S.I.M.S part 16


©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I started living with my parents and in the process I picked up my business back. I was into selling of Fabrics.

After I had left Apostle’s office that day, I avoided picking his call. Whenever, he used a strange number in calling me, I would always hang up whenever I realized he was the one...

He stalked my phone for over two weeks calling every day, but I guess he got tired.

Next thing I was hearing and seeing in the news was that he was preparing to get married to Chaba. They were all over the news. I was happy for him and happy for myself. At least, I believed I could no longer enter Pastor Maggie’s shoe.

Chaba had started going with him to public functions, and underneath his smile in the pictures, I could tell he wasn’t happy one bit..

I never heard from Julius , but I later heard from a close friend of his, that he actually had a girl all the while we were dating. His friend told me, Julius said I was crazy and he couldn’t just break up with me, for fear of me killing him. He also told me, that Julius was actually lying about him not having money for my dowry. It was actually a ploy to make me frustrated so I could be the one to break up with him. He said that Julius purposely didn’t want us to do the church wedding and court wedding so he could run away whenever the opportunity presented itself. I was told Julius referred to me as the “ Crazy babe”.

You can’t imagine how heartbroken I was that day. His friend advised me to move on, since in the actual sense I was not yet married to him referring to the payment of the dowry by me... He told me, Julius had told everyone who cared to listen that he had danced to my tune of getting married so as to save his life...

I stayed indoors for days, and though I tried to hide my emotions from my mother, but you know Mothers...She was on my case asking me What was wrong...

My wall of defense eventually came crumbling down when she mentioned if I was missing Julius...

“ Missing Julius?, May God punish him wherever he is, May the Lord not make him smile? Mummy, can you imagine after everything I did for Julius, to the point I emptied my account to pay for my dowry and to get us an accommoda...” I managed to say before mummy cut in

“ Wait..You did what?” Mum asked in disbelief

I went on mute

“ You paid your dowry?, Oh my God!” My Mum collapsed on the bed and started sobbing ...That act of mine really hurt her...

For days she didn’t speak to me, so I was surprised when she woke me up from my sleep very early on Monday morning....

“ Happy,Happy... breaking news oooo, this God is too much ooo, Lord I thank you ..”

“ Mum, What is it?” I said as I sat on the bed...

“ Apostle Ray is no more getting married to Chaba, the engagement has been broken! , I just heard it in the news...”

I ran to the living room, but the news was over. I picked up my phone to check one of the gossip sites, and true to my mother’s word. It was written that Apostle had broken his engagement to the lady on mutual understanding, and the Lady had returned to South Africa...

“ God, thank you!, thank you for giving her another chance!” Mum said dancing all around the living room...

“ MUM!”

“ Yes!”

“ Mum, you want me to get married to Apostle?”

“ Yes , my dear, I will be the happiest one on earth”

A beep on my phone indicating a text message and I didn’t need anyone telling me it was from Apostle...

“ I am sure you must have heard the news about Chaba and I , I got rid of her, so we can be together. please I need you in my life”

I collapsed into the dining chair and as expected Mum took my phone and read the text message. You should have seen the joy and surprise on my mother’s face...

What do you think should be my next action, as Julius was gone with no hope of him coming back and honestly thinking about it, I was not married to Julius in the first place as he didn't pay my dowry.?

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde 

God bless you...

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