S.I.M.S Part 15


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Apostle bent his head on the table, obviously shocked at what I had just said... I saw him raising his head and picking up his Phone. I knew what was next...He was about to call the Police on me, I didn’t care, my life was of no point...

“ Hello, ma’am, Good Afternoon ma, Happy is here with me and she is acting quite strangely and saying things she has not done. I will keep her here so she doesn’t say the wrong thing to the wrong people...Ok ma...very well ma...”

“ Apostle, I am not insane, I did all these things”

“ Chaba please can you give me some minutes” he said to his fiancée

“So finally, he wanted us alone” I thought silently

After the strange Chaba left us, Apostle walked up to me and held me by the shoulders and looked me straight in the eye...

“ Are you saying you did all these things?” He asked

“ Yes!”

“ Why?, You love me?”

“ No, I don’t love you, I did it out of Greed!”

“ Then why did you marry Julius instead?”

“ Like I said, I don’t love you, I was just fascinated by the idea of being your wife, Julius was where my heart was, I never knew the feeling wasn’t mutual” I said

“ And you are not afraid, that by confessing I will hate you and have you arrested?”

“ If you hate me, I can deal, but if God is not happy with me, I can’t deal with that”

“ I need you in my life...” he said as he hugged me so tightly like someone who was hugging his mother...Apostle Ray I held in high esteem suddenly felt like a Baby..., but back to what he had just said about needing me in his life...

“ What?”

“ I need you in my life ” he said again, and this time around I pushed him away from me

“ I am married and you have a fiancée Sir, besides what exactly are you looking for, Your wife died barely 6 months and you are out to get a new wife by all means”

“ That’s why I need you...”

I was scared at the way the Apostle was acting, at that point I didn’t know who was actually psychotic, me or the Apostle?

Chaba barged in on us, thank God I had pushed him away from me...

“ Ray, I am really famished, are you not through with your Counselling?” Chaba said

“Really?, are you planning on being the Apostle’s wife, because if you do ma, you will need to learn some patience when your husband is having a Counselling session” I said as I stepped out ...

“ Happy, Happy,...” Apostle said calling my name, but I wasn’t in the mood to answer him. I had made my confession, and I was free of any guilt.

God had forgiven me, and I needed to start a new life....

My phone rang and obviously it was my mother...

“ I said you are going home with me” Mum had come over to my place with the hope of taking me back home...

“ I am in my matrimonial home”

“ Matrimonial home indeed” My mother gave a ridiculous laughter... “So you think you actually got married, No sweetheart, You didn’t..., you are as single as you were few months back...” My mother was already packing few of my stuffs and I knew I couldn’t win this battle...

My phone beeped, indicating I had a text message...

“ Happy, now that you have no man in your life, please let me be that man.. You don’t know how much this means to me, that God is giving me another chance with you.. And if you don’t plan on marrying me, I can make do with a secret affair...”

“ Secret Affair?” My eyes popped and I said loudly ...

“ What?” My mother responded...

“ Nothing” I hid my phone as I began to think about the Text silently...

“Apostle Ray was definitely psychotic...” I concluded in my heart...

Or What do you think ?

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde 

God bless you...

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