S.I.M.S Part 28


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Due to the presence of the triplets in our home, Apostle could not have his sexual escapades for two months as Mum was practically living with us. I couldn’t handle the triplets all alone.

Mum’s presence made her realize the truth about all I had told her as she noticed Apostle and I did not share the same room as Husband and I.

On one occasion,Mum tried speaking with Apostle...

“My in-Law, I want to find out if your wife has offended you, I notice you hardly talk and neither does she share the same room with you. You leave home very early to church and return late after we all must have slept, What is happening?”

“ Nothing ma, it’s just that as much as I love the triplets,it’s a bit strange having three new babies at our home without prior preparation, coupled with having you here with us. I am not a “people” person, as I totally adore my privacy”

“ Ok.. If that is the problem, I can take the triplets home with me, while you and your wife can have your home to yourselves”

“ Ma, I would gladly appreciate that” he said

I was eavesdropping on that conversation and deep within me, I knew what Apostle’s real problem was; he was missing his time with Mrs Beecroft and the other women.

I took a bold step by confronting him as I knew he couldn’t beat me up, while my mother was around. I went into his bedroom...

“ You and I know that the reason you want the triplets out of here is to have my mother out, so your loose women can come in” I said with irritation in my voice

“I have always known you to be smart.” He said giving a mischievous smile

“ You are pathetic!”

“ I am sorry I am, but you are right, Get your mother out of this house, the triplets can stay. Let’s have a deal, you keep your babies and I get to keep my babies too.”

I looked around for something really harmful to throw at him, due to the level of hatred and disgust that rose up within me towards him, but I thought otherwise. I made a turn to leave his room,but just like an oversized unreliable shoe that he was, he said...

“ I believe Chaba has called you, I have the power to make her keep quiet, 300 million is nothing, but you must be ready to rub my back, so she doesn’t let out your secret to the world, I mean your psychosis.”

This was two days after Chaba had called. I had not informed Apostle out of fear, but with the way he was speaking, it looked like he knew more than what he saying...

“ Why do I have a feeling you hatched this plan?” I said walking towards him

“ A man has to do what a man has to do, to defend his territory” he said proudly

I saw that I couldn’t fight this, Apostle was really the master game player. He had brought Chaba up to silence me.

“ So what do you want from me, I mean what is the plan?” I asked very defeated

“ Very Simple, Let your mother return to her home, she will have days when she is permitted to come in assisting you to take care of the triplets. The other days will be for my own babies”

I knew I had to accept this, Apostle and I were not intimate, so, I was no longer bothered if he was sleeping with a thousand women. My triplets were giving me all the joy I needed.

“ Fine!, I thought you wanted to be out of your sin, but I guess, you have become a slave to sin”

I stepped out of his room and went ahead to narrate all that happened to my mum. This time around she believed me and for the sake of the triplets, she agreed to return home.

Chaba didn’t call back.

The same day my mother left, Mrs Beecroft came back some hours later. We had no words for each other. I was tired of fighting. It then made sense to me why Pastor Maggie didn’t put up a fight against the women. Apostle was the one possessed of the devil and not just the women.

This way of life continued for months till my triplets were about 9 months, they were beautiful and highly energetic, except Melody who was always falling ill.

One day the triplets were playing in my room and scattering the whole room. Melody was pulling out a wire from a corner. I took it from her hand and I tried to tuck it in. In the process of tucking it in, a key fell to the ground. I picked it up, the key was like one of the keys of the cupboard. Instantly I suspected it must be for one of the cupboards in Pastor Maggie room, that I was unable to open. I had left the cupboard when I didn’t find the key months ago. It was the topmost locker.

I inserted the key in the keyhole and it was the perfect key.

On opening I saw a small Tablet, with it’s charger. I brought it out and tried switching it on. Fortunately, the light on the screen popped up.

To my surprise, there was no password required. When the Tablet was through with the booting process, the home page surfaced, but surprisingly the home page was blank with only one folder titled “My Cinderella Shoe”.

I clicked on it and what my eyes saw gave me assurance I had found the solution to my problem.

To be continued....

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Written by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde 

God bless you...

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