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©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
Isokene had invited me for a celebration party at her house because Ibidolo had submitted Isokene’s smiling painting he made for a painting competition.
Out of all the paintings submitted, Isokene’s Portrait took the first position. Ibidolo had won a lot of money because of Isokene’s smile...
“ Attention everyone, I want to appreciate everyone for coming ... My wife has brought me great fortune and I have decided to celebrate her to keep her smiling...I just have one thing to say... Any man that tries to stop his wife from smiling is actually sending Favour away from himself... I am a living testimony... Now I understand better the Bible verse that states that “Whoever finds a wife findeth a good thing and obtains Favour from the Lord” Isokene’s smile has brought me fortune... So all my friends here, in all your doing make sure you make your wife smile.... When you make her smile, she will bring you fortunes”...
Ibidolo kissed Isokene and I saw that Isokene deciding to play the fool had made her joy full...
When it was time for the menu menu and the guests were eating, Isokene and I stood at her balcony chatting while Diamond was trying to shout Halleluya; his first word... but Out of the Blues, Isokene asked
“When last did you hear from Margaret?” she asked
“When Last? Or you mean to ask how often does she call me? Isokene, She practically calls me every day...” I said
“Well, Aunty that’s because you have not done what God asked you to do...” Isokene said bluntly
“What?” I asked very confused
“To pray for her to be settled in her own home, Aunty, don’t you know what you have done, you have successfully sent her out of your bed room, but she is hanging around, because you did not create a new place for her like God told you to do...Aunty, this is even more risky, I advise you to act fast, remember, when the stranger is sent out of a body, he comes back to see if he can return and you know ma, the return is always worse...”
“Hmmm...but I don’t have any available man around me....?”
“Are you sure? What about that wealthy widower?”
“Mr. Gbesan? How? He can never marry Margaret, he is a very disciplined man and besides I don’t want to light old flames by calling him...Forget it...” I said
“Ok, let’s try something else? Isokene said “Like?” I asked her
“Interceding for her... let’s pick a day of the week for her, when we can do joint prayers on her behalf...” Isokene suggested
“Ok...that’s fine, I am usually free for Wednesdays, if that’s ok by you...” I said
“Very Fine”... Isokene said
We maintained Wednesdays as a day of intercession for Margaret and we did it for three months consecutively, before I had the leading to invite Margaret for a surprise birthday Ibidolo held for Isokene at an executive hotel beside her house.
Margaret was excited when I invited her for the party as she told me of how bored she had been and how things had been difficult...
Margaret and I sat together at Isokene’s Surprise birthday party and were having little chats when Diamond messed his diapers up. I was trying to clean him up at a corner with Margaret’s help, when a handsome huge man walked up to us...
“Good evening Ladies, “he said with a deep British accent
“Good evening...” We replied without looking up as we thought it was one of those loose men who had come to the hotel. My thought was he was trying to hit on Margaret..., but we looked up when he mentioned Margaret’s name
”Margaret ?“ he said like a question
Margaret looked up and looked intently at the man before screaming
“Jesus Christ! Oluwasegun Kolawole Ajani?” Margaret said screaming so loud Margaret and the handsome man with the British Accent hugged in excitement...
“What are you doing here?, you also came for Isokene’s Birthday...” Margaret asked
“No, I own this place...” the man said
“Its a lie ooo, Wow... God has really blessed you, but I was told you were fully based with your family in the UK”
“Yes, but after I lost my wife, UK was not the same for me...” he said with a sad smile
As I sat there, attending to Diamond’s diapers ...I heard in my Spirit very clearly....
I almost screamed in tongues but had to caution myself but I knew I needed to act fast...
I jumped into their conversation...
“No introductions Margaret..? Is he an old friend or an old lover, because I can sense some current around here” I said jokingly, the man smiled and said
“She left me for a rich man, She was my first love, but my future didn’t look so bright back them, so she ditched me for someone else....” We all laughed
“Well, unfortunately and fortunately, it seems, there may be a second chance...” I quickly started marketing Margaret
“Auntieeee” Margaret said shyly
“What’s that ma?, she is not with her husband any more, I thought this was her baby?” He asked with sudden interest
“No, this is my baby, Diamond and Yes, her husband left her, she is Widowed like you “ I said...
The man stood for some few seconds, and the next thing he did surprised us...He moved closer to Margaret and hugged her deeply
“So, you are still going to be my wife....finally....” Just then two adorable twin girls ran up to the man...
“Daddy...Daddy, why are you hugging a girl, you said it is not good to hug the opposite sex” one of the girls said...
“Well, that’s because she is an old friend”
“Wow, she looks like mummy” the other twin said...
“You are so right...” the man said
Olusegun later told us, the first day he saw his first wife, she reminded him of Margaret and that was the major attraction....
3 months later, Margaret found her new Bed, as she and Olusegun became one. They had a very beautiful expensive wedding.
Together as a family, they had a son again, making Five children in their family: Margaret’s two Boys and Segun’s two girls with the new Baby....They later relocated to Michigan....
Just like Isokene said, Margaret became occupied with her new family that she hardly had time to call me except for calls during festive periods to wish my family and I Well and there was no time she called that she didn’t say these words....
“ Auntie, thank you for this new space you created for me, thank you for giving me my own home...because sometimes I ask this question ”What if you didn’t invite me for Isokene’s birthday, I might never had met My Oluwasegun... Thanks ma... Thanks for the love and forgiveness”
Isokene was a gift from God to me and that was why I decided to name this book after her, because through her, I discovered my weakness. Also through her I learnt the solution (PLAYING THE FOOL TILL MY JOY WAS FULL) and finally, it was through her my husband’s mistress found her own matrimonial bed....There are certain people that might not be up to us in age, status, wisdom but might be the carrier of what we need... Isokene was that for me....
I sat my handsome Diamond down to tell him his Birth Story....and guess what my son said....( Read the Epilogue to complete the story)
To be continued
Written by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
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