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The best day of my life came, the day Mercy turned 25. It also turned out to be her wedding day. And guess who she got married to, Pastor James and Joyce’s only Son…

It was my free day, Daniel had come to pick me up from the prison, and he took me home, Joyce had picked our cloth, as we were going to be putting on the same attire as the parents of the couple…

Daniel went on his knees and proposed to me again…

“My Grace, my life has been joyful with you in it, even as our daughter is leaving us today, I will like to remarry you again. I don’t regret all we have been through… I know some day, a miracle will happen, but even if the miracle doesn’t happen your being alive is enough miracle for me.”.

I couldn’t find words but I knew I had to say something…

“The devil tricked me into believing that I could not find love with you, I started looking for love elsewhere, meanwhile you are the definition of love, I thank God for giving me a second chance with you, thank you for forgiveness, thank you for endurance and thank you for Love”…


My Daughter Mercy, don’t repeat my mistakes. Avoid sin especially adultery like a plague, when you fall into sin, and you refuse to repent of it. Your life could end up as a song of lamentation. Which was my case.

How lonely lies Jerusalem, once so full of people, once honored by the world, she is now like a widow, the noblest of cities have fallen into slavery. All night long, she cries, tears run down her cheeks, of all her former friends, not one is left to comfort her. Her allies have betrayed her and are all against her now…(LAMENTATIONS 1:1-2)_*

Never take the Grace of God for Granted, because though Mercy may speak, there is always a repercussion for our actions. Mercy only makes it less grievous. I love you and I pray you turn out better than I did…

Your mother, Grace…

This was the wedding frame I gave to Mercy on her wedding day, and I begged her to put it in her living room as a daily reminder of the story of her mother’s sin, shame and redemption. I never wanted her to repeat my mistake.

As I danced at the wedding reception , tears flowed from my eyes, I am sure some onlookers would have thought it was because of the fact that I was still to return to my prison room after the wedding that made me cry, but no, I was weeping in gratitude to God for his big show of mercy.

Yes! I received Mercy, I deserved death as my punishment, but rather mercy gave me all these:

_MERCY made it possible for me to still be alive till that time despite having so much bloodshed on my hands, I was only receiving punishment for my bloodshed, just like David who couldn’t build God’s temple because there was a lot of blood on his hands_

_Mercy also restored my marriage,_

_Mercy made my Glory and stars to be restored,_

_Mercy made it possible for me to still be blessing the world with my music despite being in prison. There are a lot of talented singers in prison like me, but they have been silenced._

_I was still fulfilling destiny, as at the day of my daughter’s wedding,_

_I had released 2500 songs and I had written 10 books._

_Proceeds from my book is used to help the less privilege_

_Mercy further made it possible for me to give birth to my own child, and today I am witnessing her wedding…_

_Mercy made it possible for me to be surrounded by good and
covenant friends, Pastor James and Joyce, his wife._

Was the Lord not good to me?

The prison doors could not stop God from showing me Mercy, I just had to pay a little for the 12 souls that died through me….

I was a product of Mercy….

Did I believe that someday, I might receive a bigger level of Mercy and be given a presidential pardon to be out of Prison, I believed, because the Love of my Life, the Gift God gave to me in form of a human named Daniel had promised to keep writing to the presidential office begging for my release…. So Yes I believed, that My Miracle was going to happen….

To be continued......

Opeyemi Akintunde

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