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I walked towards Baba Prayer and the policemen, but very swiftly to my surprise I saw someone who looked like Daniel my DEAD husband with a Fair-skinned woman walk past me towards the prayer Altar.... was I hallucinating? Right ahead of me were the policemen waiting, but I think I just saw Daniel OR was it not Him...?

I needed to see that person again...

"That was Daniel" I thought to myself

As I turned to have a second or third look, one of the police men shouted from faraway..

“If you try to run, I will shoot you down"...

“Who cares?” I thought to myself... At that point, I was no longer afraid of death, I turned and was walking towards the man I saw, suddenly, it seem like he had disappeared... Was I hallucinating?

I started running, Looking for the man that looked like Daniel, the policemen started pursuing ME, they thought I was running away...

I didn't see Daniel or the man that looked like him anymore... Maybe I was hallucinating... I stopped running and turned back towards the policemen. I stretched my hands towards them for their handcuff...
The policemen were startled... They pointed their guns at me and looked at me intently…, then back at a photograph in their hand
“What are you waiting for? You can take me with you..." Just then, Baba Prayer got to us...

“Is she the one?” He asked the policemen, as the police men shook their heads in the negative...
“This is not the Grace we are looking for?" said the first policeman

What? I thought..., “Oh My God, these people made me lose sight of the man that looked like Daniel”… I thought angrily as I was still looking around for the sight of the man…

“I told you we don’t have a fraudster here, she is a minister of the gospel, a music Minister, the fraudster you are looking for is not here. I just wanted to clear your doubts that was why I sent for her...” Baba Prayer said

“Yes, we know her, she is Sis Grace that sings, we are sorry for the embarrassment ...” The police officers turned to leave.

Suddenly, my knees buckled, I had been fasting for the past seven days, so that running was an energy sapper.

After the police men left, I told Baba Prayer I saw a man who looked like my husband, but he dismissed it saying it was just a mere resemblance. I narrated my dream to him, and he told me I needed to pray Star/Glory recovery prayers... He gave me 2 prayer point, I was constantly praying…

“Oh Lord, my God, You are a Story Changer, Revive my Glory in Jesus Name”
“Congregation of darkness, gathering against my star and Glory, scatter by fire..

For the next two months of staying on the prayer mountain, I had no resting periods, it was seeking the face of the Lord, all round the clock. There was no night and no day, it was the same for me… I was not ready to leave the Lord until he blessed me, just like Jacob, I was constantly asking for mercy.

The two months was a time of separation that gave birth to Spiritual revival for me…. I Fasted till I lost my appetite for food…. I Prayed till I lost my voice…, I sang till I became the praise leader on the mountain…

I was always calling my sister to find out if she heard anything about Pastor James. She told me nothing, but that a new pastor has been posted to the church. She further said, the pastor refused to disclose what had happened to Pastor James... I concluded, he was probably dead...

For those two months, I was always on the lookout for the man who looked like Daniel. My heart was always asking this question “Was Daniel still alive? Or was it just a case of mere resemblance?

To be continued

Opeyemi Akintunde
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God bless you...
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