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I laughed so hard...
“ Like seriously Father, you want me to pray for my husband’s mistress? like intercede for the woman who has caused me so much pain?...God, how?“ I said to God
I didn’t wait to hear God’s reply, I jumped on the bed ready to sleep
Arrggg... My body hit the hard wood of the bed, the mattress was really soft...
“ God is this fair?, Margaret took away my hard mattress that massages my back after a long day, and you expect me to pray for her, the best prayer I can pray for her is to die with the pregnancy so I can recover my home....” I said murmuring to God
“God please I know we are meant to pray for our enemies but not the enemies that know what they are doing... Margaret knows exactly what she is doing... Jesus prayed for His enemies because they knew not what they were doing...but Margaret knows exactly what she is doing”.... I continued trying to justify my bitterness
I slept off really exhausted not giving the prayer thing any more thought...
I could hear the loud bang on our gate, very early. The Spirit of God told me it was Isokene... I wondered if she slept through out the night to have gotten to the outskirt so early...
“ Aunty, do you know that it is possible for a company to allow one of it’s best staff to go on study leave in other to equip such staff for the progress of the company...”
“Yes!” I didn’t know where Isokene was heading in her talk, Was it that Ibidolo was going on a study leave?
“ Aunty that is exactly how I see what you are going through, You are going through a professional course that will increase your experience as regards your ministerial knowledge in building more homes” Isokene said Jokingly...
Isokene played with us for the whole day...She bought the idea of playing the fool, just like Gold had suggested.
After about a week of staying in the outskirt, I started getting tired of staying indoors... I decided to take a stroll with my daughters... As we walked around, I noticed the outskirt was not as bad as I thought.
My daughters told me I needed to have my hair done. I agreed since I wanted to be out of my misery.
Right there in the salon, I overheard the ladies talking about their husbands, some women said they didn’t care about their husbands and just like Isokene had said, my experience was to be a saving Message for others.
I found my way through talking with them and telling them my story...
“ My dear sisters, that husband you have that seem like a tissue or an irrelevant person, wait till a desperate single, or a divorcee or a widow lays her hand on him. By the time she enters into him fully, you won’t be able to recognize him again” I told them
“Hmmm.... Aunty, but are you trying to say women should accept all the mess and shit from their husband?” a lady asked
“ When you give birth to a new born and the baby poops every time, do you beat that child?”
“ No...!”
“ So That is how you should treat your husband...They are Babies... Over time you will learn how to get them to do what you want them to do, I learnt the hard way... Margaret the mistress treats him like a Baby... if I ever have the opportunity, I will treat him more than a baby”.... I said
The ladies were blessed with my salon sermon and one of them in particular asked for my phone number. We exchanged contacts...
“ Mum, so when will you start treating Dad as your baby? Gold said on our way home... I started smelling trouble
“ If I ever have the opportunity to go back to the house”
“ You Don’t have to wait till that time, You can start now” Gold said
“ How?”
“ Start sending him daily messages, Imagine there is nothing wrong between you two and you are just in different countries”
I laughed so hard...
“ Gold... remind me again, how old are you?”
“ I am ageless...” She said very seriously and as I looked at her closely, her countenance had changed, Sudden Fear gripped my heart, that moment felt like the air in the atmosphere seized... That was not Gold who just said those words....That was the Ageless God speaking to me through Gold, but it didn’t last long...
“ Mum, Mum...., Hello ...Mum” Gold and Emerald jerked me back to life as I stood staring at her on the road on our way back from the salon....
“ Yes...Gold, Emerald ... I am fine”
“ So Mum, Are you going to send a love message to Dad...?” Emerald asked with a plea in her eyes... I could understand that my children wanted to see their father but I wanted to scream NO! NO!
I was hurting, I was in pain, Henry had betrayed me and now God wanted me to pray for his mistress and also start sending love messages to him...
What kind of Christianity was this ? or better still in Isokene’s words , what Kind of Professional course was this...?
I picked up my phone grudgingly, with misty eyes, I found myself typing...
“Good morning Henry”
“No mummy use “ My sunshine” just the way you used to call Daddy...”
Gold said
“ He is not my Sunshine anymore...” I said in anger
“ Mum..., You told me Pride is not a good virtue” Gold said...
I hated it when Gold used my words against me and she was really good at it...I decided to use “my sunshine” and have peace of my mind...
“ Good Morning my Sunshine”
Arrhggg... It felt like I was given something sour to swallow, but Gold was not letting me go...
“ Mummy, Write “Good Morning My Sunshine, Just to let you know I love you. I am sorry for the part I played in this whole issue. Despite all that has happened, I love you regardless, Regards to Margaret.” Your Betty...
“ Jesus! Me send that? God forbid!” ...but before I could say Jesus is Lord, Gold had taken my phone, ran really fast ahead and obviously sent that text...
In 10 secs, Henry’s line was calling me back... Gold rushed back to give me the phone... I started shaking because I didn’t know what to expect. Gold pressed the receive button...
“ Hello” ...Alas! It wasn’t Henry, it was Margaret...
To be continued...
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