S.I.M.S Final Part


From that moment, our lives experienced a new turn around. But, with a bitter sweet feeling. Baba Fire received us back after we closed down our churches in Lagos. It raised a lot of comments online with different views. Ray could no longer interprete for Baba Fire, as he had to start from scratch. He was posted to a branch as a branch pastor in another town in Osun. I encouraged him to accept it and he did with so much excitement.
We were still able to get a very good accommodation for ourselves as we had enough money. We didn’t lose our wealth he had gathered for years as an Apostle, but rather, he sowed majority of it into Baba Fire’s ministry. He confessed to me that in Ikeji-Arakeji, he felt at peace and he didn’t feel oppressed. He no longer had that sexual longing for married women, rather he had a thirst to grow spiritually.
The bitter sweet feeling I wrote about earlier was as a result of what happened a week after we had settled in Osun State. Ray was terribly sick, and I thought it was the change of Environment. I took him to the hospital and in the process of carrying out different test on him, it was discovered he was HIV positive. They carried out a test on me, and I was negative. I was devastated because this was the point I had been looking forward to Ray making love to me as his wife, but all that was not visible anymore as Ray refused to come close to me for fear of infecting me with the virus.
When he returned home, he apologized to me and told me, I could walk out of the marriage so that he would not infect me with the Virus.
“I wished for the shoe, I must manage everything that comes with it, the goods and the “bads”. God knew I had wished for 3 kids, he gave me the three at once, so if HIV comes with the wish package, I must be willing to face it.” I said to Ray telling him I was going nowhere.
Ray and I later became intimate as husband and wife, based on my persistence but it had to be with a form of protection or the other… I was ready to Use Protective Condoms or PrEP (a daily HIV Protection pill) all the days of my life.
Pastor Maggie’s shoe was beautiful, but painful too. With all my experience, I have cautioned myself and the triplets never to wish to be in another person’s shoe, because you never know if the person is hurting, and if it will look good on you.
So far, we thank God for his faithfulness, that in the midst of it, he gave us MARY, MARTHA and MELODY, as a way of comforting us. They have brought us so much Joy. Martha is a Medical Doctor, Mary is a journalist and Melody as speculated since birth is a Gospel Musician.
Ray, my husband finally got his position as the Assistant of Baba Fire after 14 years of returning back to him. We lived with our HIV status, because along the line, I also contacted it, but we lived our life serving God till, My Husband who is now late passed on at the age of 64.
God was Merciful to Him and he is still merciful to me. I decided to write this story as a gift to mankind before I go on to Glory very soon. God bless you.
My Candid advice to Singles, GOD is the one who knows our perfect Fit in marriage, Let Him choose for you, because sometimes the one we desire may not be our perfect fit, and also Let every man or woman know his/her place, don’t out of Greed go for another man’s place. It opens you up to attacks.
God bless you.
If you have gone far away from him and you want to return back to him, Say this Short Prayer:
“Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you this day with an open heart, forgive me of my sins and have mercy on me. I accept Christ as my lord and Savior. Repair my life and Home in Jesus name I pray….”


What lessons have you learnt from this inspiring story? Drop them in the comments box.

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