Part 4 - My Father's Farmland


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
It felt like a red carpet had been pulled from under the trio’s legs. They had been living a good life, eating good food, dressing well, having someone they could call “Mother”, But all of a sudden their Angel in human form was under serious health attack.
Oba took it upon himself to sensitize his sisters on the need to pray. They started their 3 days fasting and Prayer in school praying for God to heal Miss Johnson by His Healing power...
The trio took the program very seriously, but on the third day, they heard a bad news. Miss Johnson’s PA had called Oba that Miss Johnson wasn’t getting any better and needed to be flown outside the country for better health treatment. The P.A told Oba, Miss Johnson asked to see him.
Oba and his siblings travelled down to see their Angel in human form..
Oh my!, Miss Johnson looked like a shadow of herself, she looked so frail... Ope couldn’t control her tears as she kept wailing... Ola and Oba were also tearing up...
“ Why should bad things happen to good people?” Ope kept saying very loudly amidst tears..
Miss Johnson didn’t have the strength to say much, all she said was...
“ I am traveling to get better treatment and I hope to come back soon by the Grace of God, but If I don’t, I want you to take care of yourselves... As part of fulfilling my promise, I have made provision for your one year school fees. Hopefully, I will return before the end of the session God willing...” Miss Johnson said as her P.A handed over a brown envelope to Oba.
The trio knew this was an indirect Goodbye to Miss Johnson, they knew she was settling them. Looking at Miss Johnson on that bed, the trio knew it would only take God’s Grace for her to survive that phase...
Ope hung on to her crying..., Ola did same but Oba faced the wall in tears...
“ God, please for the sake of the good this woman has done, please save her life...”
“ Jesus did a lot of good things, but when it was time for him to leave his disciples for a while, that they may grow... I took him away...” Oba heard those words very clearly in his heart. He froze on the spot. He had never heard God, he had always followed his conscience in doing the right things, but for the first time, He heard God speak to him...
“ Did God know about this sickness, Was God permitting Miss Johnson’s exit from their lives?”
Oba Couldn’t Help his tears... He started wailing, even more than his sisters..Miss Johnson and her P.A also joined in.
He knew this was time for him and his sisters to brace up. God had given them temporary relief from their pains, but now was the time to grow and take charge of their lives. Miss Johnson was a “ Stop & Rest Inn” on their road-trip.
The trio left Miss Johnson after about an hour because other beneficiaries were waiting at the reception to see her. The Trio understood that Miss Johnson wanted to settle all her beneficiaries before she embarked on her trip as she may not return...
From what the trio gathered, Miss Johnson had sold some of her properties as the treatment of the cancer had gulped her finances.
“ No matter how much money one makes in this life, when you are about to die, you won’t take it along with you..” Ola said out loud as she was the one who always thought about money as the ultimate thing to have in life...
“ I will always remember that in my quest for money!” Ola said, still the only one talking as the trio walked towards the park.
“ No wonder Bible states that Vanity upon Vanity..” Oba said...
Ope was the most shattered amongst the trio. All she could think about was her vision about the media. How was she going to fulfil her dreams???
“Why is God so unfair to us, Why????” Ope screamed out in the middle of the road as she broke down crying...
She wanted to die, She wanted life to just end?
“Where were they going from here?What if Miss Johnson did not survive this sickness, how were they going to complete their education? She had only given them school fees for a year, what about the remaining two years...?
To be continued...
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Photo credit: Internet

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