S.I.M.S Part 29


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

The folder had several video files and Word documents. I clicked on one of the video files and I saw Apostle’s bedroom being filmed.

Apostle was in the very act of committing adultery with Mrs Jaiyesimi. It was a very gross sight. The camera angle looked like a camera was placed in between the shelves of his books. I heard Pastor’s Maggie’s voice...

“So, today I was able to get Ray and Mrs Jaiyesimi on tape. Ray you are so going down for this you have done to me, I have been silent for 12 years covering you up, but you betrayed me by not defending me when this scandal about me having an affair sprang up, instead you have been calling me names. For 12 years, I never cheated and I can count by hand the number of times you have made love to me. I will expose you to the world and let them see how dirty their Christian Apostle is. Can you imagine?take a look at your Apostle, sleeping with the married women in his church”

That video ended. I clicked on a new video, this time around it was Pastor Maggie herself facing the camera...

“ Living with my husband has shown me Christianity is a false and fake religion, how can you be committing adultery and yet climb the altar every Sunday, Yet the God of the Christians has not deemed it fit to be angry at such a man. Well, my intentions are clear, I will post these videos on every social media platform to show the world who he is, so I can divorce him and marry the love of my life”.

I sat for over an hour, while the triplets dozed off one after the other. Pastor Maggie had a plan, Apostle Ray thought she was just quiet for no reason, but Pastor Maggie had filmed Apostle with all the other women with the intention of making it public.

If this had happened it would have been a big blow to the body of Christ, the marriages of the seven women would have crashed as I couldn’t imagine how the husbands of these women would take the videos of their wives trending on the internet, the children would also have been deeply affected. A lot of people would have backslided. It would have been a big mess.

The temptation to continue from where Pastor Maggie stopped was overwhelmingly strong on me. I wanted to get back at Mrs Beecroft for stealing the heart of my husband from me, because out of all the women, she had more grip on Apostle. I imagined how her world was going to crash and how she could possibly kill herself, out of shame should the video get out.

“ Hmmm...., but I am not going to be like Pastor Maggie, I am not going to do more harm to the Body of Christ, as I may think I want to expose evil, but at the end of the day, do more evil than good.” I thought silently to myself as I remembered the Bible verse that states that if eating meat will cause another brethren to fall into sin, then I should avoid eating such.

I knew publicizing those videos like some of those social media bloggers did, will end up causing more evil than good, it could cause a lot of people to fall into sin.

I shut down the tablet and kept it hidden. I needed a good plan, I needed to use this evidence of mine wisely. I was not planning to tell Mum about this because, I knew what she might advise me to do with it....

After two days of praying and asking God what to do with it, I suddenly came up with an idea. I hoped and prayed it was going to work.

I sent a text to all the women, except Mrs Jaiyesimi who had stopped sleeping with the Apostle and had left our church.

“ Hello Ma, Good Day I would love to have a brief meeting with you ma at my home on Saturday morning, it is very important. 
Before Pastor Maggie died , she had an implicating material that involves you which I just found, and instead of making it public, I wanted us to see and discuss. If you are interested, be at my place Saturday morning. It will do you good not to inform my husband about it, because if you do, things might become more ugly, God bless you”.

About three of the women called me back, but I refused to disclose what the implicating material was. Mrs Beecroft didn’t call or acknowledge the receipt of the text.

On Friday Night around 9pm, I sent a text as a reminder to the six of them. I gave the six women, different time, with 10 minutes difference between each of the women. I also Pleaded with my mum to come take the triplets out for the day.

Fortunately, Apostle was not around that Saturday as he had gone for a crusade in another city...

At exactly 10 am, 5 of the women were around, each of them looking at one other Suspiciously and giving fake smiles as courtesy demanded as co church members.

By 10:15am, Mrs Beecroft showed up very proudly, but surprisingly with her son, Gabriel who I had avoided like a plague for months. Seeing him stirred something on the inside of me...

Why on earth did she bring her son? She was about to make this thing not go as planned!!!

To be continued....

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Written by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde 

God bless you...

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