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I never saw Doctor Jack, Mama and Daniel again after that day, I had spent 2 years in prison before I had an encounter with someone else I had been longing to see. Pastor James had sent me a letter, asking me to add him to my visiting list, which I did.
By that time, the government had released 12 of my songs, and from what the warders told me, they were hit songs as people were singing it in churches, concerts and it was also popular on the street. I was fulfilling destiny while in prison…this was enough for me…
I walked into the waiting room, but on seeing Pastor James, I broke into tears, tears of Joy, I gave him a big hug, a very big hug and I kept crying… “It’s ok, Grace…” he said with his wonderful peaceful smile“You are alive and handsome” I said smiling while crying…I kept hugging him not wanting to leave him
But surprisingly I noticed a wedding band on his finger “You are married?”He nodded in the affirmative…
‘I am happy for you...” I said not totally meaning it“I am happy for you too, your new songs are everywhere” he said, the air
had become suddenly cold when he told me was married… “And may I add, the songs are divinely inspired”
“Yes! Thanks to God and you… you told me I could still be the king of the Jungle”
“Yes! And you did it” he said with excitement
You made me do it… you were my angel!” I said looking into his eyes
“And you have always been my angel” he said holding my hands, but that made me see his finger well, there was a brief moment of silence, then I broke the silence by saying
“I wish I am in her shoes” I said referring to the wedding band…
“I wish I could have married you too, but God’s ways are not our ways.
God gave her to me, she is just like you and she is your biggest fan” he said
“Really? Do I know her?” I asked him
“Yes! But I never told her that I knew you, because your secret is safe with me…unless you want me to do otherwise” Pastor James said
“Who is she?” I was curious
“Joyce George… the lady whose genotype changed from SS to AA
through your song…”
“What?” When Joyce visited me the last time about two months ago, she told me she was getting married, and she mentioned that her husband was a big fan of mine…
“Do you know it was your music that connected us, I was in a public bus and I was playing one of your songs on my phone, she was so excited hearing it, she kept talking about how anointed you were, we got talking and the rest is history”… he said excitedly
I saw Pastor James was excited, I had to tell myself that James and I were not ordained to marry, he was just a friend God brought my way for that temporal purpose of redirecting me back to God.
God definitely planted Pastor James in Igbonla, exactly the same time I was going there. God never left me all the while…
I summoned courage to congratulate him, even though I couldn’t help the flow of tears I managed to say “Congratulations, Joyce is a good woman, may your home be blessed. Feel free to tell her about us, because someday I am going to release a book about all that happened, and definitely, your name can never be left out…” I gave him a warm smile and asked for a hug…
“Thank you for being my best friend, when I needed it”
“Thank you for rising up again…”he said
We said our emotional goodbyes and I went back into my room and wept embracing the full knowledge that not everyone we are attracted to can be our husbands or wives. They could have crossed our path for different purposes. 

To be continued

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