Red Apple Season Finale


Season II - Episode 8 Final - "My Chef"

“Good job Ruth, that’s enough evidence for me to press charges against you” Lawyer Emefa said. I didn’t notice when she came in, all I saw was that, she was standing right behind Ruth with her ladies briefcase listening to everything she was saying .

Right there and then Lawyer Emefa called for her arrest. Little did I know that she had even recorded Ruth’s mockery to be used against her. Emefa was really connected, she had Ruth arrested there and then, after which she took custody of my daughter.

It was a whole straggle when the cops tried to handcuff her; she didn’t allow herself that easily. I didn’t know whether it was frustration or she was just going crazy. She began worsening her situation.

“You will go to hell Selorm, I should have ended your life as well for taking my Eugene away from me. You will burn in hell” She shouted out as the cops led her away.

I was sad to see my daughter witnessing such a situation, it was up to me to psyche her up and that can only be done if I get out of here. She cried as she saw her mother been led away, that was a natural reaction. Emefa took her by the hand and wiped away her tears on her face. Then she took out a bar of chocolate from her briefcase and gave it to her.

“See what Aunty got you” She said and handed it to her. That was enough to stop her from crying.

Lawyer Emefa then got herself seated right in front of me and kept watching me as if she was expecting me to say something.

I didn’t know how to call it, whether it was a confession or a mockery or just something to get me hurt, but I was so hurt that the wife that I married was actually that wicked. How on earth was i even trying to make a family with her. God forbid.

“You seemed not surprise” I asked lawyer Emefa.

“Mary told me everything, I just needed a substantial evidence against her, I guess we are both lucky that it came out this way” She answered.

“Any update on my case?” I asked her.

“I’m on it” She just said and kept staring at me. That was her answer, “I’m on it” just like that. I expected something more from what she said. I expected a progress. With that answer alone, I thought I will be here for ages before I could finally be freed that is if there is any luck.

The look on my daughter face prompted me that she needed to be a safe hands because as at then, my freedom was not really guaranteed. There was no one I could trust but Lawyer Emefa. She was the only one that my daughter will be safe with.

“Can I ask for a favor “I asked. She then nodded whiles looking straight into my eyes. This whole thing was strange, I just don’t get why Emefa was gazing at me that way. On her first visit, she looked away anytime I tried to get her gaze but now, there she is, making me feel uncomfortable with the way she looking to me.

“Can you take care of my daughter until, I get out of here. There is no one I can trust now except you” I asked her. She shake her head as if I wasn’t making sense.

“What makes you think, you can trust me? This the second time we are meeting and already you are entrusting your daughter in my care” She asked.

“You are a lawyer” I said. She laughed at me making me look like I had no idea of what I was talking about. As much as her smile was so bright and attractive, I wondered why she would even laugh about this matter. Then suddenly she stood up and excused herself from my presence.

I was there seated alone then in a few minute she came back with the CID who was holding some documents in his hand. The CID then dropped the documents in front me and gave me a pen. I just didn’t know what was going on.

“What is this Lawyer” I asked.

“Oh that” She said as if she expected me to know what it was “We need your signature to complete the bailing process. You have been granted bail Selorm” She said.

How it happened, I don’t know, how she did it was just something I couldn’t figure it out. I have been granted bail. My joy and excitement became tears. I was so stunt by the news. I signed the documents and quickly changed into my outfit. Then I hugged my daughter and Emefa so tight.

“I’m sure you must be hungry” She asked as I nodded in return. She then drove me out of the police station to a restaurant where we had late lunch. I couldn’t express my gratitude. I was so happy.

“I was able to get you a bail until the trial is over, but you have nothing to worry about, from where I stand the judge is on our side” She said.

“Lawyer, how can I even repay you for this?” I asked.

“Why don’t you take me out on a real date next time, then we can talk about that” She answered. That was perfect. She called it a date and that sound so nice. I will not miss that for anything.

She drove me home with my daughter. We then agreed to meet the following weekend for the date. I then put my daughter to bed and took a cold shower. I didn’t know whether all this had come to an end, then I began to recall everything I had been through.

That cold breeze that blew while I was at holding cell came back again. I knew I wasn’t alone. I was by then seated on my sofa and just when I tuned to my left side, I saw her. Emefa was seated right beside me again. She was smiling and looked cheerful.

“Take good care of yourself Selorm. I needed to you see one more time.” She said.

I just wanted to talk back but I couldn’t. I didn’t know why but I just couldn’t .

“Don’t say anything, I know everything you want to say. All I want is for you to be happy” She said. “That lawyer, Emefa. I think you and her will be a good couple” She continued.

And with just a blink of an eye, I didn’t see anymore. She was gone. Somehow I wasn’t even scared at all. I was just sad that she wasn’t real but a mere Ghost.

Life after I came home from the cells was nothing extra ordinary. I searched round and round looking for Mary but was to no avail. She was nowhere to be found. I knew Lawyer Emefa knew her where about but it was only a matter of time to find out. But for now, we had gone on a several dates. Yes, several dates. The lawyer now had turned into my chef and is cooking a wonderful meal right now in my kitchen as I am typing this story.

My daughter, well she here with me, jumping around as if she has just been given an energy booster. The last time I checked, Ruth had been found guilty and sentenced 45 years in prison with hard labor. My lawyer turned chef made sure of that. As far as I’m concern, my case was still pending in court and being treated as an accident. There is more light at the end of the tunnel.

“Food is ready” Emefa just shouted from the kitchen. I need to go now. I’m sure the next time you hear the wedding bells, it will be me marrying my lawyer, my chef, my Emefa.



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