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The flat was beautifully decorated, Daniel had done a good job with the house. The police officer stayed outside the door of the house as we walked in, I went into the kitchen, it was beautiful, the bedroom… was dimly lit, Awwn… there were beautiful petals on the bed, a beautiful night dress was on the bed. Daniel had prepared in such a short time… He held me from the back…

“Do you know how long, I have waited for this day to come”…he was kissing my neck, I knew I was stinking, I needed a real shower or bath, but before that I needed to ask an important question…

“Daniel, how is it so easy for you to forgive me and go this extra length for me...”

“We are all sinners, and God has been forgiving us all over and over…have you forgotten the Lord’s Prayer… Forgive us as we forgive all those who trespass against us… I am grateful, I got another opportunity with you, my love…” he turned me to face him and said “I miss your small lips”… I smiled as I remembered this was how Daniel was always having his way with me…

“Daniel, I know what usually follows this line, Let me freshen up...” I ran away from his grip, but he took hold of me before I could go far…
“You are always fresh! He pulled me and carried me to the bed….


The next day, was a picnic with Pastor James, Joyce and their son.

The free 3 days was the best time of my life in years, I had fun….

To be continued…........

Opeyemi Akintunde

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