I was looking around in that conference room, I saw the countries where the delegates came from… I saw Principality of countries, District Officers of villages… Suddenly, a man stood up, he was a district officer of a village “All protocols duly observed, I am Delegate Ajadi from District 1005, in Nigeria where this star is shining from, I know a man who can do it” “Who?” the chairman asked “My son! I will engineer him to do it and in exchange, my son will take her stars and use it for our kingdom”… “Is your son an agent?”…The chairman asked “No, but he is handsome and women naturally fall for him… He has a way with women” The chairman had a long thought about it, then said “What is the name of your son?” “Lanre Banjoko popularly known as Larry” “Bird, check him up and let’s know if he matches what we are looking for… ” So Larry’s father was the one who engineered the whole thing… that was exactly what Larry had said. He said it was his father that brought back my audio CD… “Absolutely “…I heard Detective Bird say.. . “He is perfect for it, and the fact that he is married with children will not make Grace see him as a threat”. The chairman turned to Larry’s father… “You have won the assignment… No losing out, you know the repercussions attached. You also know the promotion involved if you do a good job”… “Exactly, my son has wasted his stars as a young man sleeping around with girls, also I have donated his stars here on several occasions. This has made him unproductive, so I will appreciate if he collects the stars from this lady for his own use…” “Sister Grace, Sister Grace” I heard a distant voice calling me, the delegates continued their discussion… The chairman was asking Detective Bird… “Do we have other stars rising in other nations?” “None that should bother us for now, the earth is gradually becoming void of stars these days, Most of the potential stars are neck deep in sin, so they are not shining at their brightest, thereby making the planet earth become darker as each day passes by, just as we want…, but we will keep searching for new ones…“Detective Bird said with all authority on the matter…
 “Sister Grace, Sister Grace”…That same voice was still calling, as I turned to answer, I woke up from that deep revelation… “Yes! I answered her. It was one of the female prayer warriors on the mountain that was trying to wake me up… “Baba Prayer calls for you, some men are asking to see you… “Some men?” Fear immediately gripped my heart, as I didn’t inform anyone I was coming here… It had to be the police… “Policemen?” I asked 
“Yes… How did you know? She asked very surprised… I was right, this was the end for me… My dream was real, the kingdom of darkness conspired against me and I felt flat. 
To be continued… 

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