S.I.M.S Part 34


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde 
I had woken up from a deep revelation, after my prayer time with Ray. He had slept off on my bed for the first time since we got married. The triplets were asleep on their baby mattresses, beside us.

I sat up to analyze the dream I had.

In my dream, I had seen myself searching for Ray all over the house, but couldn’t find him. I walked into the living room and found the triplets watching cartoon with Apostle’s Mother.

In the revelation, Martha, the second of the set spoke and asked me...

“Mummy, are you looking for Daddy?” She asked

“Yes, have you seen him?” I asked

“Yes!” The trio replied giggling

“So where is he?”

“He is in the belly of the fish like Jonah” they said pointing to the Bible Animation they were watching on the screen. It was the cartoon version of Jonah in the belly of the shark...

“What?” I said very afraid “What is he doing in the belly of a shark?”

“He disobeyed God by going to the wrong place to preach, so God allowed a big shark to swallow him!” Mary said

Apostle’s mother who I had only seen twice since we got married as she had returned to their hometown after her retirement spoke after the triplets had spoken...

“I warned him and I told him not to leave the place where God wanted him to be, but out of greed he went elsewhere, see now the marine sharks have swallowed him up” his mother said lamenting....

It was at that point I woke up from my dream.

“Holy Spirit, What is the interpretation of this dream?” I muttered to myself

“Yes sir, Yes sir, I will return” Apostle was saying from his dream weeping....I tapped him so he could wake up from his dream

On opening his eyes, he saw me by his side...

“Happy, you are here?” He was surprised thinking we were in his room

“Yes, I am sorry, you slept off and I didn’t want to disturb you...”

“Happy, I saw Him again after 8 years!” He said


“The Holy Spirit, Happy, the prayer we prayed was highly effective. God has shown me what is wrong and what I must do to make things right, but it is highly difficult for me to do!”

“Does it have anything to do with you returning to somewhere?” I asked 

He became startled and gave me a surprising look

“Yes, how did you know that?” He asked

“I just woke up from a revelation after our prayers...”

“Tell me about it!” He pleaded

I narrated the dream to him and midway, he stood up, pacing around and crying....

“It is the same message. In my dream, I saw the Holy Spirit in form of an elderly man of God talking to me... I was complaining of how I was being tormented by the devil, in response to my cries , He told me to return back to my master just like Hagar returned back to Sarah. He told me, I was not meant to be a master, but a close servant to the master. He told me I was in problems because I left where I was planted. He said I was experiencing dryness and thirst because I left my master.” Ray said

“Do you know where this place is? I mean where God wants you to be?”

Apostle broke down in tears and between sobs, he said...

“I know, it is with “Baba Fire”....”

“Baba Fire, Who is Baba Fire?” I asked....

“I met Christ through Baba Fire during my Service year, after university”

“Service year” was a year volunteering program by all Nigerian university graduates where they serve their nation for one year. These graduates are posted to different states across the nation which is mostly far from their state of origin and state of residence. It was this period in Apostle’s life he was referring to... These university graduates are usually referred to as “Youth Corp Members”.

Ray took a side stool and faced me;

“I had been posted to Osun State, Ikeji-Arakeji town to be precise. I came into the town with no spiritual fire whatsoever. I was more of a bookworm in my university days…

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
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