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“ His mistress? What do you mean ma?” Isokene asked in a very soft confused voice, a voice that broke me into uncountable pieces.
I must have wept for over 10 minutes as I recounted everything to her. She was as shocked as the word shocked.
“ Jesus!” was all she kept saying...
After about 30 minutes, she asked me the million Naira question...
“ So what you planning to do, Aunty?”
“ I ...I am planning to relocate to the US, start a new life with my children and watch what God will do. If Henry returns back to his senses, all well and good but if not , still good. The end of a marriage is not the end of the world”
“ Just like that....You plan on giving up just like that on your 15 year marriage, Aunty all those messages you used to preach, did it ever register with you or you were just giving people like us Spiritual food and starving yourself” Isoken asked
“ Isoken, this is too much, Henry loves the woman and he has threatened me that if anything happens to the other woman, he will hurt me.....To avoid problems , Let me just be on my own”
“ No you can’t be on you own, God didn’t create couples to live separate lives, but as husband and wife....So we just need the wisdom of God, Yes we are going to pray, but more of wisdom, submission....”
“ Sub What?” I thought to myself ...“How can I submit to a man who was hurting me..Isokene didn’t know what she was talking about. At that point, I just tuned off, I didn’t hear a bit of what she was saying anymore, her mouth was just moving....
After about 45 minutes , she told me she was leaving. After she left I called my sister just to say hi and I mentioned that it was possible we were coming for a short break at her place in Texas.
Days passed, Henry didn’t come back home and my pride didn’t let me call him either. Isoken, (now Officially Isokene since her husband spoke to me over the phone telling me he was over his insecurities and now everyone was permitted to see his wife’s smile and even call her Isokene which was His personal way of calling Isoken) was always calling me on a daily basis asking how I was doing....
After 8 days of Henry’s absence from home, I officially became enraged. I picked my phone to call him to give him the blasting of his Life....
“ Hello, Henry so the witch has officially caged your brain? You left me broken and not even a phone call to check if I was ok. what if I had committed suicide?” I said boiling in anger...
“ I know you can’t do that...Betty I am sorry, Margaret is the one holding me down here, she has refused to let me go, she said now that you know everything, you might stop me from seeing her”
“ Jesus! Was this my husband speaking or a 5 year old boy....?” I thought as I wanted to scream out but rather I just said
“ Give her the phone” and just like a baby Henry handed over the phone to the She-devil....
“ Hello Ma”...the husband snatcher/She-devil said with the most beautifully alluringly textured voice I have heard in my life....If the circumstances were right, I could have fallen in love with her voice....
To be continued....

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