©Opeyemi Akintunde
There was no expression on his
face, the moment our eyes met,
he was looking at me intently, like
he was searching for something,
but suddenly, he shook his head
in the negative and turned back. I
wanted to call his name, but the officers told me to enter into the van… I
looked through the hole in the van trying to follow him, I saw him faintly
hitting the tire of the vehicle angrily, just then I saw Doctor Jack patting
him by the shoulder…
I knew it… that was Daniel, so Doctor Jack did not kill him? So what was
the story about Daniel having a wife and two kids…? The van moved away
from them…
As I walked into the prison gate, I received different looks, some were
welcoming, and others were criticizing. Some were singing some of my
songs and I waved at them. I was taken to a VIP prison room, where I had
two other roommates. One of them was the wife of a former governor and
the other a wealthy businesswoman who poured acid on one of her staff,
who was sleeping with her husband. The wife of the former governor was
welcoming, but the businesswoman was not. As I got in, I fell on my knees
and I thanked God for what he had done for me, the Mercy he had shown
me and the new phase of my life.
I thanked God for not letting Daniel die, and I prayed hopefully that Pastor
James was not dead too.
I was happy. I got a special gift from the Judge’s daughter…it was a
parcel. On opening it, I saw a Bible, and a jotter with a pack of high quality pens pens. There was an attached note...
“Aunty Grace,
Your ministry changed my life, from SS to AA. I am a testimony
of your ministry. So, I need you ma to keep writing your songs, I will
be sending you this jotters every month. The world is yet to hear all
you have within you… love you ma. You are a champion.´
Joyce George.
For me it was a special gift, I sat down to write my first song, the one I
received when I was given the Judgement of Mercy I received…
I had spent three months in prison, and I was having the best time of my
life, fellowship time was always great. I was the praise team leader. I had
written over 200 songs in just 3 months. The oil of inspiration was
overflowing in my life. I was going to the studio the next day to record 3
songs. I was so full of joy in anticipation of going to the studio.
We were having our fellowship, when I heard my name over the public
address system. Who was here to see me? Was my thought. Ever since
I got into prison, I have only had three visitors, only three people were on
my visiting list…my sister, Morountodun, Baba Prayer and Joyce George.
One of the warders came to pick me to the waiting room, where the
inmates met with their visitors. I stopped in my tracks when I saw Doctor
Jack and Daniel’s Mum, I looked around if Daniel was around, but he
“Doctor Jack, thank you for keeping Daniel alive!, Mama I am sorry for
what I asked Doctor Jack to do”
“I am sorry for lying to you… I just couldn’t kill him, but I was scared you
could kill him instead…”
“It’s ok, you were more righteous than me… please tell Daniel to please
forgive me, because he doesn’t want to speak to me…
“That’s because he doesn’t recognize you” Mama said, talking for the first
“What do you mean by that?” I asked
“After coming out of his coma, he lost his memory…”? Doctor Jack said
I was shocked to my bones…
“Wait, then what is the thing about his wife and children? I asked very confused..
The moment your mother in law found out that was his situation, she
came up with the idea that she would get a new wife and adopt two kids
aged 1 and 3 from the orphanage and I was to present her to Daniel as
his wife.” Doctor Jack said
“I wanted him to have a fresh start and life was going on great for him till
you resurfaced again.” Mama said
Wow…was all I could say, Hmm… God gave Daniel a second chance, but
as I was thinking about the new development,
Doctor Jack said “But there is a slight problem, from the day he saw you at the Prayer Mountain, he had been troubling everyone that he knows you from somewhere, but he can’t remember it. He went to buy your Video CDs and plays it all day. This has been giving him a lot of migraine, so the reason why…” Doctor Jack was saying before Mama cut in…
“The reason why I am here is that I want to bring him to you and please you need to tell him, you don’t know him… There is no future with you both, you are in prison therefore you both can never marry. Let him enjoy the new life God had given him…” Mama said pleading on her knees…
I was confused, Mama was asking me to tell a lie, another sin… I couldn’t... just one night of adultery had brought me all these woes, Now she wanted me to add lies again.. .No way! I had to do what Pastor James had said I should learn to do… I was going to say a capital NO to this request...
At this point in my life I was avoiding sin like a plague…
“Mama, I am sorry I can't tell a lie, please don't bother bringing him here........ I don't have a problem with him marrying another woman but I can't tell a lie............... "
I stood up and asked the warder to take me
To be continued...........

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