©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
I was seated around 11:30am in my new restaurant which was just in front of our house. That was about the only time I was usually free during the day. The traffic was always less. I was blushing at the thought that Mr Gbesan was going to show up soon. I knew his timing. He also knew that was the time of the day he could ever have my undivided attention..
I didn't know my smile was so obvious Gold noticed, but before I could ask her why the strange look she was giving me, she snapped her fingers in front of me and said...
" Mum, if that man keeps doing this to you, I will poison him real soon!
" What?" I said pretending to be clueless...
" Mum, I don't like this Mr Gbesan, he is giving you false hope"
" Gold, Your father has not called me in two months, but he has a woman warming his bed and you want me to die of loneliness?. It’s not like I am planning to do anything stupid with Mr Gbesan, I can’t commit adultery...All I need is just a friend “
“ Mum, I am your friend, Aunty Isokene is your friend, Emerald is your friend, you don’t need any other friend...I am not...” she was saying
I had to cut her because Mr Gbesan’s car had just parked in front of us, Gold noticed my shift in attention and she followed my gaze...
“ Talk about the devil and he shows up , Mum I am so going to poison this man soon” She said walking towards the entrance of the restaurant
“ And you will spend the rest of your life in jail” I said jokingly
“ I don’t mind, even if I lose my life, it will be worth it...”
But I didn’t understand why she was going towards Mr Gbesan until it was too late...
“ Welcome sir!”
“ Good Afternoon Gold”
“ We are still in the morning sir, and that’s why I came here to block you from entering sir... Mum is quite busy”
“Gold!” I shouted at her as I pushed her away from the entrance “ You don’t talk to our customer like this, I am very sorry Mr Gbesan”
“ Our customer?... Mum?... Mr Gbesan, please help me clarify your intentions so my Mum knows why you are here. Are you here for the food or for her?” Gold asked very bluntly
“ Which one do you think?” Mr Gbesan said talking in an understanding way and with a mischievous smile
“ With the way you look at her, it is obvious you are here for her!” Gold said
“ You are very observant, but I guess you have a problem with it?” He asked
“ Sir, you are highly observant too, Yes! I have a big problem with it... You are distracting my mum from the real thing...She is always blushing, she...”
I was about to cut in, when Mr Gbesan said
“ So you mean your Mum likes me too?”
Gold gave Mr Gbesan an Epic look that said “ No, like seriously?”
“ Even the flies in this canteen are already discussing it sir, with all due respect....Please sir, my father is not dead, he is just emotionally and psychologically lost and we are in the process of finding him, Please sir stop distracting my Mum from this search....”
And there was silence in the we were the only ones there....
“ You are one hell of a smart 14 year old child and knowing that it was your mother who trained you to be this smart, you just made my love and respect for her increase... I am sorry Gold, I don’t think I can grant you your request but as a business man I will like to be fair, Let’s have a deal”
“ What?” Gold asked as I watched in silence as Gold stood face to face with the domineering Mr Gbesan...
“ I will give your father two years to get back your mother, if he doesn’t within those two years, I would gladly get married to your mother and be happy to have you as my step daughter “ he said grimacing
Another moment of silence, Gold stretched forth her hand to accept his handshake to seal the deal
“ Accepted,but that is because, TWO years is TOO much for God to do WHAT I KNOW HE WANTS TO DO...” Gold said with a smile of mockery
I watched in amazement as my daughter was acting like she was my mother...and Gold added
“ But, you must be careful not to cloud her within those two years”
“ I will try my best, so that means I have the permission to date her”
“ No, just her friend”. At that same instant my phone beeped and it was a text message from Henry. He simply wrote
“ Thanks for all the messages you have been sending, I appreciate them. I miss you, I hope you are fine?”
I don’t why I quickly deleted the message, Maybe I didn’t want Gold seeing it or maybe I was already falling for Mr Gbesan...
To be continued....
Inspired by the LIVING WORD
Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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